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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Taking a stance against batil can sometimes mean to get politcally involved. Talking about "politcal quietism" can very easily slip into pacifism. For example: I talked to a very popular sheikh in Najaf when I was there and he said that we should be like quiet bees during the time of the Imams occulations and not get involved in anything, he also said we should not do amr bil maroof wa nahi anil munkar and that only an infallible has the right to do so. I disagreed with him as I do not believe that Islam is a private religion that is contained within the four walls of your house but a system for the entire humanity, which involves the society in which you live in. I believe that preparing for the Imam(ajf) is more than just working on oneself (although it is a must), its to also prepare the society for his return which includes performing amr bil maroof wa nahi nail munkar.
  2. Evidently live ammunition was needed as you can see from the video with the place set on fire. Reports as in "I heard such and such by such and such" or proof? Whatever sides story your bring, setting fire to shahidul mehrabs mausoleum was clearly a wrong thing to do.
  3. Not sure if I understood you correctly, do you mean to say "by being just"? I assume thats what you meant. Then that makes me want to ask: how are you just without taking a stance against that which is batil? Wouldnt being just manifest in actions that are just, such as standing up against injustice, I.e. taking a stance against that which is batil?
  4. By not taking any stances whether its haqq or batil?
  5. Shahidul Mehrabs mausoleum burnt up by cheering "demonstrators". Why would a man who was assassinated 17 years ago with a car bomb by baathists and salafis for his stance against them have his mausoleum burnt up today?
  6. And how do you prepare for the Imam exactly?
  7. Sorry but can someone explain to me exactly what thanks giving is and why it is celebrated?
  8. What do you mean? It's either the original as in authentic or its unoriginal as in fake. If you mean to say that there's ayahs intentionally removed from the holy Qur'an, then that would mean it's been manipulated so the holy Qur'an that we use would then be classified as a fake version of it. So which one is it according to akbari ideology? So you don’t pay khums in other words?
  9. The world sure has gotten better since Trump came into office... Watch these stupid trade wars set the whole world into a global recession.
  10. Isnt it about time you put away your grudge towards Reza? It's literally been going on since the mod elections years ago...
  11. Sorry brother but thats very immature of you.
  12. The guy who made a thread grouping people into different "proxies" makes a thread saying labelling people is bad.... thats rich. Sorry brother, although I agree with you that using this kind of rhetoric is destructive and immature, if you were sincere then you would first of all mention your own mistake (the previous thread you made) and second of all your list of examples wouldn't be completely biased, which it currently is as it does not contain any labels at all used against those who are "pro-Iran" or whatever you want to call them, only vice versa.
  13. First of all, to my understanding all the major marjaei accept the concept of WF, even seyyed Shirazi. The only thing that they are not all agreed upon is how the application of it should be done. So saying that there is a pro-WF and an anti-WF group is completely wrong unless the pro-WF group are all the Shias and the anti-WF group are the akbaris. If your referring to pro-WF as the way they apply WF in Iran then please clarify it. I am happy to see that you are clear and honest about being an akbari and I wish others who are lowkey akbaris would also be honest about their stance. This is news to me. If I understand you correct, then your saying that akbaris believe that the holy Qur'an that we kiss and hold on top of our heads during laylatul qadr is not the authentic Qur'an? Also, since akbaris don’t have a marja, who do they pay khums to? Or do they not pay khums as well?
  14. Your argument can be used against those who are saying the opposite as well, as long as we are not discussing clear proof, and most certainly we are not discussing clear proof, rather loose allegations by questionable sources to say the least. Whoever has a previous desposition towards Imam Khomeini(رضي الله عنه) will pick and choose what to believe in. Though a clear minded person would look at ALL the merits of the person he discusses before he makes judgement, otherwise you would be like those who say that Prophet Muhammad(S) was a pedophile because he married a 9 year old. Either way, this thread causes nothing but fitna and destructive debates as its not discussing anything clear. I would like to remind the moderators of their own rules, though I know they pick and chose themselves when they apply them: "Disrespect to any Mujtahid, Marja' Taqleed, or religious authority will not be tolerated whatsoever. Due to previous experience in this site with respect to this rule, any topics which the moderators agree on to be of controversial nature and would lead to destructive debates and disunity amongst the Ummah will NOT be allowed on this forum. Members who do not abide by this rule would have their post locked/deleted followed by a warning/ban if they do not comply. Members are encouraged to discuss this in private (email or PM) as an alternative to avoid personal attacks and disunity on the site. The Shiachat.com team does however reserve the right to keep such threads open granted that it is put under heavy moderation and all parties engaged in the debate maintain a certain level of respect and maturity."
  15. Remember guys, calling ayatollah Khomeini(رضي الله عنه), a respected maraja and one of the great Islamic champions of modern time, a war criminal and a child killer based on unproven and loose actusations from a group of kafirs who have all reason to want to deframe him is not considered slander or disrespectful at all. Its just respectful disagreement, thats all. Do you see the difference now that I was mentioning before in the other thread? @Sirius_Bright
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