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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. just like he did in Syria.. and if he didnt, where would we be right now? Shias really have no idea what the Islamic revolution did for Shias... where would Lebanon be without hizbullah? where would Iraq be?where would Syria be? where would qhom be if the shah was still in rule.. anti wf'ers need to open their eyes and remove their envy and prejiduce
  2. all Muslims (who believe in wf) as a lebanese alot of us follow this system... and a few other countries as well
  3. when they get casino money from Adelson to support zionism... you can call it religious but the face value is about it.
  4. they were all Prophets, so they knew about the Mahdi, but who told you that Jews today know this? do you think the Jews of today follow moses (عليه السلام)? or even real judaism?
  5. Im not saying Jews can’t be on our side maybe some will.. but in this context... the zionist idea of Jews, which is when they build the temple he will come is 100% talking about the dajjal. Do you think Imam Mahdi is going to come and there will be no war? Or that the dajjal doesnt exist?
  6. The Jews long ago prophesied a savior, that Savior was Jesus (عليه السلام) But the Jews were corrupt and did not want him to take over so they called him a liar. They said their savior is yet to come. As a Muslim it should be very clear to you that Jesus (عليه السلام) was that savior and the fake savior they are waiting for is the Anit-Christ. It really should be very easy to make sense of. The Dajjal is on Israel's side, and we are against them.
  7. they are not the same, The Jews are waiting for their false messaih the dajjal
  8. https://www.rt.com/news/453213-Pakistani-intel-used-terrorists-musharraf/
  9. both are in the wrong... Pakistan harbors terrorists... JeM killed Iranians and Indians just before MBS went to Pakistan and gave them all bonuses.. Pakistan needs to do something about these terrorists and wahhabism spreading in their country..
  10. the mother and the boy entered a taxi and on the way she recited salawat the way Shia do "alahuma sali 3ala Muhammad wu Ali Muhammad" the taci driver heard this and asked if she was Shia... he then parked the car and slaughtered the boy in front of his mother. its not surprising if you look into the wahhabi culture and how they perceive Shias
  11. so much agression.. partly because ppl thought you were attacking Shia with the question and partly because some ppl hate Imam Khomeini. you guys need to take a break... OP my answer is understanding of tawheed is that Allah is the source of everything... its a short answer and ofcourse there is more to tawheed than that but through knowledge we learn more and about this and you can only gain knowledge by removing your impurites... lessons from great scholars like Imam Khomeini
  12. there needs to be a government of some sort. and this automatically means being involved in politics... Political decisions CAN be opposite to what Allah wants doesnt mean it should be avoided. that is a really really counter productive statement. You probably have no problem with politics in United States or anywhere else... where they are destroying communities and societies with their policies...
  13. your suffering is from the sin itself biologically and spiritually. Just put the niya to stop sincerely and you will stop sinning inshallah.. some practical help would be to look away from stuff that would entice you and when your imagination starts quickly stop your thoughts and change them.. with practice and time you will control your urges.. another thing that can help is to educate yourself on the biological harm it does to you, watch some videos.. salam
  14. I would ask your marja, as it is a tough question. No doubt you will have to pray them all qada when you wake up. Inshallah you find an answer
  15. #No2Tawhidi #ImamOfFitnah How Qualified is Tawhidi? After al-Mustafa University (who Tawhidi claims he graduated from) exposed Tawhidi saying he has never graduated nor do they endorse (and in fact condemn) him being a public speaker or to represent anyone - Tawhidi seemed desperate to get some sort of certification. This is his prized certificate, have a special place above his head stating the following: "Certificate of Qualification This is to certify that Imam Shaikh Mohammed Tawhidi has achieved the status of a Muslim Scholar and is deemed worthy of Islamic leadership. He is therefore authorised to lead and represent the Muslim community in Australia." This is signed off by Shaikh Mohammed Zeki Albayati - Chairman of Board of Directors / General Deputy and Representative of the Grand Islamic Jurisdiction and Hierarchy of Scandanavia. This was "awarded" and "sealed" by the Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Religious Guidance - Stockholm / Sweden. This is rather fascinating. Let us discuss. 1. On what basis can a Swedish institute issue any sort of certification for someone to lead a community in Australia? When has Tawhidi visited or even studied in Sweden? Tawhidi has never even been to Europe!! It seems like simple connections and a phone call will get u a cheap certificate, eh? 2. The "Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Religious Guidance" seems extremely shady. It has no running website (see: http://www.alhuda.se/) and only an Arabic facebook page running (see: http://bit.ly/2hrGM5G). 3. Shaikh Mohammed Zeki Albayati is a representative of Sayed Sadiq Shirazi (see: http://alarabi.se/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/97.png). Sadiq Shirazi is the same person who "crowned" Tawhidi and the same man that Tawhidi continues to praise, show off his picture, and not call out despite promoting Sharia Law. 4. The "Al-Huda Islamic Institute of Religious Guidance" is, of course, a Shirazi run and funded centre. Amazingly, the centre was established to spread Shia Islam in Europe, as is the mission of the master and teacher of Tawhidi. We quote the official Shirazi website speaking about al-Huda: "We at Al-Huda and Imam Hassan Mujtaba institutes, do our best to expand our cultural and religious programs to attract more youths to the doctrine of Shi’a Islam. I need to add that the Shirazi scholars have had a great role in spreading Shi’a Islam in the Western and European countries. The great works of the Shirazi scholars such as the distribution of many religious books and Islamic lectures have made many people to know more about Shia Islam and embrace it. I want the Lord to help the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in his way of serving Shi’a Islam and make him more successful." (see: http://www.english.shirazi.ir/1941) You may now be getting the idea of what Tawhidi's mission is in attracting people to his doctrine, no matter what it takes - even lying and making everyone else look bad. Again, another failed mission with another mickey mouse certification.
  16. the Prophet didnt separate them so no... its not best @Ashvazdanghe this guy has been kicked out of every discord channel for being a real pain with little akhlaq, no surprise yea? ignore him brother
  17. can you please not turn the forum into a hour by hour news update
  18. my shock is at an actual "Shia" siding with america in illegally arresting and abusing a Muslim sister of yours... and you are defending the oppressors...
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