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  1. Assalam Alikum brother

    Insh'Allah you are well and in good health.

    What was your user name before this new one?

    Thank you so much 

    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN ALLAH 

    1. Diaz


      Salam, if I’m not wrong, I think it was ibnsina 

  2. This is truly insanity, inshaAllah the wrath of God will be upon them soon.
  3. @Guest Youth I am not sure where you got the understanding that I have alot of time to post here, last time I was posting here was in august 2021. It seems to me that you are quite fast to be offended and take things personally even when there is no offense meant or even any reference to you individually, thats also one of the reasons why I do not really like to discuss things over the internet/forums. Feel free to email me your phone number and we can inshaAllah discuss things there, I do not have interest in convincing you in what I believe in, it makes no difference to reality what either one of us believe is true or false. I only offer you this since I do not have time to answer you back and forth here and since you seem adamant on knowing why I see sweden the way I do. Here is my email: tempemail1199@mail.com feel free to do as you like.
  4. @Guest Youth I dont intend on getting into lengthy discussions with anonymous persons online, I do not have the time for that. If you are a brother and you are interested, we could meet in person instead and discuss. You believe that I am misrepresenting sweden, I do not believe so. Perhaps you do not see what I see because you are not looking for it, while I am actively looking for it in order to decide my and my families best choice for our future. Your guest nickname is "Youth" safe to say I am not a youth and I have lived long enough to recognize what is happening. It is furthermore beyond me how any practicing muslim could love to live in the most secular country on earth, but perhaps if all that is important to you is education, work and generally having a comfortable physical life while surrounded by open fasad and haram then yes, sweden is a good place if all you care about are the physical aspects of life (all of which you have to pay for with relatively speaking extremely high tax) and not the spiritual aspects. From a spiritual aspect sweden is one of the worst countries on this earth that I have visited so far. In short: Life in sweden is like riding a first class flight straight into jahannam, it will be nice (relatively speaking) while your on the flight but the destination, not so much. In the end its a question of what you want from your short life in dunya, safe to say you as a muslim, as an immigrant/child of an immigrant (MENA countries), are not welcomed in sweden and if you do not realize that yet, just wait some more years and it will become beyond evident.
  5. Nobody is defending the immoral actions of individuals mentioned. What they have done is clearly immoral and not the best action they could have chosen in the given situation. I am not quite sure where you got that idea. What you maybe fail to see is that the documentary is not targeting these individuals but rather the religion of Islam as a whole by implying that what they do is the norm which it is clearly not statistically speaking as well as grossly misrepresenting what mutah is as well as how it is done - on purpose. Do they really not know, after doing research, that mutah can be contracted without a sheikh involved or are they "forgetting" to mention that part? This is clearly a case of targeted sensationalism. I was personally born and raised in Sweden and now I am 30+ years so I do in fact have quite a thorough understanding of the swedish country, its government and its secular agenda that it pushes towards religious groups, nowadays specifically on muslims. As you may or may not know there are efforts being made by the swedish politicians to ultimately: Make hijab illegal for anyone under 18 (slöjförbud, https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/motion/slojforbud-i-den-svenska-for--och-grundskolan_H702526) Ban circumcision for boys (motion mainly but not exclusively pushed by SD, https://sd.se/our-politics/forbud-mot-omskarelse-av-pojkar/) Make halal meat illegal (motion mainly but not exclusively pushed by SD, https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/motion/forbud-mot-halal--och-koscherslakt_H80219) Make fasting of anyone under 18 illegal (motion mainly but not exclusively pushed by SD, https://www.riksdagen.se/sv/dokument-lagar/dokument/skriftlig-fraga/fasta-for-barn_H8112603) Refuse parents rights over their own children (such as how they should dress or if they can or cannot have sex before marriage, etc) by lumping it together with physical abuse and calling it "hedersbrott" (see swedish definition of hedersbrott, such as: https://www.umo.se/vald-och-krankningar/hedersrelaterat-vald-och-fortryck/vad-ar-hedersrelaterat-vald-och-fortryck/) As for the burning of religious books, this was illegal in sweden up until 1970, google "lagen om trosfrid", the burning of holy books could also fall into the category of "förargelseväckande beteende" today, yet it does not because it is non muslims who judge whether or not the danish pigs actions are meant to anger groups of people or not. Obviously from their perspective it is completely fine and not meant to specifically anger a marginalized group of people in their society. I suggest that you visit the website of "stramkurs" to see what they say about muslims and the religion of Islam and then question what their motives might be when they "demonstrate", it is clearly and beyond a doubt to anger and provoke muslims, yet it is not considered "förargelseväckande beteende". I do not know how long you have lived in sweden nor how much you follow its political news and recent history on a day to day basis. I am personally very interested and for anyone who has followed the news, the last 10 years development is extremely clear. As for the money they send to the mosques, churches, etc, it is better that they stop doing that and that its own members pay a membership fee instead, that way they cannot dangle it over our heads and put demands about "democratic values" (i.e. secular values some going straight against our own values), furthermore some of those 14 milion SEK are coming from tax that I and other muslims have paid as well, it is not generated by non muslims only. Our tax money is also going towards promoting LGBTQ+ organisations as well. It is clear that the SD party will become a majority party in the near future and if you study SD, their political agendas (some linked above), it is beyond clear that they DO infact target muslims and Islam. Furthermore we can see how the rhetoric of the other parties have drastically shifted within these last 10 years, more and more mimicking what the populistic far right party of SD have been saying all along. If you do agree, then give it more time and you will see the fire while I have seen the smoke already. Personally I am planning to inshaAllah leave this country and I do not feel anything but disgust for its government and culture and I do not say that lightly, I say that as a person who has travelled and worked in more than 25 countries, I am able to see and compare, this is a spiritually dead country and its people are very arrogant.
