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  1. Hello everyone. I'm trying to get any information about the number of days of previous Ramadans (more precisely 2009 - 2020) since it seems hard to hunt for them and Sistani's website has only those from 2013 - 2020 without any indication of the number of days that specific months had.
  2. What's our worship and believe in God for? I mean he doesn't even need it. It is for us, fasting is good for our bodies, prayer is good for our souls Just as you believe that Jesus carried the burden of the entire human race, it is only fair for me to carry my own burden, which is miniscule in comparison.
  3. Hello everyone. Just a few days ago I sent a question to Sayyid Sistani office about the purpose of life and creation, and they responded by suggesting that I should read "Divine Destiny" by Shahid Mutahhari. I searched his books but couldn't find any book with this title, but found 2 books (Goal of Life & Divine Justice) that might fit their description. Is there a book called "Divine Destiny" or were the office mistaken in their answer?
  4. I would actually go even more hardcore than this. I have 11 years to make for but I made a plan that would basically allow me to finish it in 6.8 years I wasn't complaining about the burden. It actually is empowering me not only to save money but to even pursue a Master's degree and a phD. I truly believe that it was part of God's plan. If I didn't leave Islam for those years then my belief would've been much weaker, but now since I saw how degenerate and filthy the world is by going through a hell of my own I would not simply fall into despair ever again. It was a bit of a shock at first to discover that I have to pay that much money but I hope that God make my life long enough to pay my debt to him and that he may give me 10 times that money that I have to pay. Again thank you very much for reminding me about that one month that I actually fasted, such a relief
  5. It was I who put this burden on myself but if only I knew Thanks for reminding me that I actually did fast in 2015 so that makes it only 10 years that I have to make up for.
  6. I must fast 60 days for each day I missed (30 x 11 years x 60 = 19800 days) which means I have to be fasting for almost 54 years continously
  7. Hello everyone. I asked people from Sistani office about the Qada of Ramadan (I have 11 months of Qada) and they replied that I must pay for 60 poor people for each day (that's 330 and a total of 19800 poor people that I must feed) I calculated the price of flour in Iraq and it is 0.77$ for 750g. That would mean I have to pay 15246$ which I don't even believe I can accumulate in a lifetime. I was wondering if there's another Marjaa that has a different opinion on this matter?
  8. @Qa'imIs "All the Perfumes of Arabia" sold anywhere else aside from Amazon? Because Amazon is not supported in Iraq and they don't even allow us to buy ebooks.
  9. Hello everyone. I've been enjoying my fairshare of self help books and they've been surprisingly helpful in strengthening my belief of Islam. Take for example the branch of Psychology known as Positive Psychology (Also called the science of happiness) which concludes that Man can be happy despite sadness and illness (As opposed to classical Psychology which believed that happiness in the absence of disease, depression, and sadness). They then encourage you to exercise gratitude (like for example writing new 3 things you're grateful for everyday). As I was reading The Treatise on Rights I was reminded that one of the reasons that Man derives meaning from is being useful to others. And I think Imam Sajjad nails this quite succinctly in his book. I was wondering if there are any self help book written from a Shia Islam perspective(That you personally read) or if you would recommend any books similar to Treatise on Rights
  10. I don't really care about that since Muslims don't really believe in those books in their current state. Because it can be corrupting. I'm reminded of this meme where there is a huge difference of the ancient and holy sounding Agni Parthene of the Orthodox tradition and the New Age commercial tasteless and soulless Protestant song.
  11. The sound of the singer sound like screeching and it ruins the entire mood
  12. The thing is that it is not avoidable at all. You could be listening to an educational video about some historical battle and music is added for dramatic effect. You can't mute the audio because you would miss the commentary. The same thing happens with games and movies etc. And that's why I'm asking this, if all music is Haram then this would mean I would lose all my entertainment.
  13. Maybe 1812 overture by Tchaikovsky with those crazy cannons and bells at the end will change your mind
  14. I found these songs with English quite laughable at best. I don't really listen to Christian music or chants, but when I heard Agni Parthene I was mesmerized, until I actually read the lyrics and found out that they were calling Mary the mother of God. Still quite a beautiful hymn.
  15. Most of the commies at the position of power were Jews. As for the defeat of Hitler it was a team effort since the USSR couldn't have survived without the Americans production prowess. But what's with defeating ISIS?
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