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    MBS strolling around on the roof of the Kabaa

    Yeah, unfortunately not that much construction going on, on top of the holy Kaaba. This is just him trying to either pretend to be religious in order to offset his very liberal changes, such as this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neom Or it is him being his arrogant self thinking he owns the Kaaba and everyone on Earth. Here is a taste of what this "religious" leader, setting his dirty feet on top of the holy Kaaba, has implemented in his land: I hope that before this year ends we will see his head cut off by the same wahabis his father used to cuddle with.
  2. Ws, Whats your question actually? The main problem with quranists is that they do not believe in hadiths and yet they refuse to realize that the holy Qur'an is also based on hadiths. The hadiths of Rasulullah(S) to the people who wrote it down. Furthermore, according to the quranists logical framework, there is not issue in me praying while standing on one leg. Neither is there a problem with me eating dogs, neither is there a problem for my daughter to marry a Jew or a Christian, etc. Furthermore one would arguably say that polyandry is allowed in the logical framework of quranists as you are free to interpret the holy Qur'an as you wish. One of the biggest issues with quranists is that they wish to follow whatever they think is right by interpreting the holy Qur'an based on what they individually think it should be interpreted as. That is, they wish the religion to follow them and not for them to follow the religion. Who can then blame Islam critics who take ayahs out of context and interpret the religion based on that, or the brainwashed daeshis with no deeper understanding of neither the holy Qur'an nor how to read it?
  3. IbnSina

    Are there 13 Imams in Shi'ism?

    Salam, could you please provide the source for this hadith?
  4. Salam, Maybe some of the brother who live in Canada can help you get connected with Muslim match makers and local communities? @Ibn al-Hussain @King @Ibn Al-Ja'abi
  5. In my opinion the short term solutions is for converts to form their own gender segregated support groups in their local Muslim communities. It can be started by some of the active youths that are not converts and over time handed over. The long term solution is to have a short term solution and wait for the next generation to grow up as the biggest hindrance for better integration is the language barrier at this moment to my understanding, which will not be an issue in the future, the cultures will also be more similar as they grow up in same places.
  6. IbnSina

    I hate this Ummah

    My personal suggestion would be to take a pause from social media if your not enjoying it. Its something were taking part of on our free time and nobody is forcing us to do so, so it does not make sense to take part of it if its not fun/enjoyable.
  7. IbnSina

    Masturbation issue

    Seems like most members from all sides of the discussion agree with my idea of having a pinned thread with all the useful rulings, advise and gold nuggets on understanding and fighting masturbation. There is nothing more to discuss on this subject, it is an exhausted topic which goes around in circles each time it is made. The problem is not new and neither is the solution and neither is the things being discussed in each one of the 100 thousands of threads on it. @Reza Please compile or delegate it to the mods/devs to compile all the related information on this and then reefer to that pinned thread with whatever masturbation is created everyday as you close it. Enough is enough, it is severely affected the overall quality of this forum.
  8. He or she can pray on a khumra (carpet made out of date leafs which both schools agree is the sunnah of Rasulullah(S). Especially since there were no carpets as we know them now in those days in the arabian peninsula. What you put your forehead on in sajjda is a big deal and it is of great symbolic significance. FYI, here is a video on how to make on and here is a picture of a ready one, I personally carry a card sized khumra in my wallet just in case I do not have a turba at prayer time:
  9. IbnSina

    Masturbation issue

    I agree with you, I think some of it is just posted to bait people and the people always get baited. They make this discussion forum seem like a pile of trash.
  10. IbnSina