  6. It is not even correctly translated from Arabic to Swedish to begin with. The way they have done this documentary is clearly made to cause an emotional response by the viewers, the selection of how to translate terms is specified to strengthen their accusation that mutah = prostitution and that the sheikhs who condone the mutah are essentially pimps since they get paid for working. They insist on calling mutah "pleasure marriage" rather than temporary marriage since the first term awakes questions and is more sensational while the second does not and is not. The way they explain mutah/temporary marriage is basically: Its exclusively used for sex. There is always money involved. A sheikh must marry the couple. None of the above is true. They claim that the mahr is essentially a payment and it is that very payment that makes mutah into prostitution, yet everyone who has basic knowledge of Islam knows that mahr is not necessarily money and if mahr (the wedding gift) itself is the problem then even permanent marriage will be claimed to be prostitution by that definition. Are their people who perform immoral actions within the spam of what is sharia? Yes. But that is the same with any set of laws, there is always room for moral and immoral actions. That is not strange and it is a story as old as history. Recently the swedish hypocrite government defended the burning of the holy Quran by saying it falls within the laws of "freedom of expression" and that even if the burning of the holy Quran is a bad and dumb idea, it needs to still be allowed. Yet in this case we see that if mutah is used immorally, then they will demand that the law of mutah to be removed completely. Furthermore, if a sheikh gets paid to wed a couple, whether that is in temporary marriage or permanent marriage, this is completely reasonable, what the couple intends to do during the marriage or the purpose they might have behind the marriage, it is completely irrelevant. Unfortunately for us muslims who still live in Sweden, we have seen more and more attacks towards us from all angels you can imagine: towards our children, our faith, our food, our practises, our holy Book, our culture and now our marriages. They try their best to marginalize the muslims here and never ask us but speak for us, for example they air shows where 5 white guys who none of them are muslims discuss whether or not hijab is right. Are we not allowed to take part in discussions that are about us? The acceptance limit for what politicians are allowed to say in sweden without it being deemed wrong has completely shifted in the last 10 years and we can see that the swedish far right party have gained more and more votes with an estimate them getting about 25% of votes in the election soon. The things they publicly say today would have ended their political careers just 10 years ago. The documentary was done by the swedish governmental tv agency and it contained MULTIPLE factual errors and yet they decided to send it, mind you they have most likely done months of research before making this documentary and to me it is obvious that they chose their words very carefully to make sure their narrative and their extremely shaded agenda is pushed forward. Imagine; it was not done by a private company but by the state itself. In essence this is not a documentary about mutah that they claim is prostitution or even the shia muslims, this documentary is one of a series of coordinated efforts undermine and attack Islam and the muslims and this is done with elections coming soon. As one of the guests above recommend, I also recommend brother and sisters to not only see the response video but to also share it with their non muslim friends who might have watched the documentary or other muslims on social media platforms and friend groups, it is very unfortunately that they do not let us highlight their factual errors, we do not even get a voice in their media to do this. Imagine they have the microphone and can say whatever they want, true or false, and they wont let anyone question what they say.
  7. Are you referring to the video on this thread where they take down flags? One of the sisters here said it was an old video and also I have seen many people in Afghanistan going on with their mourning undisturbed. What is your opinion of this video posted by one of the brothers/sisters earlier in this thread?
  8. I hope that a lesson is learnt when it comes to trusting the US government and their promises. One would assume that the lesson would not be needed to be learnt since it is shown in history books over and over again but it seems some humans can only learn from history that they experience first hand. It is also astonishing to me how there are shias much like some wahabis who always find a way to connect anything bad happening in the world to the government of Iran and blame them for their own inability. It is also astonishing to me that when analyzing such people and their line of opinions throughout different topics, it seems to be that the ones who have the most critic against the government of Iran are also the ones who hold the government of Iran to the highest of standards. Which one is it? If they are hypocrites then why does it anger you when they act like what you call them? I wonder who the hypocrites are in this case... Lets find a way to make the current events in Afghanistan about how bad the government of Iran is... even though Iran with all of its financial struggles is the country that has taken more afghan refugees than any other country in the world, but lets not mention that. I wonder what such people with such mindsets will be able to achieve in life other than being victims of circumstances that they themselves refuse to get involved in other than verbally, complaining and blaming. Moving on, I would like to research about about the taliban movement of today, if anyone has any good study material please do share. I wonder if the taliban movement is as unison as some seem to think, their ideologies might be different internally and could be used to prevent the worst from getting power among them. I am not sure that the taliban of today are like the taliban of 20+ years ago, older generations are most of them dead by now, the world is different and I also wonder if wahabism has such a strong reach as it used to now that the saudis dont state endorse wahabism like they used to. From what I have heard and seen so far, it seems like the taliban movement have not targeted the shias yet but I do not know if it is a matter of time or that their ideology have changed. Mutual enemies have a way of bringing people together, especially when they are foreign kuffar invaders.
