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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Inner Peace reacted to Abu Hadi in Hoor al-`Ayn are not White Chicks   
    My father in law, who is an alim, explained it this way. 
    First, we should not focus on this subject. We all have a long way to go to get there, Paradise, if we ever manage to get there. Getting too much into these discussions is counter productive, at this point. That is why the Holy Quran did not go too much into details regarding the Hour Al Ayn. It is sufficient for us to know at this point the these women exists and that they are pure and pleasing to us. 
    Second, each houriat is 'custom made' for her husband. So if her husband likes white skin, European features, blond hair, etc, then she will be that way. If he likes darker skin and darker hair, she will be that way. The sole purpose of her existence is to please her husband, so whatever pleases her husband, that is what she will be like. 
    There is no purpose in focusing on this, though, because this doesn't exist on earth, in this dunya. The purpose of a wife, in the dunya, is not only this purpose. She has many other responsibilities, to her children, parents, family, community, and to herself and most importantly to Allah(s.w.a). Sometimes there is concordance between these responsibilities, sometimes not. The marriage relationship in this dunya is mostly a test and a responsibility, and we get some pleasure out of it here and there. But in the next world, marriage has a different purpose, and spouses have a different purpose. Since this is something we have never experienced, we are not expected to fully comprehend it. 
    It is sufficient to know that it exists, and is a reality and act as a motivation for us to be good, and obey Allah(s.w.a) so that someday we may get this. 
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    Inner Peace reacted to Kamranistan in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    This is cute
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    Inner Peace reacted to notme in When you're an Introvert   
    There's introverts, and then there's recluses. I'm a recluse. I'm not anti-social, I'm non-social. 
    Probably I should see a doctor about it, but that would involve speaking to actual people so, nah.
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    Inner Peace reacted to hasanhh in Obelisks and Saudi Arabia   
    For me, removing a phalli superstition -even when it is despised- cannot be a "wrong".
    What was used 1400 years ago.???
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    Inner Peace reacted to Yoel in Talmud and Zionism   
    This article, as you, unfortunately, misunderstood, is just trying to explain how the Talmud is related - or rather unrelated - to Zionism, its place in the tradition of Judaism and some basic examples of traditional Jewish interpretation of the Talmud.

    The Talmud serves exactly the same role in Judaism as the Hadith in Islam. It's not scripture, but a compendium of narrations and discussions. It contains prophetic traditions narrated by Moses and other prophets. It also contains various historical rulings made by scholars who used the internal logic of these prophetic traditions, their personal fatwas issued in various specific situations, as well as folk legends, remedies and other things unrelated to prophecy and laws. In fact, according to Judaism, it is heresy to believe that the main prophetic part of the Talmud was not revealed to Moses! The Quran 5:32 refers to something that is contained in Talmud and is believed in Judaism to have been revealed to Moses and transmitted orally through many generations.
    Now, regarding "all the people Jews and mushriqoon hate us most" I would like to mention that the entire Talmud was completed during the 5th century, with a few 6th century minor additions. The editors of the Talmud could not possibly have been Muslim-haters, because they lived centuries before Muhammad's birth. In their mind, they were doing precisely the same as Imam Muslim or Al-Kulayni who tried their best to preserve orally transmitted prophetic traditions and logical conclusions based on those traditions.
    Besides, many discussions on this website are held by Christians and followers of other religions who wish to broaden the knowledge of their readers. The University of Religions and Denominations in Qum offers courses in various fields, including the Talmud, Jewish esoteric tradition known as Kabbalah, Hunduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism... Let's discuss next time Avesta and the Diamond Sutra. All great religious traditions in the world contain a degree of esoteric truths and wisdom.

    Quite a few passages from the Gospels are, in fact, recorded in the Talmud, albeit anonymously. How and when is another interesting research topic.
    BTW, there is a well known discussion in the Talmud, whether Moses himself described his own death right before he died or it was written by Joshua who also was a prophet. Many Jewish commentators (perhaps most) lean toward the first opinion. It is perfectly possible and logical to think that a prophet may predict and describe his own burial.
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    Inner Peace reacted to Fatima NMA in A ShiaChat Reunion?   
    Op thank you for starting this the way you did..your words are exactly mine...
    I am somehow an old member but not that active...i used to be more active on sc when i was lost(teenager)...i posted many stupid stuff on here...most of them were deleted walhamdulillah.
    I changed... just like the op described it..i learned a lot from the forum itself and from specific members as well...i will not tag them as i forgot some of the usernames...however brother ethereal is someone that i must thank for teaching me a lot about life in general and for changing some of my childish views regarding Islam! I will not tag him because simply i feel like he has changed too to become a more serious person that may not be glad to read what i wrote about him  
    I wanna add that i don't visit sc the way i used to because of life responsibilies as the sister above said..marriage..my boy..moving to a different country..new culture..new challenges...and so..
    I come here sometimes when i need answers to my weird inner questions..or when i feel misunderstood by almost everybody...and the good thing is that sc makes me feel better in a way or another...always  thank you ! And god bless you all !
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