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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would expect nothing else from a concerned father! lol Just a question: If your daughter said she was interested in a sunni proposal or someone who had approached her, would you reject straight away without further investigation into who this person is and not allow her to marry?
  2. That was so useful to read. JzkAllah khayr!
  3. Wow, jazakAllah khayr for all your responses. I had no idea anyone replied! I was expecting a notification in my inbox... I fully appreciate the challenges of such a marriage. I love my religion and I practise it to the best of my ability obviously from a sunni perspective. As far as I know and can tell she's a practising shi'a... very down to earth, easy to communicate to, similar worldly ideals, same profession even. I've known her since the beginning of university so coming up to 6 years now and I feel like she's such a good human being more than anything else. Whenever we have discussed religion or a fiqhi issue, and I've said this is what I believe to be correct she's never been like What! You're wrong. This is how it's done, which I respect her hugely for. And likewise I listen to her point of view. But as people have said discussions is one thing. Marriage and building a family is another.She has mentioned that she has family members who are sunni (I'm assuming she means by marriage), and she's talked about in the past of her parents living in iraq and not even knowing whether their neighbours were sunni or shi'a... it was just a non-issue. I guess a definitive answer would be to talk to her and get her perspective. She might reject me but I guess I gotta be a man about this and if I don't ask I won't know! At the end of the day our lives on earth is limited... I would ofcourse respect her beliefs and shield her from criticism and backbiting as no doubt people are bound to do. My parents alhamdulillah are very open minded, very caring and compassionate... same with my sisters. But I honestly don't know how my extended family would react... I think they'd get over it after a while. Of course I love the ahlul bayt which I believe is universal among all Muslims and I also believe that consits of all the wives of the Prophet (saws), and I also believe all the first four companions were the best of companions. My main issue I guess is raising a family and how it would be done... Can it be done in compromise? It's a difficult situation. I definitely want to know the opinion of her parents. She's an only child so letting their daughter marry a sunni would be a big deal I can imagine. But anyways! I thank you all for your comments :) It was helpful. Fee amaanillah.
  4. Salaam Alaikum all, OK so... I've got a question... Sorry if it's been posted before and please link me to the thread if it has (I'm new to this forum). I'm a sunni man and I like this shi'a sister... I've known her since university. And everytime I want to approach her and discuss marriage I stop myself... I don't know why. Maybe fear of rejection? Or fear of the future? My question(s) is for shi'a sisters... would you marry a sunni man if you were pleased and happy with his personality and got on with him? Are you happy for him to hold his beliefs that may be at odds with yours? If not, where would you draw the line? Are you prepared to accept him as the head of your household and teach your children? Do you foresee the day to day differences in religious practices as a problem? What about the two families coming together? Would your parents accept such a union? These are just questions I'm curious about. Jazaakamullahu Khayran. fee amaanillah.
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