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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are you sure your talking about the right surah? Here is ayah 104 from surah an Nisa in english: Dr.. GHALI And do not feel fee bled in seeking the people (I.e., the "enemy" people). In case you feel pain, then surely they (also) feel pain as you feel pain, and you are hoping from Allah that for which they do not hope; and Allah has been Ever-Knowing, Ever-Wise. Dr.. MUSTAFA KHATTAB Do not falter in pursuit of the enemy—if you are suffering, they too are suffering. But you can hope to receive from Allah what they can never hope for. And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise. ABDUL HALEEM Do not be faint-hearted in pursuing the enemy: if you are suffering hardship, so are they, but you hope to receive something from God for which they cannot hope. God is all knowing and wise. SAHIH INTERNATIONAL And do not weaken in pursuit of the enemy. If you should be suffering - so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not. And Allah is ever Knowing and Wise. PICKTHALL Relent not in pursuit of the enemy. If ye are suffering, lo! they suffer even as ye suffer and ye hope from Allah that for which they cannot hope. Allah is ever Knower, Wise.
  2. In a military base, I.e. a militarized area, they conveniently left that part of the information out.
  3. It means the kafirs from the US will try to take advantage of the current unrest in Iraq between Shias and sow discord and hatred among them. They will use the frustration of the youth in Iraq to turn them first against their own Shia brothers and finally against Islam as a whole by offering a secularized state (promise the masses money) with a secularized version of Islam which in time will turn into a joke of a religion and more into a cultural identity that you can be as flexible as you would like to be with it, much like how christianity has become in modern times. They will create so much discord and chaos in Iraq to make it clear to the people that they need them to stay so they can clean up the mess they created to begin with to further justify their stay... making the Shias of Iraq not only become the host of a foreign kafir army who is the close ally of the zionists aswell as the saudis but to also make sure they will be completely reliant on them for survival, thus making them slaves. Any disagreement with them and they will make sure to punish you into submission. Just like how the clown Trump threatened Iraq with sanctions "far worse than the Iranian ones" if they kicked out the US troops.
  4. Protestors tearing down a picture of Shahid Abu Mahdi al Mohandis (رضي الله عنه). A reply from a Sunni sister regarding this video:
  5. Because the US is sponsoring and feeding the division of the Muslim ummah, not China, and as long as the ummah is not united, we wont have power to do much, the Saudis and I believe all Sunni countries are ruled by western lap dogs who couldnt care less about Islam. As long as their leaders are these kind of people, a unity in the ummah will not be able to be achieved. Unite the ummah and no country will be able to oppress Muslims in any place of the world without having to face real consequences. Such as geological blockades of trading routes and general trade sanctions. Furthermore we could have a single currency between Muslim nations and have a system similarly to the EU and a military union similar to the Nato. Non of that will be possible so long as the provider and feeder of division is not stopped. That is okay that you are appalled by hearing a different persons view point, but it would be better if you accepted that not all people view the world in the same light as yourself instead. I am not turning a blind eye, as you can see I am here discussing them, rather I am questioning the information feed and that is a good thing to do, especially given the circumstances. Is it so chocking that not everyone accepts the same information sources as yourself as total proof? You are surprised that religious people are getting oppressed in a communist country? I am not surprised by that at all, same as we get oppressed to different degrees in western secularized countries (upcoming hijab ban for children in my country), though I question to what degree it is done in China, I could personally not see any "particular" oppression of Muslims while I was in China. Do you believe the case is different from area to area inside of China? Until I have personally not gathered enough information from objective sources about what is going on, I will not jump on some kind of a emotional bandwagon or a moral crusade to condemn China to hell. I believe in the hikmah of seyyed Khamenei as well as the other major marjas and that they are righteous Muslims with much more information than myself on this subject, I understand if you can’t relate to that. In fact several of the Shias who seemingly seem to care a lot about the alleged grave situations of the Uyghurs in China are ironically enough also the Shias who are usually against helping the Palestinians against their world wide proven oppression from the zionist entity, because they say that they don’t like us, so why should we help them? But in this case since its a chance to criticize Iran... Lastly if you are true to your words, that your always going to side with the people against oppressive governments, then I suggest you revisit Islamic history, namely the history of Hussein ibn Ali(عليه السلام), surely you should side with him.
  6. He tweeted in Arabic as well one hour earlier. I don’t think he is necessarily an idiot, as in lack of intelligence, but I think he deals with idiots and he is a big lair and a manipulator who steals, cheats and kills according to himself.
  7. We need to define ourselves as Shias before we put other labels on ourselves and we need to always act in the interest of Islam, in service of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), before anything else. Otherwise we will watch as our societies become secularized and kufr/fasad will become the norm over time. This is a hidden battle that not many people are aware of and its going on in ALL Muslim countries. The so called "soft war", young people are getting very westernized through popular culture in all parts of the world and part of that westernization is the abandonment of religion or any other deeper ideas, anything that is not superfical, as well as past cultures (many of whom are heavily influenced by Islamic etiquette in Muslim countries). I fear that while we are busy arguing over other things, the carpet is being pulled from under our feet and the few people who are religious (I assume all shiachatters), will in the near future wake up to a horrible reality when their own children, as well as all their friends and people close to them start to become something that they cannot relate to.
  8. However bad they have it in the streets of UK, I think it's better to send your charity to the poor war orphans of Iraq: https://www.noororphansfund.org
  9. I have never heard that term before what is that? Perhaps the "mature" part is the most contributing factor as to why they find it harder to get married.
