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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you are interested, look into gardening, its a natural job that brings you closer to Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  2. I think when mourning the Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) we should follow their sunnah in mourning as well. If anyone then later wants to mourn the death of their parents by dancing and playing instruments, in accordance with their local culture which may not be Islamic, its up to them.
  3. Salam aleykum, With people burning the holy Quran in the name of freedom of speech, with people making insulting cartoons of Rasulullah(S) in the name of freedom of speech, with people losing their livelihood for expressing the Islamic view on LGBTQ+++++ subjects even though they have "freedom" of speech, with people being unable to criticize the regime of israhell due it automatically being labeled as anti semitism, even though they have "freedom of speech" - I think its important to ask: Whos freedom of speech is the western world talking about?
  4. Trash is trash, one is smelly the other one is moldy, whether biden och trump its all trash in the end. Both biden and trump are horrible choices for a leader, what a shame it is that your country can only pick between those two.
  5. Another possibility is that he is faking it in hopes of postponing the election while starting a war, most likely with Iran, a war would secure him the election I think.
  6. For the enemies of God there is no mercy. Neither in this life nor in the next. And dont speak of compassion, you who support israel. I understand you cannot relate to what I am saying, but also consider that I do not care about your opinion of that which I am saying.
  7. Only hellfire awaits him, may he die a slow death, he has spread much corruption and death on this earth. And may we all be raised together with the people we praise on the day of judgement.
  8. Why is this happening right now? Maybe there is a bigger picture, could it be due to the relationship between IK and saud? What does saud think of IK? Its sad to see muslims fighting in Pakistan while in India the muslims are oppressed and attacked, not for being shia or sunni, but for simply believing in Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and His Prophet(عليه السلام).
  9. Looking back at this thread, it feels like some people really misunderstood what the OP was saying.
  10. I am not sure that you understood what I meant with this example. Humanism believes that whatever they consider to be good for humans is right. My point is that even nazis ultimately believe that whatever they are doing is ultimately for the benefit of mankind as a whole. If you ask any of them if they consider themselves evil, they will most certainly say no and not only that, they consider themselves as good and their counterparts as evil. You do not agree with them based on your personal perception of morality and they in turn dont agree with you based on their personal mora
  11. Are you referring to the protests that started due to the blasphemy towards the holy Quran by danish kafirs? What do you believe is the right individual reaction as a muslim towards such actions? Keep in mind that, to my knowledge, the majority of the fuqaha deems blasphemy of the holy Quran, such as wrapping it in bacon and setting it on fire, punishable by death. Having said that, I dont believe people should destroy public property due to it. This is my understanding, that when the laws of the land goes against the laws of Islam, and doing blasphemy towards the ho
  12. If you do not believe in God and believe that we are animals only here to sate our own interests, then there is no point discussing morals with you. Unless we have the same fundamental understanding regarding our existence, then discussing the details of that existence is futile. It most certainly is as times change, you might find yourself in a world with slaves once again, in fact, there are still slaves in the world. Now answer this question: How many ayahs can you find that encourages one to take slaves in the holy Quran and how many ayahs can you find that encoura
  13. "Progressive muslims" have made a joke out of their own religion and internally they are swaying between faith and no faith, they are thorn between different personas and until they decide to either embrace what is right and abandon what is wrong, they will either regain their dignity or damn themselves to hell. You will find more of these muslims in Sweden due to the culture there which is very unaccepting towards people who sway from the norm, something that is called "jantelagen".
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