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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Finished black mirror season 5 Watched Se7en and Zodiac need to watch more David Finches movies.
  2. Noop but Kashmir has a strong Wahhabi base and a lot of their youth take up militancy. There have been ISIS flags shown by people multiple times. Thus a general fear that Shias have that if they go Separate they'll have to face a bigger threat in form of Wahhabism.
  3. The first time he publicly talked about the issue was when Netenhayu visited India. I do get it was politically motivated. I still respect him though. But again I support Kashmiris in their current situation they have been locked down and their source of income has been shut. My sister's friend hasn't spoken to her family in nearly 70 days and any attention is better. But liberation from India will be bad for Shias.
  4. Kashmiri Shias have a major Irani influence. The accept WF and Morteza Motahhari is is the most respected Shia cleric and his books are widely studied there.
  5. Yes Sunnis are separatist. They have a valid reason to which I won't deny. Kashmir and its people have been massively mistreated by India for many years and the region has seen violence for decades now. Also the region has seen 3 major wars and 2 minor ones ( most started by Pakistan). They also have a major Wahabi influence as you can see ISIS flags being hoisted there multiple times (a simple Google search and you can see this ) also all these situation has led to many youths join militancy. There are a few Shias in Kashmir who I know who do support Separation but there are also many who fear separating would lead to massive troubles for Shias. Ladakh is a different scenario though. The region has 60% Shia population and mostly pro India
  6. I had similar interactions with Pakistani Shias last week in person. Who used to ask about state of Muslims in India. I guess most are under influence of false propoganda by their own media. Pakistan has opressed more Muslims and Shias than India has ever had. The whole Bangladesh mass murder and rape your country carried out or the bombings and killngs of Shias over the years or major terrorist organisation being based in your country.
  7. Jammu and Kashmir is into 3 parts Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir. Jammu is a Hindu majority region, Kashmir is a Sunni majority region, Ladakh is a major Shia region (60% Shias, then Buddhist then Sunnis) and it's a pro India state. Shias in J&K mostly fear going separate because of major Wahabi and terror influence in that region.
  8. India is a very unique country and people living abroad have no idea. The North the South the North East and the west are very different. They speak different languages and grow up in a completely different culture. We have 29 States and 22 different languages. Though most speak Urdu there are Shias who speak Gujarati, Bihari etc. And I know Muslims who speak Malayalam, Tamil and other languages. BJP strong hold is the North, Central and west India were they have promoted a major Hindu nationalism angle which helps them win elections because Hindus make up nearly 80% of Indian population. Not all Shias support them but there are some popular Shia personalities like Yasoob Abbas ( a guy who bowed down to a Hindu God), Shia Wakf board and it's leader who also offered to give some gifts to Hindu Gods and temples and Khalbe Jawad a guy who comes from a Political background and keeps changing his stance. Shias in South majority of North hate BJP to the core but BJP does enjoy some support in places like UP. The fact that Shias support BJP or all Indians Muslims are opressed is a false propoganda. I live in South and BJP has no control in my state. I eat Beef every week and there are hardly any communal tension.
  9. My comments aren't based on misunderstanding and neither my sister is married. She is also living their long enough to speak and understand Persian fluently.
  10. I left Iraq from Najaf yesterday and someone who was with me will leave today through Baghdad. He did say there was curfew there and did see a few protesters.
  11. I came across a few Russians and Azerbaijani people in Arbaeen walk all had these posters attached to their back. I was curious and I was walking behind them for sometime. Finally got some courage and asked them who they are. Finally they got someone who speaks English so I could understand to tell me who they are. These guys protested against the government when Azerbaijan banned Hijab for several years and were jailed. I asked them "Isn't Azerbaijan a Muslim country" The guy replied " Yes but the President is Yazid"
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