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  1. IbnSina


    Jannah is worth enduring dunya for. The holy Prophet(S) has said in Nahj al Fasahah, Tradition No. 1388 page 197: "No one is to wish for death, for if you are on the right path, your good might increase, and if you are astray, you might go the way of salvation." Imam Ali(as) has said in Kanz al-Ummal number 36472: "I would not be pleased to die as a child and be made to enter paradise without being able to grow up and get to know my Lord, mighty and exalted."
  2. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    If we have tawakul we will even be able to acheive what Prophet Dawood(as) did against goliath. If we, the people of the nations want to unite in order to serve our Lord and to prepare for our Imam(ajf), who could stop us? Language is the least of our issues.
  3. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Perhaps those problems would be resolved if they united. The only strength our enemies have is our own weakness. Under the rule of our Imam(ajf) all muslim nations will be united into one, while some do nothing but wait and pray others wish to prepare his arrival with militaries, resources and land. That would be servitude to our Imam(ajf) and not just lip service.
  4. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    No, the reality is that if this (current Iraq) did not happen then you would have still had saddam now. Call it whatever you wish. Islam and the muslims comes first, the idea of nations and nationalism comes second. The concept of national interests means nothing when compared to the interests of Islam, the message of Rasulullah(S) and his Ahlul Bayt(as). This life is not about being rich and having it nice, that is not why Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى created us.
  5. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Its not called srawman, its called reality. What would you do if Sistani became the ruler of Iraq? Would you call him an islamist too then? Also, you do realize that some Iraqis actually want Iran and Iraq to unite right?
  6. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Yeah, I miss saddam too....
  7. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    You should check the wallets of the "proud nationalists" too, I can promise you they are full of USD.
  8. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    The horror! Imagine people seeing beyond nationality and trying to unite the shias!
  9. You sure about that bro?
  10. I think Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى created the two genders with inert qualities that makes them take on different roles in society. Such as safe keeping of and order in society.
  11. Lets not forget about this dude:
  12. Modesty and the lack of it is linked to the moral compass of a person, if there is a lack of modesty which manifest in the choice of clothing then that is also a manifest of moral downfall in society if it is happening on a large scale among the citizens of that society. That does not mean that if people wear bad clothes that it will in of itself cause the moral downfall of the society but that its one of the factors and contributors to that will lead to that result. Think about it on a long term scale, when everyone starts to wear immodest clothing -> modesty less important -> flirting -> loose relationships -> zina -> kids with no fathers -> etc, etc.
  13. I think the lack of interest is due to multiple factors, some of the ones I can think of on the top of my mind is: 1. Women do not get visually stimulated to the same degree as men, they are more emotionally stimulated, such a guy being nice or caring, thats why the visual stuff is not that interesting or rather attention grabbing. 2. Women do not feel the same kind of ghairah as men do. Such as a older brother towards his younger sister, it wont be the same as a older sister towards her younger brother. 3. Most women do not care too much about moral downfall in society (such as immodest clothing among its citizens) from my observations, such things do not anger them to the same degree and to the same extent. Maybe because it does not affect them individually to the same degree. Then there are more reasons.
  14. Lets just hope their mothers (who are also women) care, then they will hopefully not end up looking like transgender clowns. Like these two:
  15. Just wear manly clothes, that means clothes that does not make you look like a female or as if your trying to look younger than you actually are.