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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Abu Nasr If you ask me sunnism is merely a political movement using Islam as a power tool while in the same time they dare to ascribe divinity to it. Therefore a war in the name of sunnism is actually a war for power and has nothing to do with the Deen itself. My eyes are open now. Alhamdulillah.
  2. Salam, I just read a news article that Russia sold heavy arms to Saudi-Arabia? But what about Russia's alliance with Iran and the war in Yemen Russia claimed to be against? Share your view please .. http://rt.com/news/268642-russian-weapons-al-jubeir/
  3. I have one move that helps me with only using one finger. And that's the Mobile Phone Number move.
  4. It's hilarious that those who claim Allah has hands because that is what the verse says will analyze a hadith letter for letter, chain by chain, version by version and go as deep as the bottom of the ocean only to prove that something else was meant or not meant at all when in favor of Imam Ali a.s. or Lady Fatima a.s. You do as if they were all academics and Phd's when it came to communication or talk a language of angels that cannot be understood by laymen while they were just plain Arabs telling eachother in clear Arab what they had on their heart and in their mind. And ofcourse the discussion is ever on-going while the choices are already made.
  5. Salam, Yes I understand. Me myself I wouldn't be happy as well if Abu Bakr was my grandfather from maternal side and vice versa Abu Bakr wouldn't be happy too that his grandson was in the ranks of Imam Ali a.s. and considered to be a successor of him a.s.
  6. Salam, Was Imam As-Sadiq a.s. from the progeny Abu Bakr?
  7. I used to look up to Hassanan Rajabali untill I saw a video wherein he was owned in such a devastatng way that I do not find him a good representer and debater of our Deen anymore. Watch this:
  8. The fact that we as muslims shouldn't be nationalistic in a way that we feel superior on basis of etnicity or nationality or tribe and prefer brotherhood in Islam above all named things does not and never will mean that we shouldn't help victims of genocide, persecutio and mass-murder.
  9. Why should Abu Bakr knew better anyway since he was never appointed nor was it his concern. The ones concerned were Lady Fatima a.s. and Imam Ali a.s. as Lady Fatima a.s. was an heir of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and Imam Ali a.s. was the only one appointed by Allah and that there was such an appointment wether doubted or not is confirmed in sahih ahadith from the sunni.
  10. Salam, I am looking for a list of at least 10 Shia books which are considered to be reliable by all maraja.
  11. Nabi Harun and Imam Ali a.s. were failures and the progeny of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is like the Pharaoh and his soldiers?
  12. The Quran wasn't corrupted. Its right interpretations (tafsir) was missing. On the hand Imam Ali a.s. had to explain again and again its meaning to your rulers. On the other hand Omar even neglected the Prophet's request to write something down and burned all ahadith claiming the Quran was sufficient. I am not surprised that Omar gave such an ignorant reply.
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