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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank u for your answer sister. It is truly beneficial Though i still need answer as to the sightings in Europe and so on.
  2. Assalamu aleykum and ramadan mubarak. I have a question regarding ramadan in Europe. Now, most muslims here have started fasting on Saturday (today) and believe its the first day of the Month of Ramadan. But Sistani says that Ramadan will start on Sunday, as he didnt see the moon last night. Now my question is: If the moon could be seen in Europe last night, would ramadan have started today and therefore Sistani's opinion be invalid? Bear in mind i have been fasting today, until i can be sure when ramadan would actually start
  3. Sounds like an amazing story, but how can we be sure about its authenticity?
  4. Salam Nice ''Mysterious'' Project.... Looking forward to help in any way, if i can Can youngsters help in any way?
  5. Well i almost never combine prayers... I, most of the time, seperate them and pray them each at their time.
  6. This is actually one of the scientific miracles of the Quran. lts in the frontal part of the brain that you use to choose what to do. Like walk, talk and so on. Its that part of the brain that you choose to do whatever you wanna do, which is why it is said: A Lying sinning forelock. And it doesn't sin or make mistakes. YOU use it to sin or make mistakes
  7. Thx for the answer. But I can still pray Tahajjud right?
  8. Well, im thinking ill do somewhat the same. It's pretty much the best way I think. But I still have a question. Do I have to pray qadha prayers in order? Or can I do any prayer at any time?
  9. Well... That might take me a year or something. But could Nafilah prayers compensate for that? And would the Nafilah that i pray be invalid when having Qadha Prayers? I know im asking alot Salam
  10. Mashallah thank you, i almost forgot that the duties start after Balagh.... But doing a little search here and there i found out that i am around 17 years old Hijri. Does that mean i have to make up two years of missed prayers? Salam
  11. Assalamu Aleykum Wa Rahmatullah This is an issue that is very important for me... From when i was 12 till i became halfway through 15 i have been missing prayers. I would only pray sometimes and long periods of time even months (maybe) could go without me praying. Even before i was 12 i could miss a prayer here and there. I have alot of missed prayers. So the question here is: Do i have to make them up? If i have to, would all the nafilas i have prayed be invalid? You see i suddenly by the help and will of Allah (SWT) became a practicing muslim again (Alhamdullilah) Please reply with sources Salam
  12. Men: What about Nawafil prayers, prayers on special occasions, and sunnah prayers?
  13. That was NOT the way a preacher should speak to a laymen. After reading her messages i understand the hard situation you are in.. And i think she already knows how offensive she is, even though you apologized. But at the same time i think she misunderstood your messages. I think it would help alot of us if you could further explain why you want to connect with her? Are you able to ask people other than her? And, for a preacher, she was very rude to you. I understand your feelings, but just be patient. You shouldn't be sad. Just sit back, relax and acknowledge that you shouldnt be sad and that she was rude to you. My advice would be: Dont be sad. After all life isnt easy. Take her messages with a grain of salt and have sabr. And remember, not all preachers have good hearts (simply said) I hope you get better Salam
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