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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Congrats sis syeda on ur 7th month :D Epidural... definitely. The complication with it are minimal, and pain relief is usually excellent. Alot of women might say they still feel the pain after epidural but they are usually either misinterpreting the feeling of 'pressure' for being the feeling of 'pain,' or they are Egyptian :D :P. As for having the association of epidural with forceps... the risk is minimallll. And God forbid that does happen, forceps shouldn't be the choice anyway. Always opt for vacuum. I don't think anyone in the world uses forceps anymore :S. Anyway, as a primi, expect to take atleast 18 hours to reach 4 cm (can take up to 22 hrs). For that much, u'll have to bear the pain of contractions. They usually give epidural after you have reached 4 cm. Also, don't go to the hospital too late, cuz then they won't be able to give you epidural at all, and u'll be stuck with the pains... AND ofcourse you won't be able to recite the duas you are askin for cuz it willll hurt!! :S One more thing with epidural is the expulsion of the infant might take longer then it would without epidural cuz you would be numb and it's harder to push... but still much reduced pain! So, yes, there is a huge amount of pain relief. Complications are VERY minimal. And it will let you be sane enough to recite your duas :D hehe. The real pain makes you insaneee! lol. Make duas for us while you're at it sis :D Forgot to mention, one side effect of epidural might be headache. But long term backache :S never heard of that. Wish you the best :D
  2. Mahiii... 3id Mubarak and happy belated Birthday inshAllah you'll live past 95 :D

  3. omygosh its chaiiiiiii :D thnkooo so much! hehehe missss u nd the rest of the gang!! hope all's well!



  5. happy birthday mahrukhiiiiiiii!

  6. MAHI!!! Wasalam man! Long time!! Alhamd I'm fine..!! The real question is : how are you?

    hehe :wub: take care!

  7. Thnx everybody! :D Fadakiiiiiiiiiiii i misss you loadz tooo.... but ur still the jaanest ever!~ Aonii! thnx nd ya i had a lollipop on my bday :D chaii! awwwness thnx loadz! dan :dry: no singin bruv! :D Umme, Muslima, Mystery--- :wub: LUVVVVVVVVV U ALL 10 million million times! my livers :D thnkooo Just to let you all know, :D sorry i hven't been able to pop in to say salamz! am sure the cht room mods are grateful :shifty: Just goin through a difficult module at uni. also my favorite tho :S Neuro :S U can imagine! Keep me in ur duas! and i willllll too! Wassalamz!
  8. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Are you really 92 years old , dear Grandmother ??

  9. Happy Birthday Sis :D !!!! Hope you have a blessed year :D
  10. I thought the same actually. Dr. Hisham Hellyer did a fair job in the debate. His arguments were clear and to the point. But i thought the debate was'nt really a "debate" at the end. Everyone seemed to agree with eachother... the party for the motion was saying the same thing to win their point as the party against the motion was saying to win its point. A christian friend of mine brought up a good point; saying being against the motion you would have to argue that shia sunni conflict is NOT damaging the reputation of Islam... and that obviously is not a practical argument. Although i think the party against the motion did a good job, i believe the topic under argument seemed to have been changed by the end of the debate. But anyway, the topic being as hot as it was, i think this debate had one of the greatest turn-ups :) Having someone as Qazwini in a country like Qatar was one of the greatest accomplishments alone :D
  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great year, inshAllah.
  12. Wow, great articles! jk for posting!
  13. on a pdf version of sawaiq al muhriqa the ahadith u mentioned are in Chapter 2 of Gate 9...Hadeeth no. 9 (Both ahadith mentioned are under Hadeeth no. 9. The page number in the e-copy is 170.
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