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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hey man i respect your religion but this isn't really relevant to the topic
  2. So my whole family is Pakistani (living in America), and in Pakistan (and immigrant communities elsewhere) self-flagellation, zanjeer ka maatam, is a very popular form of azadari. In my area there are two imambhara. -One is more mild, with more english speakers, milder maulana's, sometimes non-pakistani/indian maulana's, and no zanjeer ka maatam during muharram (also has more iranis and blacks who come) -The other is more traditional Pakistani, with louder, only urdu speaking maulana's, emphasis on azadari, and zanjeer once or twice during the big 10 days. We go to both imambharas but the split has got me wondering: I know what different marja's have said on the issue, but what are the Imams views on the issue. Or are there no hadiths regarding it?
  3. There is a question the some of you may have. Of course, I am no marja or alim, I'm not even old enough for my opinion to be taken seriously within the shia community, but I would like to share my thoughts on a certain topic The question I have (and many others) have is: If Allah (SWT) knows (and created) the past, present, and future, did he make our decisions for us and therefore doom some of us to hellfire? This isn't a question I think anyone alive and present could answer with absolute certainty and in it's entirety, but here is my theory. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// My theory is that when we (our soul) were created by Allah, the initial conditions of our state and place in humanity predestined out our futures. What future we choose Allah is (obviously) knowledgeable of and he could change it.. (prepare for major analogy skills) Here's better way to look at it. When we were created, we were created as a caterpillar, and alongside us was a tree. At the time of creation, we were a caterpillar on the ground, at the roots of the tree. As we age, we climb up. This tree has many branches, each representing a choice in our life. The tree of life which we were created with include every decision we have made, every decision we are making, and every decision we will make in our life. Eventually, the branches get smaller and smaller until we reach the leaf. Every bad decision we have made is like a nibble made by another insect on the leaf of paradise. The more eaten our leaf is, the closer we get to jahannum. Whichever leaf we end up on is the product of millions (it's a big tree) of left or right turns to different branches in our life. Like I said before, these turns to different branches symbolise our choices. Now here's the thing, Allah, the all knowing, knows what leaf we will end up on, and what state the leaf will be in. Whenever we receive a blessing from Allah in a time of need, it's like him nudging us caterpillars towards a different branch. While we will not know what the consequences of the blessing will be, obviously one who knows all knows what your next branch will be and what your destination is. Sound about right? What do you think.
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