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  1. Wsalam Sis, I'm good alhamdulillah. Funny you ask lol you seem familiar. I haven't been on photoshop for a while I have to admit :(

  2. Hellooooooooooooo cow :)

  3. ^ That's true, the real worry is if the INA join with Allawi. Yes Allawi may have better connections with the Wahabbi states surrounding Iraq (for known reasons), but Al-Maliki has worked so hard these past four years, accomplishing security, jobs, building projects and so on, it will be disappointing to see Allawi take credit for whetever will come next. With time gone by people will forget to thank the original government and vote Allawi again. I just hope they see the light now before its too late.
  4. That's so true. If Sistani have given Iraqis the right to fight the Baathis then Iraq would not be where it is today, it woud be at a much worse level. Sayed Alsistani cares for the country to not let it go like that. Anyway I don't see why people are being so pessimistic about these elections, there's still hope, the State of Law needs to join with other major parties to gather up seats, the real worry is whether Al-Hakim would want to join with Al-Maliki. It'll be a real loss seeing Iraq go to Baath again, it can honestly be guaranteed that once Baath has got hold of the power they will never let go until America gets sick of them again. They're the real puppets.
  5. Well said Sis. Good article as well I must say. There has been a lot of foulplay in this election, all an inside job, some superior members of the IHEC have also refused the results, labelling them corrupt and false. It was stated that the majority of the IHEC employees were employed by Allawi; that's just an insight of how the elections were rigged really. Nevertheless there is still hope, and as long as it remains and as long as the Iraqi National Allegiance are willing to merge with the State of Law then we'll be in a safe margin to not let the Baath Party take over again. Too bad for Allawi's supporters who were out partying all friday night in celebration of their alleged victory.
  6. Dude! Lol man yeah I'm all good man! Well you haven't been exactly the most active member on SC now have you? I happened to catch you on one of the topics and was like ... it's you! Well not much to life lol, uni application and all sorts doing my head in. How've you been? What you been doing recently?

  7. I watched it on youtube a couple of days back, really good documentary and worth the watch.
  8. Salamat Doc! What's happening these days?

  9. Wow men are so overrated. For the UK, car insurance is much more expensive for males :angel: Females: Can do absolutely anything they want. You name it they can do it. Can multitask Less prone to strokes and heart attacks Females have emotions They aren't boring I'm sure there's scientific evidence that our brains work better Oh and on average we live longer and healthier .. why on earth be a man?
  10. 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene... good book which has some good areas but has to be read with a pinch of salt. Recommended either way ^_^
  11. Just looking at that picture sends shivers down to my bones I agree Calm, they pretend lol.
  12. Exactly, if Hakim unites with Allawi he's got a lot to lose, Allawi isn't a man to be trusted.
  13. As Bro Macisaac said there was nothing in the warn logs here are the sources that Ukht sent:
  14. Source? And how is it changing the creation of Allah swt? If that's how you interpret "changing the creation" then I guess we can't remove hair from anywhere in the body? Lovely.
  15. Wow... those pictures are so pretty. If every school was like that why go on holiday?
  16. North East England. Nah not really it's filled with sunnis and you do find like some families 3erebi shia the rest are iranian.. and not very many. Yup Sunni overall :P
  17. ^ InshAllah, Allah yisme3 minnich :wub:
  18. :( Awww man you missed out! I had my first voting ever :D, and I have a purple finger which smells of henna :unsure: I hope he wins, inshAllah. :blush:
  19. And some more photos: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Slideshow Group 6 These photos are great!
  20. ^ Yup some really good pictures on this website :wub: And those are some really good percentages!
  21. ^ Lol same story, sunni central in my city. Leave them to their thoughts, if they decide to live in the stone age then leave them to it :P
  22. I went to vote yesterday and I have to say I'm really pleased with the enthusiasm of the Iraqis here. InshAllah the best wins. Today's voted have run smoothly and its hard to miss the effort placed by the iraqis to take time out and go to a polling station to cast their vote. I really hope Allawi doesn't win, the current count looks like a close between Almaliki and Allawi :unsure:
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