    Masturbation issue

    I am so tired of these threads. The problem is not revolutionary or anything new and neither is the solution. There is literally nothing new being said, its just recycling of old sayings. Yet every week a new thread is made about masturbation where someone says they have the problem, followed by guys competing in letting everyone know they also have the problem, same solutions as always are given, ignored, repeat a week later. Here is the solution: Collect all the useful articles both Islamic ones filled with advise as well as scientific/physiological ones. Collect all the gold nuggets of advise different users have posted throughout these 100 million and one threads on masturbation - pin that thread, then close whatever new masturbation thread is made and reefer to the pinned one, all the questions and answers are there. There is nothing more to be said regarding this subject that has not been said yet. Please for the sake of the quality of this Islamic discussion forum, do something about this as well as mutah threads, all the information and questions and answers are already out there. And please, I urge everyone to have some class, not everything needs to be shared to the public, I know thats a very difficult thing for this generation to understand.
  11. IbnSina

    Takbir when moving from sujood to sitting

    This is my understanding based on the knowledge I have as well, I have asked around quite a lot since I was unsure about this. No takbir is to be said during movement except for the last 3 ones when ending the salah. Other than that the only thing that is said while moving is like you say "Bihawlila..."
  12. Salam aleykum, Backbiting also called gheebah is a very serious sin within Islam, but also in most of the major religions of humanity. I would like to remind my brothers and sisters of this as unfortunately I have seen this shameful and disgraceful practise more and more popular. Sometimes it is done without realizing it and sometimes it is done without caring about it being a grave sin. First of all, lets define what backbiting is according to the general dictionaries out there before looking at what Islam says about it: To say mean or spiteful things about a person (such as someone who is not present) To attack the character or reputation of (a person who is not present). To talk spitefully about (an absent person) The above is the definition of backbiting according to several different dictionaries online. If we look at how Islam defines it then we have a hadtih from Rasulullah(S) who says: “Backbiting is to mention your brother's name in connection with what he hates." Nahj al Fasahah, tradition No. 255. Page No. 42. "Backbiting is to say something about your brother that he would not like." Kanz al Ummal, no 8024. Further more Rasulullah(S) says about backbiting: "Do not backbite Muslims and do not try to discover their faults." Nahj al Fasahah, tradition No 463. Page No. 68. "Backbiting is worse than adultery', at which he was asked, "How so?" He replied, 'A man commits adultery, then repents, and Allah pardons him for it, whereas the backbiter is not forgiven until his victim forgives him." Al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib, v 3, p.511, no 24. "Backbiting eats away at a man's faith faster than a gangrenous sore can eat away to the inside." al-Kafi, v 2, page 357, no. 1. "Whoever backbites a fellow Muslim man or woman, Allah neither accepts his prayer nor his fasting for forty days and nights, until and unless the victim of his backbiting forgives him." Bihar al Anwar, v75, p 258, no 53. In the holy Qur'an, we find that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) tells us: “Believers, stay away from conjecture; acting upon some conjecture may lead to sin. Do not spy on one another or backbite. Would any of you like to eat the disgusting dead flesh of your brother? Have fear of Allah; Allah accepts repentance and is All- merciful (49:12).” “Allah does not love public accusation unless one is truly wronged. Allah is All-hearing and All- knowing. (4:148)” Please dear brothers and sisters, I urge all of you to be very careful not to do backbiting whether that is done on purpose or not done on purpose. Calling a brother or a sister who is not present a lair or two faced, which both means he or she is being called a munafiq is a very serious accusation. Please be careful not to backbite brothers or sisters who are not present to defend themselves or to explain themselves, try and maintain your own diginity at all costs and if you run upon a brother and sister who is backbiting for whatever reason, ask them to stop and if they do not stop then remove yourself from such company. Ya Ali!
  13. IbnSina

    Thoughts 2019

    I agree with the others, you need to talk to her and remind her that it is haram, which means that her Creator has specifically forbidden her from this act. Worst thing that can happen is that you will loose a friend, however I would not wish to have friends who take so lightly on a serious matter like this to begin with. It is not good to keep company like that. Either way you will hopefully not attend her haram and fasad wedding if it actually does happen, so that will regardless end your friendship, IF its going to end regardless it might as well be because you did nahi anil munkar fi sabilillah.
  14. Salam, have you asked your husband which one of the Sunni ways he would like the child to pray according to and why? Theres not just one Sunni way, some of them hold their hands on their navel, some above their navel, some hold almost hold their arms crossing, and the malikis even hold their hands down like the Shias. So there is no consensus even among the Sunnis. Why can’t the child then pray like a maliki for example?
  15. IbnSina

    How long is your hair?

