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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Where are all the loud mouths now that OPCW has made its two faces visible for those who could not reflect on their own earlier? Thats right, you lost your interest the second you gave your stupid and emotional opinions because finding out the truth was never your first priority, rather it was to feel good about yourself. https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/confirmed-chemical-weapons-assessment-contradicting-official-Syria-narrative-is-authentic-fbcbf7ef281a
  2. Yes, thats what I remember hearing as well, do you have the source for this rule?
  3. Did you find out something about this?
  4. Congratulations to all of the above, may God grant you all wisdom in action and sincerity in your deen and may He protect you all from acts without wisdom, such as being unthoughtful or saying things without thinking that it may later be used against you or faith without sincerity, such as boasting or alternating the way you speak when theres a crowd listening so that they may like you and that in turn would decide if you would like yourself or not. May God protect us all from being among those who have time to complain about others work but never time enough to do some work themselves. I hope we are all satisfied with the way we have spent our time during this month of Ramadan, so satisfied that if we were to die before we get the chance to take part of this blessed and holy month again, we would die satisfied with how we spent the last Ramadan of our lives on Earth.
  5. It was a very nice movie, I truly enjoyed it and recommend others to watch it as well, its nice to watch after/during ifthaar.
  6. There are numerous ayahs about it as well as hadiths that you find easily through googling it. However they are referring to CLOSE friends, not just "friends" or people you know. Close friends are the ones who affect your way of thinking and living and the holy Qur'an as well as hadiths warn us about the effect non Muslims can have on our way of thinking or living. Take these hadiths who speak very directly about it as an example: The Prophet of Islam(S) has said: “A man follows the faith, ways and habits of his friend." Usul al-Kafi, v 72, p. 375 Imam Ali(عليه السلام) said: "Avoid making friendship with transgressors and sinning persons because evil creates evil." Bihar al-anwar, v 74, p. 199 It is okay to keep friends with non Muslims, but one should not make CLOSE friends with them to the degree that they affect your life and way of thinking. One should definitely not take a non Muslim as a guardian. Instead one should make close friends with TRUE Muslims, that means real Muslims, not cultural Muslims. Personally if I cannot find true Muslims as close friends I rather not have close friends.
  7. Isnt there a limitation to the amount of ayahs she can recite while on period? I have heard something like that before.
  8. The holy Qur'an warns us about taking non Muslims as close friends rather than true Muslims.
  9. Ws, Thanks, it seems very clear from the context and the full quote that Seyyed Khomeini was refeering to the nasibis that fought against Imam Ali(عليه السلام).
  10. Could you please quote what he exactly said including the context of that which he said it in for everybody to see here?
  11. What are the rulings regarding the recitation of the holy Qur'an or the touching of it for a woman who is menstruating?
  12. Im not talking about ahmadinejad or a twitter account in particular. I really don’t care if it is or is not him. Rather Im addressing bots and how they can be used to influence social media and build public opinion.
  13. Bots and manipulation of public sentiment through online means is a very real reality and nothing fake or conspiratory:
  14. And both of those two cases would be untrue and Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) does not like those who lies or twist the truth.
  15. Here is a free way to do this without salaries and complications: Make a weekly youtube stream talk show where you invite members to talk. The end.
  16. Its funny how he admits there are so many jahil Sunnis and at the same time don’t even put down 10% of his time to educate them instead spends all his time and energy trying to fight Shias. It is almost as if its more of an ego thing than him trying to work fi sabilillah.
  17. If an Iranian dude who was never religious to begin with becomes a Sunni later on in life the headlines will be: EX SUPER Shia FIND TRUTH IN SUNNISM.
  18. lol Why would Iran give a ultimatum dead line to EU to hold up their end of the deal and then do attacks before that dead line has been met...
  19. Today it was 01:15 AM to 09:15 PM. But I know some guys also do it to 09:45 PM here as well.
  20. One of the worst types of Muslims I know are the kind who when you ask them to work fi sabilillah, they will tell you of all their life problems and how extremely busy they are, up until the point you start to regret even asking them. But when it comes to criticizing others who try their best to work fi sabilillah, they will have all the time and energy in the world to tell you all about how bad they are and every single thing they think they did wrong. I pray to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) that I will not be resurrected on the day of judgement in the same group of people like them. They remind me of those Muslims mentioned in the holy Qur'an who in the early days of Islam when asked to go for jihad would stall long enough so that if they won they would take credit for it or pretend to be upset they missed it and if they lost would say that those fools got themselves killed instead of being smart like me and staying here.
  21. We believe in hadith of the holy Prophet(S) and his family(عليه السلام) as well. If you are a Quranist then have fun during laylatul Qadr since its specified which night it is in that one ayah... oh wait.
  22. Topics of the show reflecting whats hot on the forums currently: Mutah Masturbation Tatbir
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