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  1. Noorelhussain

    how do you eat your oreos?

    Lol. This made my day.
  2. Salam, INACTIVE. Your request has been honored. Your Avatar, About Me page and Signature were removed. 

  3. Noorelhussain

    Interview The Person Below

    A tablespoon, max. (I hate sugar ) An embarrassing moment of your life?
  4. Noorelhussain

    any thoughts?

    He's knowledgeable but I don't like the way he curses non stop, publicly, knowing that many Sunnis may also be watching his lectures & honestly if he didn't curse so much & approached the topic(whatever it may be) in a more decent manner, I'd probably be listening to his lectures everyday.
  5. Noorelhussain


    I personally just say sorry to everyone, for everything lolol. & if I'm in a position where I know I wasn't wrong, I just say "sorry if I offended you" just to make sure that I didn't end up hurting the other person's feelings, even if they might've hurt mine & specially if I don't want mine & the other person's relation to be affected.
  6. Noorelhussain

    Interview The Person Below

    6? What's one thing you can't stand?
  7. Noorelhussain

    Post Various Pics Here

    Ahh the beautyy :'( <3
  8. Abu Fadhl l Abbas(as) is truly a role model for us shiaas. :'Imam Zayn Al Abideen(as) says in that hadith above^ Abbas(as) sacrificed his life for his brother, Hussain(as). Whenever I hear the word 'loyalty', the only name that comes to my mind is Abbas(as). He went to the Furaat but never drank the water, because he remembered Hussain(as) and all the thirsty children and women in Karbala. I don't get what the OP is trying to say by 'I don't like or want Abalfazal'. Truly Abbas(as) was the flag bearer of Karbala and we the Shi3a of Ali(as) will never let his flag(3alam) fall.
  9. Noorelhussain

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Lool there are some weird people out there, I'm not surprised. The other day I saw 'pet web pages' and I was like what on earth? Pets do not even know how to use the internet. The world is insane lol
  10. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen is.. children as young as 5-6 years, shedding tears for Aba Abdellah(as) :'( Your love is a miracle in itself ya Hussein <3 :'(

  11. Assalamo Alayk ya Aba Abdillah :'(

  12. Noorelhussain

    Hadith Of The Day

    Imam Zayn al-`Abideen [a] said, "May Allah have mercy on al-`Abbas b. `Ali [a], for he had chosen his brother over himself, and given and ransomed [himself for his brother], until his two hands were cut off. So, Allah replaced them for him with two wings by which he flies with the angels in Paradise, just as He made for Ja`far b. Abi Talib. Surely, al-`Abbas has a station with Allah تبارك وتعالى which all the martyrs on the Day of the Resurrection shall envy of him." (al-Khisal) :'( Labbayk Ya Abbas(as) <3
  13. Noorelhussain

    Seeing Allah

    Yes that's true, In one of Imam Ali(as)'s sermons in Najhul Balagha, Imam Ali(as) says that Allah IS a being, but not through the phenomenon of coming into being.
  14. Noorelhussain

    Interview The Person Below

    Let's make this thread alive again lool Human mentor? I'd say my sisterr :wub: What's one thing you HAVE to do before you die?