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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was being sarcastic. They are trying to change the words to push an agenda. Put as I can see by following some twitter accounts that they are really having problems getting people to accept so called sex workers because nobody seems to respect them
  2. It's not prostitution, it's sex work. Did you check how onlyfans exploded in 2020. It is unbelievable how much money you can make on it
  3. People are having less sex nowadays (more specifically men). This is simply due to lookism and the 80/20 rule. Women have more options than ever so they tend to share attractive men among themselves leaving average and below average men without sex (to learn more read about the black pill and incels).
  4. My friend used to say this to me all the time. But I find it quite misguided, if for example rape was allowed in Islam, just refraining from it would be quite disastrous, after all female infanticide was practised in Arabia but why the prophet made such a fuss about it, he could've just refrained from it and kept quiet. When I buy a laptop for example I look at the specs and I ask around extensively until I see whether or not I'm satisfied with it. I believe people do the same with their cars, houses, and spouses. But when it comes to religion then it becomes dangerous, especially since I
  5. Did you read Sistani's response in the link that @AbdusSibtayn posted? If you don't understand Arabic then I can translate it for you?
  6. Just like how drinking Alcohol is evil but it was allowed in Islam for quite a while. If you want to discuss this at length then please do start a new thread.
  7. Thank you so so much. You put my mind to peace with this, May Allah grant you Jannat Al-Furdus.
  8. I don't want to talk about Slavery because as I understand it, it was meant to be temporary just like drinking Alcohol and was to be phased out gradually because banning it out right would've caused instability (e.x: the American Civil War). However, those that came after the prophet didn't really attempt to continue phasing it out since it was quite profitable and thus it continued for a quite long time. Having sex with your slave(s) was meant to encourage people to take even better care of their slaves and so I excuse it.
  9. Hello again everyone. A couple of months ago I asked about downloading or printing books that are not available for purchase due to restrictions in Iraq making it very hard to acquire them which you can view here I then sent the following question to Sistani's office : They responded with the following:
  10. If you know Arabic then you can ask here. If you want me to ask for you because I might not be really articulating myself clearly then write your question in English and I'll ask them on your behalf.
  11. The problem is that I might have to call live on T.V to get my answer from Sayyed Rashid Al-Hussaini
  12. My problem is that there isn't any situation where such sexual acts would be in the favor of the girl especially since her husband might be much older. Children can be psychologically scarred for life if they view any sexual material let alone being acted upon them when they can't even comprehend what's going on. Don't the Marjaa consider this and are they really that out of touch?
  13. No. The man answering me was quite bothered by the question to begin with and he sounded rather anxious. I kinda want to call again or maybe call Sayed Rasheed Al-Husaini on T.V just to ask again because this is really bothering me to no end.
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