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  1. Hey Tonks!!!! Thats so kind, thank you! How you doing? Long time =D

  2. Salam, Coming up really soon is the Alevel results, and not too long after are the GCSE results! Any feelings? InshAllah everyone does well, good luck!
  3. InshAllah Ramadhan Mubarak. We always do, this year is no different really.
  4. Happy very belated birthday!

  5. Nope lol, give me an add =)

  6. MDM!! Salamat, how you doing? I hope everything is going good with you, I can't PM you but just wanted to ask if the worst kept secret is getting along well... if you get what I mean lol ;). InshAllah let me know.

  7. Yeah I will, thanks for the link! I'll let you know my feedback.

  8. Aww wow, just cus I read in one of your posts that you had a book out or something. Yeah I'd be interested in reading them, do link me. =)

  9. Im great thanks, hope you're feeling tops! I'll let you know as soon as it comes back =D

  10. Wsalams Nadir! There's not chat yet... coming back soon I think though. I miss the thing lol

  11. When you coming back? =(

  12. Its not the same feel, but finally there's something different on sc.
  13. Blackwater must be the worst company the US has to offer. It loves to place its hands into whatever is dirty, this isn't the first incidence nor the last; a couple of years back there was a mass uproar over its killing of innocent civillians in southern Iraq. Now lets take a guess who won the case?
  14. ^ Exactly. There's still more sentences to be made yet. "An eye for an eye"
  15. LOL Zahra that was at least three accents in one, you should start off a new accent, or maybe a new language... next level haha. Yasmeen so true!
  16. thats me titch


    Mhm... the sad truth. Good poem.
  17. I like this, it makes you think.
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