  9. You should consider in what society you would like to contribute to, for me personally I would like to contribute to an Islamic society, not to a secular kuffar society. You should also consider the future of you children and what kind of society and norms they are involved in and exposed to. To be completely frank I think that anyone who says you should not move away from open fasad and moral decay are just beating around the bush because to be honest about it would mean to make things uncomfortable for themselves. Unless your purpose to stay in such situation is to do dawah or even bring upon actual change, not just live a day to day life. My suggestion for you would be: To get educated in a field that yields a job that offers remote work. Then you may travel to any Islamic country while your income is secured. Once you find a place were you and your family are at peace, that is not a cesspool of spiritual decay, you may settle there and apply yourself there. Fast forward time and you may use your remote income to invest into businesses where you live, maybe even start your own business, employ orphans, widows and others in need. For me personally I do not want to spend my short life in dunya constantly considering what religious aspect I need to compensate on in order to live or what fasad the institutions will enforce on me or my children and what anti islamic laws will be formed from one year to the another and I do not feel like I owe an explanation to whoever questions my religious life and I do not like to feel guilty for paying tax knowing some of that tax goes to creating more fasad and moral decay. I want to make the islamic countries the best ones, not only out of a economical point of view, but morally as well as technologically. There are fields in which the western countries have progressed more than the islamic countries, I believe we should learn those fields but apply ourselves in Islamic countries in order to contribute and increase the welfare of those societies. Finally - I have traveled and worked in over 30 countries and counting, from Colombia to Singapore, from Siberia to Nigeria. What I can tell you from my personal observations is that you will find problems in all countries all over earth. The only thing that is different is the type of problems you will encounter. Some problems will make it hard for you to put food on the table while other problems could lower your rank in akhira or even possibly send you and/or your legacy to eternal hellfire. If you are blessed (means of moving), then you may be able to chose what kind of problems you would like in your life.
  10. This is really insanity, may God again punish the people who again and again took His blessings for granted and again and again had to be punished with a punishment that they cannot return from in order wake His anger yet again.
  11. Is your reason for caring about the hazaras that they according to you have no one else who supports them or is it that they are shias that makes you care? Would you for example have cared more about the Palestinians if they were shias and the Hazaras were sunnis? What if the Hazaras had others supporting them and the Palestinians had no one? You do not need to answer the question, God knows the answer.
  12. So much chaos and suffering in the world right now... It is really heartbreaking to see the videos coming out of Palestine right now as well as what happened in Afghanistan recently, I wonder how much more we need to see as a ummah before we start to unite against the chaos and suffering. Or will the all the things we see just cause most of us to become desensitize towards the chaos and suffering of others while most of us will be busy living the hyper individualized lives of the modern day and age? I know some people dont even read the news anymore... What seems strange to me is that other people find the common ground to blame the IR for the suffering, if people die in Palestine, it will be the IRs fault, if they die in Afghanistan, it is also be the IRs fault. It is strange to me that the people who are the biggest critics of the Islamic republic are also the ones who expect the most out of the IR. Is that the trait of a genuine concern? Of a genuine person? When we see all this chaos and the suffering of the muslims, should it not bring us all closer in solidarity and in union against the chaos and suffering? It seems obvious to me but I have also seen, not only now but others times as well, that when we see chaos and the suffering of muslims, it only causes some people to dive deeper in to sectarian thoughts instead. What will the result of that be if not more chaos and suffering? How much more is enough? I wish that the world was black and white but it is not and you will find faithful and humane muslims from all the different sects likewise you will find disgusting and hateful muslims as well. I think that any ideology or code of living that is worth being shared to others should be shared by setting examples, it should be shared in a genuine and caring manner, not through hate and hatred, that will not cause the ideology to spread but only serve to cause self glorification by means of condemning those who do not share you ideology. Meanwhile the muslims in Palestine are getting killed, the muslims in Afghanistan are getting killed and the children in Yemen dont have ifthar tonight. Oppression, chaos and corruption has become normalized while we trying to find reasons not to care for one or the other. How much longer? The muslims truly need their Imam(ajf) now, the whole world and all the descendants of Adam(عليه السلام) do.
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