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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You should consider in what society you would like to contribute to, for me personally I would like to contribute to an Islamic society, not to a secular kuffar society. You should also consider the future of you children and what kind of society and norms they are involved in and exposed to. To be completely frank I think that anyone who says you should not move away from open fasad and moral decay are just beating around the bush because to be honest about it would mean to make things uncomfortable for themselves. Unless your purpose to stay in such situation is to do dawah or even
  2. This is really insanity, may God again punish the people who again and again took His blessings for granted and again and again had to be punished with a punishment that they cannot return from in order wake His anger yet again.
  3. Is your reason for caring about the hazaras that they according to you have no one else who supports them or is it that they are shias that makes you care? Would you for example have cared more about the Palestinians if they were shias and the Hazaras were sunnis? What if the Hazaras had others supporting them and the Palestinians had no one? You do not need to answer the question, God knows the answer.
  4. So much chaos and suffering in the world right now... It is really heartbreaking to see the videos coming out of Palestine right now as well as what happened in Afghanistan recently, I wonder how much more we need to see as a ummah before we start to unite against the chaos and suffering. Or will the all the things we see just cause most of us to become desensitize towards the chaos and suffering of others while most of us will be busy living the hyper individualized lives of the modern day and age? I know some people dont even read the news anymore... What seems strange to me i
  5. It is nothing wrong with supporting the oppressed be them in Afghanistan or in Palestine, why do you have to chose? Personally I believe from studying and reflecting that the existence of the state of israel is the main contributor to the split between muslims in the region in our day and age, as it is the only party who has the most to gain from the split and personally I believe that when the state of israel ceases to exist so will the "muslim leaders" in many arab countries which got their power with israeli support as well as the "religious schools" who teach takfiri ideology further
  6. Do we have to pick which muslim in distress we care about or is it possible to care for ALL muslims in distress? I do not think it is productive to give into childish and sectarian mentalities and I think we need to see the bigger picture and act accordingly in a way which we can stand answer for on the day of judgement. May God hasten the reappearance of our Imam (ajf) so that not only all muslims will be relieved of their distress but humanity as whole.
  7. Looking at the US withdrawing from Afghanistan after 20 years of doing nothing but to cause people to hate them more. I really wonder what they managed to achieve other than that... I think back to Bushs(la) speeches about "we do not negotiate with terrorists" and his talks about "either with us or with terrorists" and looking how they ended up in Afghanistan is really funny in a sad way. Fast forward 20 years and the taliban are as strong as ever before, Afghanistan has some powerless phony "government" placed by the US that will die the day the US dont protect them (whic
  8. Sorry for the late reply brother. Unfortunately I do not believe that these young guys protest against corruption, rather they protest against others corruption. And they say they want freedom but what they want is fasad and the death of morality and our cultures as well as our values. I dont think a 20 year old Iraqis life is that much harder than the life of his father or grandfather at age 20, I dont think they had apartments and cars at age 20 back then either. I also think part of the reason why they do not see that is because of globalization and being part of generation Z, they com
  9. I dont think theres any point discussing this. You seem very sentimental about this subject, I dont think you seek any discussion so I wont reply to what you said. Unfortunately corruption in the middle east in general is vast and as long as people expect better from others than to expect better from themselves, nothing will change. It is a cultural problem stemming from a lack of belief in my opinion. Only thing I will advise you as an older brother is that you stop making blame lists for your own life situation. If your always going to blame others for your own state of living, the
  10. Asking for proof regarding a unproven claim is not called being a "stupid redditor" its called being reasonable. I am sorry but I am not going to cater to what to me seems like rumors by making up convenient "truths" that fits them. Making up rumors is a sin, please abstain or provide proof. I will however suggest to you as your brother to not be like those exile Iranians who blame everything bad in their life on the Islamic revolution, they lack ambition in general and are miserable with their lives and what they have achieved in general and so rather than facing the inconven
  11. Please provide evidence for this claim, if your claim is without evidence then what you are doing is making up rumors. https://www.al-islam.org/islamic-moral-system-commentary-surah-hujurat-jafar-subhani/sin-making-rumours
  12. Salam Aleykum, I think that history is some times even more important than the present, because you will not be able to understand the present without understanding the past, more importantly you will not be able to predict the future without studying the past. This is an interesting history video summarizing the U.S involvement in the Middle East starting at around 1930's and ending just before the invasion of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria.
  13. Sorry for late reply! Its very easy and you dont need anything special, for the dough I follow the recipe in the video bellow, but I put natural yoghurt as a glaze on top instead of flour mixed with water on top, I also divide the dough into 6 pieces of smaller bread and put in 3 in the oven at a time. If you want to try it I can share some tips on making them crispy and nicely done on both sides. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do4Jxt_66tM
  14. Sorry for late reply, Its very tasty you should definitely give it a shot, eating bread that you have baked yourself is something special. You can eat it with Iraqi geymar with honey on top. Or you can have it with eggs, sunny side up!
  15. Mabrook to all the brothers and the believers, especially to the fathers on fathers day, which is the birthday of Imam Ali(عليه السلام)! Peace be upon the successor of Rasulullah(S)!
  16. Its not whole wheat but you should try making some Iranian barbari bread, its really delicious and easy to make. You can also cut them into toaster sizes once they come out of the oven and freeze them, then just take out slices as the need comes and toast them, they will taste fresh and new again. Here is a picture of the barbari bread I made recently:
  17. I have all my plants on one of the levels of a shelf in our living room.
  18. This is incorrect and a lie. The source that the western news channels has used is a fake screenshot of his personal telegram group, a friend of mine with insight in the matter has sent the original screenshot, in it he is speaking about the jewish rabbi who earlier made a statement that corona vaccine makes people homosexual. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/rabbi-asserts-that-coronavirus-vaccines-can-turn-people-into-homosexuals-655585 Please evaluate the source of information before spreading disinformation.
  19. Salam, Perhaps you could try gardening, you can do indoor gardening too if you do not have the possibility to do it outdoors. Personally I grow different types of herbs indoors hydroponically with lamps used for plants. You can buy smart-plugs for your power outlet and then connect your lamp cables to that plug so that it will turn on and off at designated times and you only need to check the water levels. I can iA post pictures if your interested.
  20. Today marks the annual date of the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, a day when colonial powers and their puppets were thrown out of the country by the help of God. It has been 42 years now with the enemies of Islam trying to destroy the Islamic republic by any means possible, whether its been by saddams(la) bombs or american sanctions and without the help of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) this revolution would have surely ended like many other revolutions ended were western puppet leaders were overthrown, namely, right back at step 0. SubhanAllah, without the blessing and help
  21. Faith is a blessing from God in the end, all we can do is our utmost for our children and that starts even before the child is born as a man, by earning halal and feeding your wife halal and by following the religion in all of our day to day tasks.
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