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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ok Syed just to recap then......The incident definitely occurrd as thousands of people witnessed the sun spinning like s disc which was one of the miracles of the holy lady. Also the fact that the holy lady ordered them to self flagellate with nettles. As a result of these miracles, the Vatican feared a mass conversion to Islam so they made up a story about a moorish princess when her actual name was Oreana AND NOT FATIMA. Makes sense as I once visited Rome and a catholic priest told me the same thing..... That Wikipedia page isn't the Quran that whatever it says is the truth. The moorish princess story has nothing to do with the apparition story. As already stated the moorish princess story has not been mentioned in historical books with regards to its mention to the apparatitions. I feel as if I'm slowly converting to shiaism.....so weird Thank you Syed.
  2. What kind of sects are there within shiaism? Because if there are sects what are their beliefs respectively?
  3. Hi There's s famous story of how three Portuguese farmer girls claimed to see a holy lady instructing them to self flagellate with nettles. It seems like the Vatican covered up this story and said it was virgin Mary who the girls saw however if it was virgin Mary then how come the city in Portugal is named after the daughter of prophet Mohammad? I've left a link below of the famous story: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_F%C3%A1tima
  4. Yes well said self flagellation is also very important in Christianity although not practised by the great majority. I can see the same thing happening with the Shias and sunnis.
  5. Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good evening to all the members across the world (depending on which time zone), Before I kick of this thread I would like to say I'm enjoying it here and the admins are doing a great job in maintaining this website. Ok so now to the thread, self flagellation exists in Christianity and Catholic Christians self flagellate to remember the pain and sufferings of Jesus christ. I know SHIAS also self flagellate which is why I posted on this forum. Please read below: Taken from the daily Telegraph: Also there's this article from CNN: Shiaism intrigues me.....do any good SHIAS have traditions on self flagellation?
  6. But then why give fatwas in the first place? It's like the parable of there's no food at home do you start to eat poison? Unfortunately, this is like all sects and religions. The normal people start to follow scholars and so called experts who ruin the religion.
  7. Thanks for the reply. So what is the lineage of Jesus according to Shias? Is he related to prophet Mohammad?
  8. Hi, Thanks for the links I believe hayat Al qulub vol 2 is translated by a catholic priest. I found that book to be very helpful but what is the shi'te view on the holy trinity? Obviously I know all muslims believe in Jesus but what's the shia view on it?
  9. That's not true. You really are dumb aren't you...... All religions preach manifestation, I think SHIAS on here are really thick.
  10. By gosh no one is saying ali is God. Where has anyone said that? The SHIAS are going down the same path the Christians went down in early Christianity. I can honestly say I have seen nothing wrong with what the members have been saying here the concept following someone who is a revealer of gods virtues is not a wrong belief. Genuinely I do believe it was the jealousy and hatred that the Christians had towards Jesus which is why they started following their scholars I can see the same thing happening with SHIAS on this forum.
  11. Excuse me? I don't even know you! Am I not allowed to read about shia Islam? May I remind you hayat Al qulub volume 2 was translated into English by a catholic priest. The first version of it was translated into English by a catholic priest yes I repeat. I suggest you read and understand about your own religion before commenting on mine.
  12. Thirst of knowledge can never be satiated.
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