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  1. I did I did! Hope you did too!

  2. It is, it is! Why thank you :)

  3. YO brethren. Eid Mubarak inshAllah!!! Hope you're all good :D

  4. Yeah dude! I'm alive! More like where you been!

  5. Eid Mubarak MDM :)!! InshAllah every year brings the best of happiness.. btw you really married or you pulling some strings?

  6. Salam Marbles, I'm good thanks. Eid Mubarak inshAllah? Hope you're good :)

  7. Hey DOR! Ramadhan Mubarak inshAllah! How you been?

  8. Shukran habibti! InshAllah illich hemen? Wen inti bildirasa? Yup I'm going in for medicine inshAllah :) Haha.. ahh I know same! It's like if I'm not eating then I'm sleeping lol :P ooh london.. cha inti met 3eesheen ib London? I don't know why I thought you did!

  9. You'll get used yo it inshAllah :)

  10. Wsalam sis, welcoming to shiachat how are you finding it?

  11. Wsalams sis, everything is good alhamdulillah, I've just been busy this summer holiday, I've been out and about and I've got a lot to prepare for uni! Which I'm very excited about :)

    Seriously I can't get enough of sleep! :P How has your summer holiday been? :wub:

  12. Hubbe! How you doing man? Ramadhan Mubarak inshAllah!

  13. Salam Sis! Ramdhan Karim 3alech hemen! Shlonech man? Haven't talked to you in ages! Hows everything with you? I hope it's going good :D

  14. I'm all good, sorry dude I never realised that you left a comment.. Hows everything?

  15. Inna lillah we inna ileihi raji3oon, thanks for your warm wishes bro, it's truly a loss to the islamic nation :( Sorry dude I have to approve my comments first that's why... lol yup.. I'm surprised they put it in red. Defo speak to you soon though MDM

  16. Yeah I guessed! Hows you sis?

  17. Hmm... a change of name?

  18. Wsalam Sis, I'm good alhamdulillah. Funny you ask lol you seem familiar. I haven't been on photoshop for a while I have to admit :(

  19. Hellooooooooooooo cow :)

  20. Dude! Lol man yeah I'm all good man! Well you haven't been exactly the most active member on SC now have you? I happened to catch you on one of the topics and was like ... it's you! Well not much to life lol, uni application and all sorts doing my head in. How've you been? What you been doing recently?

  21. Salamat Doc! What's happening these days?

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