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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamalekum, I would like to know if Anger is Haram, what does a person do in a situation where another person is swearing at you or attack you physically. Because, if you don't feel anger at that moment to defend yourself, how will you survive. I am not talking about that anger, when most people flip out on pitty stuff. I am not that kind of person, i would like to know when someone is verbally insulting repeatedly or strikes you physically. In that situation is anger halaal. Can anyone provide me a fatwa from a scholar or a good islamic book.
  2. Asalamalekum, I know that swearing and using profanity is haraam in our deen, hence i avoid it all the time. But i want to know that, if someone for no reason starts abusing, swearing at you and your family. In that case does Islam permits using abusing language to reply firmly to that person. If you use swear and abusive language in reply would that be (haraam, makruh, permissible). I am very calm and humble person, but sometimes people cross line and try to intimidate you. I know we should not indulge in unnecessary conflicts. But when someone starts to swear and abuse you verbally, does
  3. Asalamalekum, Man are told to lower their gaze when they see a non mahram women, so they don't indulge in sexual sins. My question is that in the west, most women dress provocatively and inappropriately where ever you go. Most of the time a man can look away in such cases. But what about when it is neccesary to interact and have conversation with them like at job, grocery stores etc. What does a believer do, is it halal to talk to these womens when it is neccesary, or what about when it is not required. But can a man has coversation with non mahram or non hijabi women as long as it is withoi
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