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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) My dear brothers and sisters in faith, from the last 2 days i have realized that questioning your faith or beliefs is the one of the most difficult things to do for a human being. However i am inclined to search for the truth which i always try to look for. I dont mind interacting with a wahabi/salafi or sunnis. As long the talk is constructive and based on concrete logic i will think and try to understand it without being biased towards anyone. I have been a silent viewer of the shia sunni debate section and i always got bored of seeing old debates which were mostly on fadak garden, proving imamat from quran, and the aimmah being tortured and killed. All of the debates didnt worry me as i am dedicated and holding fast on my religion. I was convinced with the narrations provided by the brothers who even mentioned their gradings which is uncommon in the majalis lectures. However recently i have witnessed something unusual in the section. A salafi member raised a question in a thread which has confused me alot and i still havent been able to find a valid answer to convince myself at all. I had solid beliefs regarding the school of thought i follow which is the usooli twelver shia of the 12 Imams. Sadly no one has been able to answer him and this is worrying me alot. The thread is now a mess and has been derailed by unnecessary arguments from amateur members. So i have joined this forum just to see what you think about it. The question that has been raised is The aqaed we shia of Ali a.s hold is that three usurped the khilafa from Ali and it was his and after him his family's right to rule. Unfortunately this not happen and our aimmah were deprived of their rights. He says for the sake of argument lets suppose that our Imams were allowed to rule instead of the shakhayn or banu ummaya afterwards. How would this have been continued? Yoy have only 12 chosen imams who are divinley appointed by Allah. For how much time your Imams would have ruled? Who would have been your imam after Imam Mahdi a.s left? He would have certainly not been the Qaim in that case? I am certainly sure that for something to be acceptable it must be valid and applicable. We disagree with the sunnis on the procedure the muslim ummah adopted after the Prophet (saw) left and we suggest a different one. but dear brothers and sister dont you think it must make sense and show that was really a practical solution instead of a theory? To me the authority of just 12 is not practical if it were to be applied in real terms. It would have made sense if the Qaim appeared after say 300 years or even 400 years from the death of the Prophet and restored peace.. but it didnt. It seems that something is missing, something is wrong and i wish to have all the answers to this problem. I now have reasonable doubt in my mind regarding the beliefs i have held from the last 31 years and i am optimistic about it being removed like my all other doubts. I wish that this thread be a good lesson for me. I have contacted some renowned shia ulemas regarding this problem and till now they havent been able to come up with a valid argument. And please no insults to the other school of thought and i am not interested in what sunnis have to say to justify their approach of choosing a caliph, NOT at ALL..! All i am interested is how authentic and practical MY religion is? I would request the senior members of the forum to step in deal with the issue. I dont want this thread to be derailed or handled incompetently by those who have no idea about my dilemma.
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