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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes and no. Men are women are not the same creatures, although they have the same needs to certain extends, they do not have them to the same extend in all cases. Islam does not say that men and women are the same creatures, so why would there be equality in what Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) asks of them? Nor does Islam preach equal rights for men and women, rather there are numerous differences in the two genders rights that are based on the hikmah of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and the clear differences in the nature of men and women, which in turn affects their needs and wishes. That is not to say that one gender is better than the other, rather both are equally good in the sense of their worth as human beings and beings with a roh(spirit) in them. This is my understanding of what Islam says based on my own research and studies. If you have scholars who says the same things your saying in regards to rights and equality (similar to your definition) I would appreciate it if you shared it so I can also see.
  2. Politicians of each country has a great part in the blame as to why we are seeing this development. They are normalizing public rhetoric today that would get you kicked out of your political party just 10 years ago if you said the same things.
  3. Has anyone heard any advise or even fatwas from scholars regarding what is what in situations like this?
  4. @Mohammadi_follower @Ashvazdanghe @realizm Just for info: The brother your discussing war, politics and history with, is a 15 year old child so don't take what he says too seriously. Nobody I know has ever kept the same mindset or the way they perceive the world later on in life as they used to do when they were 15 years old, so give him some more years to reevaluate reality before engaging in discussions, it's pointless at this stage in my opinion, especially if there is an element of stubbornness to the counterpart.
  5. Condolences to the believers! In regards to the struggles of Imam Al Baqir(as):
  6. You can download different lectures on your phone and listen to them while you go out biking, if you live near nature its always nice to bike along it.
  7. In the country I live, its a law for children to go to school (get an education), even the children of those who are awaiting decision regarding immigration gets to go to school. As far as where I would be if my parents would have started with nothing, I would be exactly where I am now. When my father came to the country we currently live in (after saddam used one of those bombs the US gave them to murder my parents neighbours), he came with little to no money, a pregnant wife and a young child. No knowledge of the country, no nothing. But instead of sitting at home with his wife and children waiting for the government to help them with aid money or try to steal things, he went out and started to wash dishes at restaurants. Why? Because he is a working man with working ethics and it would go against his pride to accept charity while sitting at home with his wife and kids doing nothing. I have seen the same things with recent Syrian refugees that has come, many of them have learnt the language very quickly and start to take advantage of the good (and free) education system of the country I live in. I do not know why gypsies in this country don’t take advantage of the good parts of the system to make their lives better, they have as many opportunities here as any other person coming from a hard background, thats why I am asking why. I think it might have to do with culture but I am not sure as I don’t know their culture.
  8. Why is it like this? Its really strange to me, I have observed this where I live as well. The last thing poor hijabis need is gypsies dressed as hijabis stealing stuff and getting caught on video doing it.
  9. Very interesting to see what will happen between Turkey and the US in the weeks to come. The US has done like it usually has when it comes to the Middle East, rushed in without any knowledge of the region. Now it has to balance between making the Turks happy and keeping the kurdish YPG in its pocket. I predict that the US will ultimately ditch YPG in favor of the Turks, since having the Turks go against them will ultimately bring Turkey and Syria closer together, more dangerously for the US, it might bring Turkey closer to Russia (see latest news on the S-400 sales). Once again the kurds will fall short due to them being willing to ally with whoever promises them a land without any consideration to history.
  10. I am not sure if your asking a question or trying to make a statement.
  11. Until a persons marjae taqlid says that he or a she should not go to Hajj it will still be wajib to perform Hajj once in a lifetime. I personally believe that the spiritual benefits that the individual gets from Hajj and by extension the benefits the world gets from the interactions of the hajji will still be greater than the possible evil ahle saud might do with the money they get from the persons Hajj.
  12. May God reward you for highlighting important days that many Muslims neglect.
  13. Ws, I think that people who are religious are less inclined to be motivated by material things compared to people who are irreligious. It's not a problem to be motivated by money when it comes to different jobs unless it has to do with health care. From my observations it is very difficult to find a doctor who actually tries to help you, rather it feels like they are trying to get rid of you as soon as possible. I also deal with a lot of old and sick people in my second job and they have all the same experience, they feel like the doctors don’t really care. So I think that non believing people are to a higher degree motivated by money, as in they might become doctors mainly to have it nice financially rather than caring for people and wanting to help them because they believe in something bigger than themselves. Does that make sense?
  14. That is very disturbing. I have personally a huge trust issue with doctors in general, especially kafir ones without any moral obligations or compasses.
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