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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks. I think there many books that teaches us how to improve ourselves in any thing but it seems that these books sometimes keep your running behind perfection and stop working on real issues.
  2. I only started to grasp the film when he started to talk about why some people would prefer to live in cities, leaving their villages behind. I did not get his point regarding the law in the first six minutes and I think it is irrelevant to why cities exist. Anyways, I think wealth and cities are not correlated to say whether one forms the other. Wealth is just a medium exchange between people. For example, I take your carrots and I give you cotton because I have cotton farm and you have a carrot farm. But, not sure about today's notion of wealth. It seems that wealth is green money that is based on a complex system behind it that i did not understand it quiet well. Thanks for the post.
  3. ShiaChat has a new look. I remember in the past there was a special section for asking questions regarding membership issues in private. Where is it? Anyways, guys, I cant send messages to any body. Any idea?
  4. Thank you notme for sharing this. So interesting. I feel yes, it does kill our creativity but not in a brutal way of course. It is just the "phone dependency" as the article calls it when we are bored. Based on our needs, some apps are pretty useful. But, when we are bored, we are most likely not to see any nearby paper or a book. On the contrary, we are most likely to see our smartphones in our pockets.. so it just easier to get rid of our boredom by using them than to look for a book that is probably not always with us.
  5. Hi Islam accepts cultures upon they are not against will & word of God(Allah) for example the Nouruz celebration is a tradition from before Islam in Persian speaking countries specially in Iran

    That adopted by Islam even emphasized by Ahlulbayt (as)

  6. Salam upon you all, I see this issue as for whether or not Islam approves culture. The fact is that Islam does not aim to "finish" cultures. In the pre-Islamic era, the Arabic culture had some bad attributes. When Islam came, it did not only guide Arabs to warn them against the bad implications of these bad attributes, but also supports the good attributes of the culture. So, in the case of the west or any other culture, this applies. Furthermore, using "type" or "stereotyping" terminology is unnecessary. I do not see any reason why someone who is Muslim would refer to his/her religion and belief as "Americanized belief." The belief is the belief. The prayer is the prayer, and the fasting is the same as anywhere else. But, it just happens that this Muslim happens to be a different culture or environment. Yes, this Muslim who lives in America may have characteristics that differ than a Muslim who lives in the Middle East. This is natural. But, it should not lead us to stereotyping the situation because at the end, again, the belief is the belief and who has a good faith is surely the one who fears Allah the most regardless of where he/she is from and which environment he/she is in.
  7. Salam, I am going to explain to some non-Muslims when fasting begins/ends. I really do not know exactly how.. I am not sure. Please, I wish someone helps me to come with an answer in an "overall" way. No need for details. Note that I am asking about the sources of the times that we usually see in a typical Islamic calendar.
  8. May I use some verses in Al-Quran? SAHIH INTERNATIONAL: "[who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers" 5:54 "And they sold him for a reduced price - a few dirhams - and they were, concerning him, of those content with little." 12:20 " They said, "Are you indeed Joseph?" He said "I am Joseph, and this is my brother. Allah has certainly favored us. Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good." " 12:90 " He said, "No blame will there be upon you today. Allah will forgive you; and He is the most merciful of the merciful." " 12:92 We have here four interesting verses. Each one has its own context and I cannot now support the idea to take these verses in a literal sense. The first one is really amazing one and kinda tell us how to treat believers and disbelievers. Now, we are gotta define what it is meant by these two words. So, as long as you wanna apply this, you need know the person and apply the definitions of these two words. Do not be too technical on this but just have it in your mind while dealing with people. Also, refer to the context of that verse. Look, even if you define what a disbeliever means in this context, you need to be very wise in using it for the sake of God not for the sake of your pride. This is so important. There is a very interesting book that can layout what it is going on with your "pride" vs truth. The 3 remaining verses are very important. They show us how Joseph the prophet "refers" to Allah to forgive his brothers (btw, so amazing from Joseph that he did not even say something like "I" forgiving you). And this "may not" be the only case where he was a "muhsen". See the chapter of these verses for more information. But here is: I wanna say something that is so important: Look, the translated word: Mohseneen from Arabic to English may, in my opinion, not be a clear enough for non arabic speakers. Look, the meaning of doer is " the person who does something.". Well, i think it is kinda unweighted translation since Mohseneen is more to be something more deep than just doing good". Well, here is a point that needs more research, anyways. There are many other examples in Al-Quran. But, i am trying to show you different cases. It is kinda always you have two wings to act with: try to balance depending on the situation. It comes from experience and reevaluating your actions after any experience. Last note, Call upon your Lord in humility and privately; indeed, He does not like transgressors. 7:55
  9. Salam, I am pretty sure the site went for a recent update since I no longer see my posts being approved by someone (I am a new member). Can I know if I am allowed or not to send private messages?
