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  1. The people who call themselves Akhabris are very little in number and their head Waheedudin is an insane person who craves for attention and wants to be leader of everything but the majority here is locked into rituals and ghuluw. There are few ulemas who questioned them and they faced social boycott and were attacked.
  2. It's sad to see Bahrain a shia majority country in hands with Israel. Azerbaijan is another one but majority of people are more secural and less religious if I'm right
  3. There is a Zakir known as Yasoob Abbas. His father was a very famous Zakir in India known as Athar Abbas and there is video of Yasoob praying to a Hindu god. But Ghuluw in India is because people stayed away from Tawheed at first place
  4. I recently moved to Hyderabad from Chennai temporarily. And I won't be suprised if these are legit accounts. Ghuluw is big here and it's pretty obvious many have abandoned Tawheed and attached themselves to stupid customs taken from Hinduism and other religions
  5. I am excited for it too. The gameplay reveal trailer had me hooked. Another game I can't wait to play is Starfield it just looks awesome. I am a huge Space nerd and was hooked to No Mans Sky but after the main quest ended the game turned boring, Starfield just looks like a better version of it
  6. I own a PC and Xbox Series S so can't play Zelda. I am presently just playing Football Manager. Don't have enough time to invest playing story driven games. Cyberpunk, Horizon Zero Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2 are all in my library but need to make some time to play them
  7. Completed Disco Elysium which was by far the best game I've played. Other games I liked was What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch
  8. I often find his personality polarizing He comes from a family which had some of most influential shia Ulemas in the last century likes of Ayatullah Mohammed Al Sadr, Baqr Al Sadr and Musa Al Sadr. He has a massive supporter group. The most popular political party in terms of vote share in Iraq but also, he is very questionable. He is obviously not as qualified as any of his famous family members and Houzas is Najaf absolutely hate him. The worst of it all is he is often accused as the guy behind the assassination of Ayatullah Khoei's son. I really respect his views on Iraqi nationalism and not wanting Iran to interfere in their affairs but most of his followers look barbaric and violent. There are things I dont understand, Why did Iran support him for years despite being accused of assassination of a scholar, also it is very obvious he is not on the level of any of his famous family members in terms of theology. Also why does he have such a massive support base in Iraq ?
  9. I think Saudi is eventually heading in a similar direction under MBS like Iran was under Shah. He's trying to Westernise a very conservative society and this will backfire massively.
  10. I actually had sent a message to Ayatullah Sistani's office before neutering my Rabbit and he told me it's allowed
  11. I think they eventually will but they'll probably wait for intel to build their semi conductor fabrication plants in US and Germany in next 3-4 years so the west won't retaliate when then invade.
  12. Is eating Marijuana based supplements also haram. I have come through this herbal medicine which helps deal with insomnia, something i am struggling with
  13. I don't think Naskhwani is a great scholar or can be classified as an Ulema. He is a speaker and I've seen him change his views often. Wasn't he at some point an anti Yasir Al Habib He does present a good view of Islam to Liberal Western youngsters but he is by no way someone who you should celebrate or have high regards as a scholar.
  14. Yourel whole argument is based on one thing that no where in the history it was recorded that he was Muslim. If he wasn't a Muslim shouldn't there be evidence of him being a Kafir then ?. So if he was really a kafir why did the prophet spend a lot of his lifetime under the protection of a kafir ? Why would he even live with someone who doesn't accept his teaching or doesn't accept him as the messenger of God ?
  15. No this is very wrong and fabricated. Also the no of people who died in Karbala fighting for Imam Hussain is often regarded as more than 100 and there are names available too. The thing is creating a new narrative in India and adding things that never happened in Karbala is something very common in India and South Asia in general. I have asked quiet a few scholar who have denied this to be honest. There narrations are pretty weak.
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