  10. Who said anything about war? Your the first one to mention it. The fact that your mentioning a list of European countries who criticised China and asking why Iran did not do it too just tells me that you are very unaware of the differences of the countries relationship to China in terms of trade and current dependency. One of the conditions of amr bil maroof wa nahi anil munkar is that it will be listened to, Iran critisizng China for what the west says that China is doing, will not result in ANY difference whatsoever for whoever is allegedly oppressed in China. However it would VERY likely change the relationship of the two countries and with the US pressure on China to drop Irans oil trade (which is the last one Iran has pretty much due to US sanctions) that change in relationship could be what makes the differences. If that happened at this moment then 80 milion Shias (and I know Shias don’t mean anything special to you) would greatly suffer and the republic of Iran would most likely come to an end, further weakening the wellfare of the Shias globally as well as their dawah (again I know you don’t care about that, most likely you would be happy). You are talking about the situation as if you are the holder of absolute and undeniable truth and questioning the western narrative spoon fed to us is completely out of the question. The truth however is that you don’t know anything about what is going on in China. And the only thing you do know, or what you are convinced that you know, is what the west has told you. And I don't trust their media especially when they are telling me about a supposed situation of which they in other cases are perfectly fine being silent with. I beg to ask you how much you read about the domestic politics of China on a day to day basis, how well versed are you in its internal affairs generally? Or most likely, is it not so that you don’t know the first thing about it and before the last 12 months you didnt even know there was a group of people in China called the Uyghurs?
  11. Alhamdulillah, seems like he is going to make it. One of the brother told me that seyyed had his surgery with local anesthesia so he was awake during the surgery and the doctors could hear him pray for the Iraqi people. A very unselfish man mashaAllah, I wish he was much younger and could take more active leadership in these times of turmoil. Now the same man(la) who was recently happy about the murder of the second in command of seyyeds Hashd just days ago is twittering, "sincerely" worried and "happy" that "his eminance" made it out of the surgery. And this is what they refer to when they say that our enemies are studying us and making sure to take advantage of our differences. Although I have little hope in the group of Shias (the nationalists) that his trying to trick, I pray to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) that they are smart enough to see through this facade of lies and deception.
  12. Ok mate, so your saying that 4 hours later, in the middle of the night, around 5 in the morning, someone in Tehran, close to the airport, was randomly filming the night sky and accidentally managed to film at the right place at the right moment? Thats quite far fetched.
  13. Ws, If there are no expectations of Iran to confront China, then there is no reason for critice when it is not doing so, rather reason for understanding since it acted according to your expectations. If there is no expectations of an action but at the same time critice when the action is not performed, then thats pretty unreasonable according me. On the opposite, if you expect them to confront China and they don’t, then there is clear reason as to why you would criticize them.
  14. Remind us all again how many hours after the bombing of US bases in Iraq the airplane was stuck down.
  15. What do you mean? What part of what I said is not considered factual? That Iran cannot fight both the west and the east at the same time and that you expecting otherwise is a clear evidence of your lack of understanding of the reality of the world? As I said, It is arguable whether or not they support and condone injustice, that is clearly related to who you ask. I for one am not entire convinced about what is going on in China, all I know about what is going on in China is what the west says and most definitely they have their own agenda when it comes to trying to play my emotions. I don’t think Iran has enganged in doing polar opposite of the teachings of Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام), saying so would be quite an extreme thing to say to be honest. The mindset I mentioned earlier is a clear sign of insincerity as it holds no argumentative continuity. If a person thinks the sky is red because I say its blue, he should not start saying the sky is blue when I start saying its red. I believe that anyone who display such behaviour are insincere and that holding a discussion is not the priority for them, rather convincing themselves that they know better and are always right is their priority. Or they could simply criticize you because they don't like you, so they will always see bad whatever you do. I believe such people objectively speaking have sick hearts and I don’t find anything wrong with saying that. Again, I never mentioned you, nor tagged you, nor hinted towards you, but if you want to take it to heart as a personal "insult" then that is up to you, if you can’t relate to that then move on, unless you wish to disagree with me for the sake of disagreeing. And as I said before, you are more than welcomed to PM your number and I can call you so we can talk in private about whatever differences we have. Though I don’t think you will ever pick up on that offer in a million years.
  16. It seems like Google have completely removed PressTVs account on YouTube, so much for freedom of speech...
  17. I don’t think in the 10 seconds from detecting the unknown object to taking the decision to shot it down they had time to send someone from another building far away from the place of launching the missle just to record it on his cellphone. And then after they realized it was civilian airplane, post the video of their mistake to washington post... Come on now, put your assumptions into perspective.
  18. So if I understand you correctly then the things that were bad are still bad but one of the things that used to be bad is now good, so all in all its an improvement I would say, especially for Shias.
  19. Your expectation of Iran to be capable of fighting both the west and the east at the same time while surviving is according to me an expectation that holds no ground in the reality of the world. Iran is simply not strong enough to fight all of them on its own at the same time. Nor will Imam al Mahdi(ajf) go straight from Kaaba to China on his first day of reappearance to fight the Chinese on his own. First fight is to unite the Muslims, that will be the fight that can enable us to take on greater conflicts. It is arguable whether or not they support and condone injustice, that is clearly related to who you ask. I for one am not entire convinced about what is going on in China, all I know about what is going on in China is what the west says and most definitely they have their own agenda when it comes to trying to play my emotions. It might be bad in China for any religious groups that are not Buddhist, but I am not sure to what extent that is the case. Perhaps not anymore than what it is where I currently live, they recently banned hijab for children in one of the states and are talking about shutting down our mosque meanwhile threat after threat is given to the mosque and its visitors by far right as well as secular extremists. But you clearly seem to be the one who has taken personal offence to it, as if I was talking to you personally. Perhaps instead of getting defensive, you should reflect on why you took it so personally as well as IF you should take it personally.
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