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  1. abuhaydar

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    lol he lives in iran... you forgot to think
  2. abuhaydar

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    the more Sumerian talks about how much he cares about iraq the more laughable it gets that hes never been there... Sumarian I visited "your" country in arbeen. all i can say is the easiest thing one can do is blame all their problems on someone else... you have the richest country in the world and not even a road is built properly...
  3. abuhaydar

    Marrying wife's aunt halal?

    I guess I was wrong.. I trust @Ashvazdanghe in his knowledge...
  4. abuhaydar

    Marrying wife's aunt halal?

    I think the answer is, it is ok
  5. with a least 20 million piligrims a year and one of the worlds largest oil reserves... Iraq is the worst country I have seen in terms of corruption. it puts lebanon to shame in corruption levels.. there is absolutely no infrastructure from what I have seen so far.. so sad. I feel really bad for the Iraqi people... every year millions march to karbala to stand against oppression... how Ironic this takes place in one of the most oppressed countries in the world
  6. abuhaydar

    Mut'ah taboo needs to end

    come to the middle east
  7. abuhaydar

    Who Is Ahmad Al Hassan?

    too many people whining about judging these days.. when you see something wrong it is your religous duty to speak out. this man should be killed. he is not the mahdi. he is funded by uae and kuwait. we have more than enough hadith explaining how the mahdi a.s will appear. @Bakir satan isnt a mythical creature.. the quran isnt a fantasy..
  8. abuhaydar

    Mut'ah taboo needs to end

    I agree.. @ali_fatheroforphans forget the kids... there are middle aged/older divorced/widowed women that no man would look at for perm. marriage... what do they do? they have needs and desires just like everyone else... The first marriage should be permanent and if something should happen like divorce or death.. then the woman is free to mutah and should not be ashamed of it... with the iddah its not like the woman can go from man to man... to be honest most shia women are way to prudish in this matter...
  9. abuhaydar

    Where is Jamal Khashoggi???

    yep,,, he sold out.. not unexpected... he never learns He said NOTHING new... I'm guessing he is going to protect MBS same as our PM who echoes some bs about justice and while saying he stands with saudi! Sorry to say this, but yet to see one sunni leader that is not a puppet.
  10. abuhaydar

    Who vapes?

    nothing wrong with the music
  11. abuhaydar

    Where is Jamal Khashoggi???

    no one buys it... but some will keep quiet about it for $$$
  12. get used to it... they are beheading ppl in other places for being shia... just think about that.. You have apes like bin baz and abdulaziz al sheikh, the two grand muftis of saudi arabia saying shia are kaffir and must be killed. Just ignore them and show them by example that you are better.
  13. lel, come back to this thread after your wedding night ;) then come back in 3 months again...
  14. abuhaydar

    Where is Jamal Khashoggi???

    I dont think they expected his fiancee to be waiting outside
  15. abuhaydar

    Iran offers 5 year residency for $250k

    lol.. you need to follow news more sis... trump made a personal trip to europe earlier this year to make sure everyone stops dealing with iran. any one who deals with iran is sanctioned. iran cant export its oil to anyone anymore except a few countries.. this is part of the zionist plan. Iran has been sanctioned for 40 years and iranians have been struggling. this year has been the harshest on them.. and even lebanon as saudi is doing its best to choke us. the economy is dead.