    I don’t doubt your intention. I am more worried that some of the younger sisters who might not know limits the way you do may take it the wrong way when they see a thread on an Islamic platform that encourages them to describe their looks to non mahram males, it might be the green light that was needed in order to embed a immodest habit in them. Also I hope that you realize that this has nothing to do with you as a person as one of the brothers made the judgement of assuming such, if I saw a thread where a guy asked other guys to describe their body parts that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has ordered to remain hidden from non mahrams I would also react in similar fashion. As far as this particular subject goes, I do not think it is the same thing for a guy to describe his hair as it is for a women to describe her hair for the same reason as to why one is asked to cover it while the other does not have to. I agree with you that any man who would get excited by something like this has issues but my point is that it is quite irrelevant how men will react as you will always find someone who reacts to whatever, this is about the women, their sense of hayyah and their relationship to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) all of which are irrelevant to how men perceive them. I hope you understand me and my message better now.
  16. IbnSina

    Can any Persians translate this latmiya?

    Here is the translation you were referring to I think, it is not in perfect order as some parts are repeated: اسم تومی بارد اذ نفس باران Your Blessed Name is Chanted by Rain Droplets نور رخت دارد جلوه بی پایان Your existence is the Beacon of Guidance بر دل خسته می دهد اسمت لذت عشقی مدام Your Name can Permanently Heal a Broken Heart بر روح بلندت سلام Salam Upon you The Heavenly Soul سلام ای گوهر دریای نور The Pearl of the Purest Ocean ای ‌آیه زیبا عشق The symbol of the Purest Love ریحانه روح خدا The Divine Soul سلام ای دار و ندار علی Salam Upon You The Entire World of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) ای بود و نبود اسد The Aggregate of Ali (عليه السلام)'s Life ای مادر ارباب ما The Mother of My Master (Hussain (عليه السلام)) ذکر لب نوکرها سیدتی لبیک Our Queen! We Your Servants are Always in your Service. یا فاطمه الزهره صلی الله علیک Peace be upon you ya Fatima Zahra (عليه السلام) مهر تو در دل ها آیه توحید است Your pure heart bears the stamp of oneness of Allah جلوه ای از نورت صورت خورشید است A Glimmer of your Noor is Brighter than the sun آیه به آیه از دل قران داده خدا این پیام Even in the verses of Qur'an Allah declares بر روح بلندت سلام Salam upon you the Heavenly soul سلام ای کوثر و توحید و حمد The one who presents the meaning of Al-Kusar, Al-Tuheed and Al-Hamd ای وصف تو یٓس و قدر The one described by Al-Yaseen And Al-Qadr ای روی تو شمس الضحی The epitome of Al-Shams سلام ای معنی ام الکتاب Salam upon you the Essence of Qur'an ای مدح تو با جبرا۶یل The one Praised by the archangel Jibrael (عليه السلام) ای مادر ارباب ما The Mother of My Masters روی لبم اعطینا سیدتی لبیک We call upon you our Queen یا فاطمه الزهره صلی الله علیک Peace be upon you Ya Fatima Zahra (عليه السلام) نام تو تنها بر زخم دلم مرهم Just your name can heal the wounded hearts باتو شود محشر صبح قیامت هم We hope That on the Day of the Judgment We are counted as one of your Servants سایه ی لطفت برسر دنیا تا با ابد مستدام Shadow of your blessings will stay on us in this world and here after بر روح بلندت سلام سلام ای جان کلام رسول Salam Upon You The Essence of Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)'s Sayings... ای عطر تو بوی بهشت The Fragrance of Jannah... ای رحمت بی انتها The Infinite Blessing... ای سید ای اولیا The Queen of the Saints... ای نور دل انبیا The light of the Hearts of Prophets... ای مادر ارباب ما O mother of my leader (Hussain (عليه السلام))... ای بانوی بی همتا سیدتی لبیک The Unique Lady (Fatima (عليه السلام)) Like Whom There is no other in the Whole Universe... یا فاطمه الزهره صلی الله علیک Peace be Upon You Ya Fatima Zahra (عليه السلام)... Thanks to sister @Laayla who shared this beautiful latmiya earlier in the chat.
  17. Could you mention some examples? I am not trying to argue with you or disagree, I am just genuinely interesting in knowing as I have not thought much of it or ran into such a case personally yet.
  18. IbnSina

