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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not surprised. These "lone gunmen" are the true terrorists rocking America these days. Saw a statistic that you're 91 times more likely to be killed by a bee sting than by a Muslim terrorist in the United States. As far as I'm concerned, terrorism is nothing more than ideological violence, which is perpetrated by right-wing white extremeists far more often than Muslims in the United States.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Civil_War You're welcome. The side you support depends on what you value. Democracy and the will of the Ummah? Enforcement of Sharia law as dictated by Wahhabists and Salafists? Self-determination for minority ethnic groups? Personally I support a political solution that see's every side involved with the exception of Daesh.
  3. I mean, some interesting points are made, but according to his own calculations the Middle East as a whole is only slightly more unequal than the United States... If inequality is the root of terrorism, then why isn't the United States experiencing a domestic terror issue at a comparable rate to the Middle East?
  4. Say all the world's top business leaders decide to stash all of their companies' money in a vault in the Arctic. This eliminates the need for accountants traveling back and forth exchanging money between businesses across the world, they can simply call their representative and have them carry the money they owe over to the other corporations vault. It's convenient for everyone (again, pretending there is no internet). One day, the leaders decide to take a visit to the vault and check the books. Everything is perfectly in order, all the transactions that have occurred over the years have been accounted for, and everyone is happy. One of the executives says, "hey, lets go check out the gold, it will impress our wives". After much arguing, the representatives finally admit that there had been a catastrophic earthquake and all the gold was melted.... there's absolutely no gold left. Why has the economy not shattered? It's quite simple really, it's because currency only has a value that is agreed upon by those exchanging it. Because there was trust in the gold, it still held it's value, even though it was physically gone and in nobodies possession. "gold is the true measure of wealth and America's reliance on bonds and oil are its "Achilles heel". This is a terribly ignorant statement by ISIS. If anything, oil has much more intrinsic value than gold, and therefore has meaningful value even when there is no trust in currency. Plus, other countries don't want ISIS' stupid dinars.... they want their oil.
  5. Admitting you were a lesbian in hundreds of societies warranted the death penalty. Being a homosexual is still punishable by death in several countries today. I highly doubt the percentage of humans that are homosexual has changed much historically, and if so, it's probably more related to genetics and environment than media influence.
  6. We're talking about socialism, not communism.
  7. Why not? But socialism is such a loaded word, what type of socialist are you talking about? The Nazi Party advocated for "national socialism", but I assume that's not what you're referring to... hah Historically "Muslim socialists" have drawn their inspiration from anti-imperialism and anti-colonialism, but in reality, Medina during Muhammad's life was the perfect example of a welfare state espoused by socialists like Bernie Sanders (guy running for president in US) and socialist governments in Denmark, Norway, & Sweden! I've always been intrigued by the idea of an Islamic republic run by the ummah as opposed to the ulema; so essentially a democratic state guided by democratic Islamic values but enforced via direct democracy. Essentially the interpretations of the people in regards to civic matters overrules Islamic Law. For that reason I obviously don't believe the Islamic Republic of Iran fits my interpretation of an "Islamic Republic". Where does Islam conflict with democracy is a more interesting question to me. Obviously people of different backgrounds (whether they're Muslim or not) have wildly different ideas about this.
  8. "I have realized that I have no power in this world" You seem to have found that money, social status, and lingering desire do not bring happiness OR self confidence. This is a crucial first step. Inner power is not something that can be derived from material possessions, but rather from faith and personal relationships. Consider temporarily shedding elements of your life that you would have believed would bring you peace and happiness in the past. Go on a retreat (as simple as camping for a few days alone in the woods) and dismiss the material elements of the modern age in favor of prayer, solitude, and humility. Take a step back and remember what it truly means to be a god-fearing human being as opposed to a pawn wrapped up in the never-ending game of self-fulfillment. I try and "retreat" in this manner at least once a year to re-orient myself away from the trivial aspects of life towards the things that truly matter. Watch this video, gives a good take on why the modern concept of self-fulfillment is impossible to attain (not oriented to Islam) : You won't be remembered for the cars you drove, the house you owned, or the money you made. You'll be remembered by your actions, and your faith in Allah and your fellow man. Continue with your good deeds, refrain from bad ones, and seek clarity in your life. This path is worthy of the utmost respect. edit: wrong link
  9. Agree 100%. And inversely, go out of your way to ensure people do not feel unwelcome (such as by making stereotypes about race....? lol)
  10. Sorry to spy, but it seems like a man's perspective may be of assistance. HOW important is it to feel that feeling when you're deciding to marry someone?" I guess this depends who you ask, but honestly, why do you have any interest in marrying someone you're not in love with? If Allah wills it, you will find a man that you love that is right for you. Don't force something that doesn't feel right. Because what if I NEVER feel this towards him if we get married? Basically a marriage which is good but with no passion? Tell me, is a marriage considered "good" if there is no passion? Sounds like a boring marriage most people don't want to be stuck in. Consider it from this man's perspective. He doesn't want to be with you if you're not going to love him (he or other men may say otherwise, but we're incredibly jealous; we want to be loved and desired too) and being with him when you don't think there is a possibility of attraction (as you seem to be suggesting,) you're playing a dangerous game that leads to heartbreak and potentially worse things. It would be very dangerous to marry this man when he is under the impression you have intimate feelings for him. You'll crush his heart. I know..that a lot of people say that all those things eventually wear off after so many years into the marriage, and the 'honeymoon' period eventually ends. But thats okay in my opinion because by then I believe the love between the couple would have reached a higher level, i just think that we need those things in the begninning of the relationship in order to reach that high level of love. You're exactly right. If there's no foundation of at least physical attraction (doesn't have to be love) how can you honestly hope your relationship will progress to anything beyond a platonic friendship? Again, apologies for spying. Just do what feels right in your gut. If being with him isn't in your heart... then don't force it, for both of your sakes.
