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  1. abuhaydar

    I know which country the US will invade next

    sorry.. funny post but... replace banks with Israel... Syria is all about Israel's security.. and the rest were liabilities... when you understand that they already print money and own the world you realize their motives are religous.. this is what zionism is. United States is nothing more than krangs (Israel) body from teenage mutant ninja turtles.. google it if you werent born in the 80s
  2. You calling Imam Ali (عليه السلام) a cheapskate?
  3. When the Prophet wed Sayyeda Fatima to Imam Ali a.s, he asked him for a mahr. Imam Ali a.s said all he had was his armor and sword. So the Prophet instructed him to sell his armor. He sold it for 500 dirhams. And that was his mahr. It is mustahhab for the mahr to be around that much, not more. scholars have said 500 dirhams in today's money is around 2500- 3000$.
  4. abuhaydar

    Amnesty's lies about mass executions in Iran during 1988

    shiachat is being over ridden by jahil.. you will one day understand what a great injustice you are doing to sayyed khomeini.. you are the tawhidi type shias... rip shiachat
  5. abuhaydar

    Najasat/Taharat of Ahlul Kitab

    Najassa transmits only through wetness, if you are dry you can touch najis things, and not become najis.
  6. @Forgottenthinker you forget to post in these threads or is saudi not killing enough civilians?
  7. abuhaydar

    Prominent Syrian democratic activist died

    this guy... why didnt you post anything when terrorists launched a chemical attack last week.. and to hell with any traitors that side with the salafi/zionists against their own country... but like ibn sina said, it was probably your own infighting
  8. abuhaydar

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    you cant tell the difference from killing innocents and armed terrorists/zionist army?
  9. abuhaydar

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    don't compare isis to hizbullah.. its clear you have no knowledge about them.
  10. abuhaydar

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    first of all isis bombs civilians second.. name me one suicide attack in the last two decades carried out by hizbullah
  11. abuhaydar

    Nasrallah endorses suicide bombings?

    Hezbullah 25 years ago was in a different situation. desperate times called for desperate measures. As I understand it now they dont (need) nor (encourage) suicide bombing.. never was a suicide bombing carried out against civilians. actually the only suicide bombin they did in the 80s was the one against the military barracks. @Gaius I. Caesar you are slandering a very very pious muslim and should be careful in doing so... @Forgottenthinker you are simply a dajjal puppet.. now name me one suicide bombing they carried out in the last 25 years
  12. abuhaydar

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    lol he lives in iran... you forgot to think
  13. abuhaydar

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    the more Sumerian talks about how much he cares about iraq the more laughable it gets that hes never been there... Sumarian I visited "your" country in arbeen. all i can say is the easiest thing one can do is blame all their problems on someone else... you have the richest country in the world and not even a road is built properly...
  14. abuhaydar

    Marrying wife's aunt halal?

    I guess I was wrong.. I trust @Ashvazdanghe in his knowledge...