  10. " What do you understand under "Science"? What is "Scientific Thinking"? What is the "Scientific Process"? What are the variables and elements involved in the process of Science? " A lot of questions and they need to be addressed individually and in pieces, and later on we put all the answers and conclusions together. Each question will carry a tag. The first tag "1" is for "What do you understand under "Science"?. I will answer it based on my experience with life and it will not have, as you requested, "standard answers". Note: Your first question is very different than others as it refers to the pronoun "you". This means that human experience needs to be included. We, as humans, are given tools in the biological sense. These tools can be used to understand what it is going on around you. Indeed, you are, peace seeker, is very different than other creatures in terms your capacity of using your tools. Other creatures may have same tools as what you have, but still cant beat you in thinking and they will never. A group of monkeys will never spell the "constitution" word alone. Look at your self, you have 2 eyes, 2 ears and one mouth. These tools are "meant" to make you doing something by using them. So, the first question should be asked is this: Why do we have such a universe and all of these tools in our body and why are we superior relative to other creatures? Then, science's importance comes. Science tries to answer this question by discovering the hidden tools and also tries to answer this question: "why do we exist and why do we do this and that...etc" ?. Although science is a "way" to have a better knowledge but it misses something... Sorry I need to sleep now.
  11. Salam, Look, I am gonna reply on your issue soon (insha'a Allah) but just hold on some time ....
  12. Nice question. If I will use your trick (put sticky thing) and make it an excuse, then would that work with the same person every time? would not be awkward to use the same kind of excuses every time with a group of people? The way that I do it is this: I do not shake my hands with them. That is it. It is up to them how they interpret your refusal to shake hands. But, for the most part, they understand that you have something prevents you from shaking. If they ask why, I love telling them my religion prevents that. In fact, they put more respect for us if we make it straightforward like simply not shaking hands without excuses. because they will later get back to themselves and ask "why did he/she not sake hands with me?" and they will understand eventually. More importantly, see the Iranian diplomats how they act in these kinds of situations like the pictures above.
  13. I am not sure why this question is related to - in some how - being Muslim. This question cannot be answered- based on the question being asked- logically because this does not have to do any thing with Muslims as Muslims. Believing that the earth as flat or not depends on scientific proofs. Now, do Muslims take science as a factor to believe in /(to get a proof of) something? This is the right question. Look, the first lesson in Philosophy (Love of Wisdom) is this: To make you ask the right question and not "necessarily" to answer your questions. Your question is great in its essence but I am afraid to tell you that it needs to be fixed. Could you fix it now?
  14. Salam 3laykum, There are some friends who will be leaving the town soon. They are not Muslims. So, they can eat in the daylight. I thought that I can invite them into a restaurant as a way of saying "goodbye" properly ( And I already invited them). The problem that i cannot eat with them although I am the host. Do you think that this act is reasonable? applicable? Note that I cannot invite them after breakfast because the breakfast is pretty late (when every body should not go out home). I am rethinking of apologizing because i think i was wrong by inviting that way! Help!
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