  11. If this was indeed the case then Muslims wouldn't be using alcohol or pig products for medical purposes...............
  12. Thanks so much for your response --- apologies I didn't respond sooner. I think you're absolutely, 100% right. Your comment below especially spoke to me: Now I can tell you there were times when I felt amazing, spiritual, close to God, and just had amazing insights... I was really fooled by this because I thought since I'm feeling so near to God, how can this be haram? I was more sociable and happy at times. However these insights didn't last once sober, or I would forget. I didn't see myself really improving as a person or really growing spiritually... I didn't feel close to God when sober. Although I felt great and I thought I was becoming better, over time I really wasn't. I smoked marijuana as a teenager several dozen times and thus are familiar with the side effects/consequences. I think the crucial aspect is the insights attained while under the influence completely disappear while sober, as you wisely stated. I've found marijuana has helped with my PTSD... but I'm also certain there are other options. I have to admit while prayer and spiritual readings have definitely helped in several regards, I'm just not emotionally strong enough at this time to be a functioning human being without chemical assistance (for reference, was prescribed marijuana after being violently attacked by thugs who attempted to rape my travel companion; along with obvious emotional despair, this was accompanied by brain damage due to multiple bottles being smashed over my head). Essentially, I'm at a crossroads where I'm quickly becoming reliant upon it for both physical and emotional support. At this time I'm trying to fight that by using other methods to maintain my sanity.... spending more time with friends, volunteering w/ a local church that helps resettle refugees from Syria, exercising considerably more & maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, I'm saving up money for ar big trip outside the US... not sure where I'm going, but planning it as some sort of extended "retreat" to get some insight on my future and some objectivity on where I'm headed in life and to provide some clarity on where I am today.
  13. Exactly --- stating your personal preference for the opposite gender is just that, a preference, something EVERYONE has. Saying you hating seeing the opposite gender with someone PURELY based on their race/religion, well that's bigotry.
  14. I also struggle with acid and minus the whole green chilies, have had a lot of the same symptoms (particularly bad acid when I drink only water). 1. Get some sort of acid reliever, be it prescription (omeprazole or prilosec are very common) or over the counter (just a generic anti-acid) 2. Be careful what you eat & don't eat too many acidic foods -tomatoes or anything with tomato paste, like pizza, pasta w/ tomato sauce, etc. -coffee or tea ESPECIALLY WHEN DRANK ALONE (wash it down with bread/toast or something else) -citric acids (including drinks like orange juice or foods with lots of lemon/lime juice) 3. Don't smoke or drink alcohol - for other reasons i imagine we're not too worried about alcohol, but smoking cigarettes/hookah is terrible for acid. 4. EXCERCISE - I didn't really feel any of my acid symptoms subside until I began exercising on a regular basis. 5. when suffering from acid, do something about it - take an anti-acid IMMEDIATELY once you're feeling the burn. acid permanently scars your throat and if you don't take care of it, could get throat/esophageal cancer. - drink 'basic' liquids when feeling symptoms (milk is perfect) My biggest piece of advice is take note of when you're eating. If you eat a big meal right before you go to bed, you're lying flat and the acid will flow up & down your thoat from your stomach. avoid eating within 2 hours of sleeping, if possible. Good luck friend. I know your pain.
  15. I understand why you're getting frustrated. Whether or not your relatives are practicing black magic (debated enough above), how do you handle relatives who wish badly upon you? Answer: Exactly as you would treat anyone else who wishes badly upon you. In my opinion, being betrayed by a family member is worse than being mistreated by a stranger. You can't choose your family. Just because you are blood does not mean you owe them your love or even tolerance if they wish badly upon you. Just my opinion. What should we do with these relatives who do black magic on us? How should we deal with them?
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