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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The best wish of a wife was ..
    The wish of Zuhair Qain's wife to join Imam Hussain (a).

    The best apologize....
    The apologize of Hur bin Yazeed ar Riyahi.

    The best faithfulness...
    The faithfulness of Hazrat Abbas bin Ali (a).

    The best battle...
    Battle of Ali Akbar with enemies!

    The best reaction....
    Throwing back of the head of Waheb Kalbi by his mother to the Yazeedis by saying,"We are taking back what we gave in the path of Allah!"

    The best answer...
    The answer of Qasim bin Hasan to Imam Hussain that death is sweeter than honey to him.

    The best gift....
    Gift of Aun o Muhammad from Hazrat Zainab (s) and her husband Abdullah bin Jafar.

    The best prayer....
    The prayer of Zuhr offered in the rain of arrows.

    The best sacrifice of life...
    When Abdullah bin Hasan was beheaded on the chest of Imam Hussain (a).

    The best sermons .....
    The sermon of Sayyida Zainab and Imam Sajjad in Kufa and Damascus.

    The best statement....
    ما رأيتُ إلّٰا جميلاً
    When ibn Ziyad asked what did you see in Karbala? Bibi Zainab replied ," I did not see anything except beauty of Allah!"

    The best protest....
    When Sakina bintul Hussain said, " I saw no one tyrant more than Yazeed!" When Yazeed asked ,"Your age is not so much that you know everything!" She replied," I know everything from Adam to Muhammad (S)."

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