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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. Salam brother,

    Please let me know what reply you get from his office since the thread was locked because the world is burning.

    1. TryHard


      no worries I talked to reza he said when I get the istiftat I give it to him and he'll post. Just a matter of waiting.  

  2. Allahs سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى mercy is beyond measurement and He knows what is inside of our hearts, that which we ourselves might not even know sometimes.

    Remember the good things about your sister and pray for her and I will pray for her as well inshaAllah.

    If you can give some sadaqah on her behalf, do some prayers on her behalf, inshaAllah in the future, you can do hajj and ziyara on her behalf as well.

  3. Welcome back bro :)

    1. SlaveOfAllah14


      Thanks man :) . I have not been too active on SC these days. Just having a peak every now and then.

  4. Sorry for your loss brother, may Allah(SWT) grant you and the affected families patience!

  5. Salam aleykum brother!

    Where have you been man? MashaAllah such a nice beard you have, real kashimiri beard, you got that from your Persian ancestors you know :P

    1. Mohd ibrahim

      Mohd ibrahim

      Alyka Salaam. Thanks shabab it was internet ban here.. hope u r fine

  6. Salam aleykum!

    Welcome back :)

    1. mina


      Wa aleykum salam.Bless you brother.

  7. Welcome back brother :)

    1. reisiger


      Salaam alaikum! Thank you!  And no doubt I will make d'ua for your brother! :)

  8. Salam, I am happy to see you back on shiachat :) Welcome back and a late ramadan karim to you!

  9. Strength belongs to Allah, might belongs to Allah, power belongs to Allah, fear not but Allah, Allahu Akbar

  10. Salam aleikum brother, I would like to thank you again for all your tips, they really helped me and calmed me down :) InshaAllah it is kheir and I will find a wife when it is time. I hope Allah(SWT) will bless you as well with whatever it is that you seek. Fi amanillah

  11. Salam brother, I couldnt figure out how to PM, but here is my email just delete this post once you've seen it and than you so much for your effort and help, inshaAllah someone will help you next time your in need: ibnsiiina@gmail.com

  12. Salam aleikum, Im totaly new to this forum, I made this account yesterday and created a thread, do you know how long it takes normally for your post to get reviewed by mods before it is posted?

    1. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      Wasalam, welcome, sir Avicenna! If you are able to direct me to which section you posted in and the title of your thread I'll approve it iA.

    2. Soldiers and Saffron

      Soldiers and Saffron

      Thank you for the quick response brother.

      The name of the thread is, if i remember correctly: "Struggles of a muslim man living in the west"

      And I posted it in general, but I think it should have been posted in "Social, family and marriage".

    3. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      You're most welcome.

      Also, good luck. I hope you find what you are after, brother, iA.

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