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  1. Where was that study made? Like in middle east or the west, etc?
  2. What the hell? They want to look into your social media for any opinion against the regime of israel? This has really gone too far, land of the free my...
  3. As long as the presidential candidates of the USA needs to hold love story speeches at the AIPAC or risk getting the full force of the jewish owned mainstream media power against them and as long as the entire nation is in debt to the FED, which has its own owners who can manipulate the value of the USD, then the country will never be free from those who truly control it. I think you underestimate the level of power that the zionists have within the domestic and foreign US politics and assume that power belongs to whatever group is larger in numbers. The zionists have extremely powerful and sophisticated lobby groups to sway politics, especially in the US but also in other western countries. Here is a very very interesting documentary regarding the zionist lobby activities within UK politics, imagine that times 100 and you will have a correct measurement of their level of influence in the US:
  4. America is the slave of israel, literally. Guess we should write all this off with jokes about zionist conspiracy theories as well. Never any truth to it, never ever, ever.
  5. I cant believe they would publish reports from such a blatantly biased sources. Does not take much effort to see and understand her world view judging by her twitter feed.
  6. Well in the globalized and uplinked world we live in today the true power lies in controlling public opinions, no major international activity can be taken without the public opinion being in favor of it. Informations travels to quickly for governments to act on their own will in foreign countries. Just take the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq as an example, there would have been a huge public outcry if this was done against the public opinion, but since 9/11 happened and they made sure to utilize on the emotional backlash, nobody stopped to ask what they were doing.
  7. IbnSina

    Taqleed of today's Scholar

    Ws, Yes. Because I do not have the time nor the resources nor the ability to study every question I might face when I want the islamic answer to it. Such as questions connected to Islamic fiqh. Any fatwa from a mujtahid should always be compared to the message of the Holy Quran and the hadiths we have. If for example a marja would make a fatwa that says we are allowed to eat pork, that would go straight against what Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has told us. Or if for example a marja said that we should send laana on the holy Imams(as) then that would go straight against the hadiths we have. That is my understanding of the saying that we should not do "blind" taqleed. Taqlid is wajib as far as I know in the Ja'fari school of thought (named after Imam Jafar as Sadiq(as)). Unless you yourself become informed and knowledgeable enough to derive your own rulings, this takes years and years of hawza study, then you will have to turn to someone more knowledgeable for rulings on different issues, its very rational in my opinion. I have never heard anyone saying that in Salawat but I guess you can find anything if you look long enough online, I saw for example a video during mourning rituals where they would parade young women (boloog) without hijab among men so as to pretend they are the women that were paraded in Shams, this is clearly haram. Celebrating eid on different days is not really a big deal, also you can do taqlid to another marja if you want to follow another eid day. What you mean matam e 3rd Qibla? You mean Tatbir?
  8. To say that the Iranian government has at some point made a mistake along the line is one thing, to say that the terror cult known as MEK is a victim and to defend them is an entirely different thing. Its a shame people talk before thinking or we would all condemn amnesty for siding with a terror cult such as MEK, but as any informed person would know MEK has some heavy connections among the western highers ups: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jun/30/rudy-giuliani-mek-iran-paris-rally I hope everyone who has put enough energy to utter their opinions here will also have enough energy to research MEK and their dirty past, nowadays they literally spend their time and money on manipulating public opinion on an industrialized level:
  9. IbnSina


    Jannah is worth enduring dunya for. The holy Prophet(S) has said in Nahj al Fasahah, Tradition No. 1388 page 197: "No one is to wish for death, for if you are on the right path, your good might increase, and if you are astray, you might go the way of salvation." Imam Ali(as) has said in Kanz al-Ummal number 36472: "I would not be pleased to die as a child and be made to enter paradise without being able to grow up and get to know my Lord, mighty and exalted."
  10. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    If we have tawakul we will even be able to acheive what Prophet Dawood(as) did against goliath. If we, the people of the nations want to unite in order to serve our Lord and to prepare for our Imam(ajf), who could stop us? Language is the least of our issues.
  11. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Perhaps those problems would be resolved if they united. The only strength our enemies have is our own weakness. Under the rule of our Imam(ajf) all muslim nations will be united into one, while some do nothing but wait and pray others wish to prepare his arrival with militaries, resources and land. That would be servitude to our Imam(ajf) and not just lip service.
  12. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    No, the reality is that if this (current Iraq) did not happen then you would have still had saddam now. Call it whatever you wish. Islam and the muslims comes first, the idea of nations and nationalism comes second. The concept of national interests means nothing when compared to the interests of Islam, the message of Rasulullah(S) and his Ahlul Bayt(as). This life is not about being rich and having it nice, that is not why Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى created us.
  13. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Its not called srawman, its called reality. What would you do if Sistani became the ruler of Iraq? Would you call him an islamist too then? Also, you do realize that some Iraqis actually want Iran and Iraq to unite right?
  14. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    Yeah, I miss saddam too....
  15. IbnSina

    Photos of Khomaini and Khamenei inside Iraqi Office

    You should check the wallets of the "proud nationalists" too, I can promise you they are full of USD.