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  1. Innah lilah we inna ileihi raji3oon. He was an inspiration to many, he was open to what others were afraid to say or hear. There is no one that could possiby replace him, a real loss. áÇ Íæá æáÇ ÞæÉ ÅáÇ ÈÇááå
  2. Germany is going to win but I would have loved to see Ghana go far!
  3. Such sweet story :'(
  4. Lol, well we can't really say it's the perfect holiday destination.
  5. That's disturbing. The way he smokes it's as if he's not a child .. I feel sorry for him :(
  6. MDM you on it? Anybody else interested?
  7. ^ Same 48 hours. MDM I don't know how you manage days without sleep.
  8. Wow... that's so beautiful... :cry:
  9. Lmao you must be pimpin' :P Oh and by the way Haidar.. do you not call a towel 5awli? I've never heard of wisla being used in that sense?
  10. He decended from Musa Al-Kadhim (as). I've got some Arabic resources, I'll post them up if you want them.
  11. That was a very structured poem, a good read and certainly full of thought.
  12. May Allah bless him with his greatest level mercy. Without him who knows how low we would be today.
  13. I watched this video yesterday... it's beyond sick. What makes me even more upset is that this is just one of millions of incidents, and it just so happened to be caught on camera and leaked the public. It's disgusting.
  14. ^ Yeah man that's bad news. Zareen, they're always playing that card, it's getting old now. It's like it's only them that can make decisions for the whole of Iraq. The Kurdish play it for the Kurdish, the Shias play it for Iran, but they play it for Iraq.
  15. She's brave to speak like that.
  16. ^ He's allowed to be in government regardless, that's why he wasnt voted out.
  17. Yeah I guessed! Hows you sis?

  18. ^ That's good news. But wasn't the news that even though these Baathis leave that Allawi will replace them with other candidates? Or has that been changed? Where would those seats go if thats the case?
  19. Lmao yeah ... stalking bears. Lovely!
  20. Hmm... a change of name?

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