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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you have a video from Daman-e-Koh or from that 5star restaurant from the top.. Farsh-e-Aza
  2. Damn!! Couldnt you have posted this earliar.. i might have met you there :) Khair.. i am going back in December around christmas time.. Farsh-e-Aza
  3. Salaams I was there for a 4 days... its a very beautiful City.. I shall inshallah post pics.. Should have tried to meet any shiachatters who reside there? If any do... :) Farsh-e-Aza
  4. Salaams So I am off to Islamabad for a few days since i have never been there and i hear its a very scenic city.. I just wanna ask.. Where to stay & Where NOT to stay Where to go & Where NOT to go What to see & What NOT to see Farsh-e-Aza
  5. ^ Drop me a line before you come, we will meet up :) Farsh-e-Aza
  6. Shabbar Rizvi.. Do your parents reside in Jafiliya area.. Shia Mosque Kids? I never use to hang out with them lol Did you attend Hussainia Zehra or Satwa? Farsh-e-Aza
  7. Hana Shopping Mall & Cricket at Nasr Leisureland Maybe i know you.. who do you use to roam around with .. I know most of that Satwayis.. :) Hameedo, Shakeelo, Jameel, Bakko.. the old gang.. the fights.. god damn i feel old I did say Dubai is my home.. born and brought up here.. Farsh-e-Aza
  8. NOD32 is simple and highly recommended.. The FAQ page here would answer most of your questions.. Farsh-e-Aza
  9. Salaams Sis You can always check up with your hosting company as to why this is happening.. The image snapshot you have shown of how people see it sometimes.. how did you get that snapshot did someone forward the same to you or did you make it urself? If someone forward it to you then the interesting thing to note is that there are not broken images.. hence you can rule out server downtime or bandwidth problems.. Check up with your hosting company.. and the next time someone reports problems ask them if they see broken images or not? Farsh-e-Aza
  10. Sadqain A Good place to start would be SAP.com and contact the Sap representative inyour area. SAP is programmed in ABAP/4 and its not easy to grasp :) There are wide options if you want to taken on an administration module.. the site would be a great starting point.. Renak Sap has its perks.. Farsh-e-Aza
  11. Sap Administration is a good site.. What exactly do you need in terms of implementation.. Farsh-e-Aza
  12. ^ If you dont lose your cool if something derogative is said about your ailing mother then i reckon something is seriously wrong with you... First you have your nipples-tweaked and then you have something abusive hurled at your face.. He was walking away until Materazzi said something which made zidane turn around and kick his butt.. Fifa has been waving the "NO TO RACISM" banner through out the worldcup, they better investigate into this incident and if Materazzi is found guilty of saying these things he should be stripped of his medal. I am an ITALIAN supporter and i am glad that my team wo
  13. I have found this to be very effective Stand Alone Virus Cleaner Farsh-e-Aza
  14. ^ He knows when to dive.. you he is an EXPERT Diver :) Farsh-e-Aza
  15. ^ His name was given to me by a friend who i find to be very reliable in football matters. But I have not come across any conclusive evidence that he is. So i have edited my original post in which i mentioned he is a muslim.. Zlatan Ibrahamovic has a Muslim Father and Catholic Croat Mother.. I really dont know if he is a Muslim or not.. Farsh-e-Aza
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