    How long is your hair?

    Thank you for raising this point. Not sure if it is forbidden sharia vise though, however it most certainly does not make sense for a hijabi to cover her hair in public and at the same time describe it online to a bunch of random men. Its like her describing any other thing which Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has asked her to cover, such as her describing the shape of her body, etc.
  19. IbnSina

    Backbiting, gheebah

    I would personally have a more direct approach, such as asking if they could talk about something ells or about someone who is here and not absent. Maybe you could try changing the subject in a kinda abrupt way? Have you tried that? Most people understand that you did not wish to discuss whatever was being discussed when you suddenly change subject. And if they insist on going back to the backbiting, change subject suddenly again.
  20. IbnSina

    Backbiting, gheebah

    Ws, I think its important to make some distinctions, theres a difference between criticizing the actions of a person made in public and to attack his or her personality based on loose accusations and assumptions. If its about critic of a persons public actions that one might disagree with, then that is fine to express as long as it is done in a respectful manner, well motivated and with dignity. If its about trying to make "character assassinations" as they call it, by making loose accusations and slander based on nothing but suspicion or malicious intent then that is obviously not right and will only result in oneself losing their own dignity and others losing respect. As far as gheeba goes, then from my understanding; it is not okay for a believer to do gheeba neither about a public person nor a non public person. The way one speaks about others reflects greatly on oneself and this is most relevant when one is speaking about others Muslims. Of course the way you speak of other Muslims will not be the same way as you speak about dhalims, those who spread kufr and fasad all who are defined as enemies of Islam and Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى).
  21. IbnSina

    Backbiting, gheebah

    Sorry brother for the late reply. With regards to your first scenario, this is not related to backbiting in my opinion, but if you knew such a person had such a trait, best thing to do would be not to engage them in a discussion to begin with, since you know they are not sincere in having a discussion with you. With regards to your second scenario, it depends on the context, for example: If a person wishes to marry someone and they ask you about that someone, you have to be honest but also you do not have to be direct. For example, you could answer them by saying: be careful with this person with regards to this as your personal experience has been such and such with this person. No need to dwell into it more than that, no need for details.
  22. IbnSina

    Thoughts 2019

    Peace be upon seyyeds Zahra(عليه السلام)! May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) hasten the return of our Imam and with him His just kingdom on Earth, the rebuilding of Jannatul Baqi and the raising of a mosque for the Bibi without a haram.
  23. IbnSina

    Thoughts 2019

    Then they will still have more information at the end of the day than if you did not offer some of on your own to begin with. I don’t buy your friends argument. Its not like they wont collect the rest of the information that they can since you have given them some already.
  24. I don't think you will ever find anything in Dunya of which you do not get bored of eventually. Even if you do not get bored of it, it does not excite you since you have grown accustomed to it. That's the nature of dunya and that's the beauty of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), whose closeness always excites you.
  25. IbnSina

    Thoughts 2019

    Is it a possibility that they could frame you by putting your DNA at a crime scene? At the end of the day your DNA is the absolute most personal thing you will ever have, I would personally not want some company to have it.