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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Never read But I studied in a Christian school and they used to read out quotes from bibles every day
  2. He is not a great guy but Syria would have fallen into deep trouble without him. He is a better option compared to a takfire rule or an American puppet.
  3. People don't get engaged by reciting Nikah in South Asian and many other Islamic cultures.
  4. @Sirius_Bright would be someone who I would like to meet.
  5. The best is to stay away from them. They will not belive most of the sources you give them and will already have a mindset about Shias which they mostly would never like to change no matter what. I have seen very few who actually are interested in a logical conversation.
  6. Most of these stuffs are sometimes taken from Hinduism and other traditions I don't think there is any harm. In South Asia during 22nd of Rajab most houses serve various sweet dishes in the name of Prophets household invite families friends etc. It's more a tradition I guess.
  7. Ddhè dkdkkdkdueoc ndjdiiekcm

  8. @Murtaza1 you are being stereotypical accusing others of basing racist without knowing a single thing about them just because you came to know about things from the internet or a few random People you have met. Before being stereotypical and starting your cries and accusations of Fitna and racism please do some basic research.
  9. And you sound stereotypical just like people from the West . And I am pretty sure you have no idea about India when you pulled the darker skin stuff into this conversation.
  10. There is no Fitna in someones relationship here. There is no relationship. The guy is asking people here whether he should marry her daughter to someone who is her father's age. Looks are often misleading and bringing up George Clooney etc isn't really good considering the number of past relationship he has had. My point here is pretty simple he doesn't know a thing about the guys past or how he makes his money and giving her daughter to him doesnt make sense at all.
  11. I wouldn't recommend this He is 42 years old a rich and wealthy guy who isn't married. How long do you know him? Do you think he could have had any kind of relationships in the past ?
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