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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Was hisham hakam really responsible for the murder of Imam kazim (as)?
  2. Sanad is only relevant if you believe in rijjal. Happy belated nawroz to you as well
  3. Yes well rijjal isn't proven from hadiths of imams (as) as a verification concept. Many hadiths exist on nawroz accept or reject them as you wish
  4. I meant whilst reading the hadiths and understanding the hadiths and then rejecting nawroz is kuffar as it's the day Imam ali (as) saved many nations of past prophets (as) on this day. Also nawroz is a day when allegiance was given to Imam ali (as) by the SPECIAL companions. Yes at ghadeer all were present even the munafiqs but nawroz is exclusive to the special companions. Same with Imam mehdis emergence it will be exclusive to the special companions on nawroz. Yes ashura will be the official rising
  5. There are hadiths. But ilm al rijjal has blinded you in confusion.....
  6. Sorry don't believe in ilm al rijjal or taqleed. There's plenty of hadiths on nawroz from Imams (as). Not beilieving in nawroz is kuffar
  7. Happy nawroz nawroz has every basis in Islam. All past prophets (as) came with Nawroz as a Islamic holiday!
  8. Most probably true but this time round the battle will be more even between the Shias and the sufyani....
  9. The Hadith is not talking about the current climate. The Hadith is talking about when there will be a shia Sunni war in the Middle East. By war I mean mujtahids will issue fatwas for everyone to go and fight. At the moment, there is not really an all out war happening in the Middle East. With regards to the wahaabi groups, it's probably allowed to fight them however that's unrelated to the current topic.
  10. The Hadith is saying don't go and fight until the imam (as) reappears. Work and leading a normal life is separate.
  11. Salam According to my understanding this would not be about mobile phones because the Hadith says whatever it says act upon it. These generals will be the 313 who each will be appointed in every province/country etc. They will have special powers. However, I do believe the invention of mobile phones is related to aliens or some kind of being that's related to the dajjal. As the dajjal will try to mimic the powers our imams (as) had and will have. Let's not forget iblees (la) was a high rank jinn in heaven before he got expelled same with dajjal he will mix goodness with bad
  12. Well king Abdullah Jordan does have a swollen face :).....yes it also says white spots in his eye I've zoomed in on his face and you can see white spots. I believe Hadith says swollen eye, I've got a pic of king Abdullah Jordan when he was a child and you can blatantly see this swollen eye. In fact he still has a swollen eye if you look at his face properly, but in his childhood is extremely evident. I tried attaching the pic on this post but only 512 kb is allowed to upload. The five areas to be conquered by Sufyani is mentioned by Imam Sadiq (as) and it was hisham al hakam a very close companion of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) who mentioned these five areas to be Palestine, Jordan, homs, halab, and Damascus as hisham al hakam heard it from Imam Sadiq (as). I think that should be enough for us to presume Palestine is also part of these conquered areas. Let's not forget king Abdullah Jordan's wife is Palestinian, Palestinians account over 50% of Jordan's population, also king Abdullah Jordan is an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause.
  13. Jordan is extremely wahaabi. It's so neo wahaabi that it actually eclipses the other countries by a few country miles. Jordan is one of only two countries where you can go to prison for going to an imambargah. Also, it's one of the few countries I've seen where roads and streets are named after yazid (la). There's a theatre in Jordan called balad theatre which is located on yazid bin Abu sufyan road. They have honoured yazid (la) by naming a road after him maybe it was his descendant king Abdullah of Jordan's decision? Also, a significant proportion of Jordan's population is Palestinian who are notorious wahaabis. This has been mixed with the Jordanian wahaabi theology which has created this extreme wahaabi feeling amongst Jordanians. All of these ideals have been implemented by king Abdullah of Jordan and he's the mastermind behind it all. Not to mention the fact that Jordan took in saddams daughters after saddam fell. It was one of the few countries that was willing to take them in
  14. Hi Sufyani's emergence will be before his RISING. Emergence will be when he enters Syria and takes out Possibly Isis and conquers some regions. However his RISING is when he declares war against the shia in the Middle East. He won't declare his ill intentions towards the shia straight away, first he will remove the kill Isis and do the normal Good Samaritan work and kill any other opposing armies coming in his way. Also, he will conquer Palestine Jordan Damascus Homs and Aleppo. This will be his emergence. However his RISING will be in rajab and on that day in rajab the khurasani and Yemeni will also rise according to hadiths. I think king Abdullah of Jordan could enter Syria under the pretext of fighting Isis. This way the shia won't oppose him and once he's consolidated power then he will RISE against the shia.....
  15. The slogan of the army of Imam e zamanah (as) according to Hadith will be ya tharatul hussain (O the revenge of hussain).
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