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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is eating Marijuana based supplements also haram. I have come through this herbal medicine which helps deal with insomnia, something i am struggling with
  2. I don't think Naskhwani is a great scholar or can be classified as an Ulema. He is a speaker and I've seen him change his views often. Wasn't he at some point an anti Yasir Al Habib He does present a good view of Islam to Liberal Western youngsters but he is by no way someone who you should celebrate or have high regards as a scholar.
  3. Yourel whole argument is based on one thing that no where in the history it was recorded that he was Muslim. If he wasn't a Muslim shouldn't there be evidence of him being a Kafir then ?. So if he was really a kafir why did the prophet spend a lot of his lifetime under the protection of a kafir ? Why would he even live with someone who doesn't accept his teaching or doesn't accept him as the messenger of God ?
  4. No this is very wrong and fabricated. Also the no of people who died in Karbala fighting for Imam Hussain is often regarded as more than 100 and there are names available too. The thing is creating a new narrative in India and adding things that never happened in Karbala is something very common in India and South Asia in general. I have asked quiet a few scholar who have denied this to be honest. There narrations are pretty weak.
  5. In school I was bullied and beaten a lot. I was shorter than most, and shy and would never get back at people who troubled me so it made me an easy target. Thus I got into their friend circle but they continued to bully me but I'd still to back to them because they were popular and thought it was cool to be with them.
  6. https://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01130/ Can I keep a cat, hamster, and rabbit in my house? Answer: There is no problem in it, Note: The body and the salive of the cat, rabbit, and hamster is ritually pure (Tahir), yet its urine, feaces, and blood are Najis Does cat hair affect ones prayers? Answer: If there is a few cat hairs (one to three) on a person's body or cloth, his prayer is in order but if there are more than that, his prayer becomes void, as an obligatory precaution
  7. Start seeing a psychiatrist brother. I always prefer them to psychologist. I've been in a similar stage us you with self harm and depression with no motivation in life. Being on meds for sometime helped me.
  8. God is also the mosy Just. You just can't commit the most terrible crimes in humanity and just believe you'd be forgiven.
  9. He bombed Muslims countries with Obama didn't he. What makes you think he won't now ? They'd need to keep there arms manufacturing industry moving and spend money off their massive military budget. So they are obviously going to bomb hospitals, weddings, restaurants and schools in middle east.
  10. You're not allowed to Judge others. But you shouldn't be accepting either.
  11. I for example see other religions. The other Abrahamic religions are very much diluted. The rest are polytheists who make gods out of their own hands.
  12. Because multiple languages exists. And we shouldn't restrict God to one particular language
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