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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I hope I'm not giving depression vibes, but I don't really see a point in our existence and seeking non-existence would be the greatest proof of our so called free-will. If we can't exercise our freewill to diminish our own existence and our soul, then all other claims of freewill are NULL! Life looks like an extremely cruel thing to go through without creating any thing of benefit to its creator, not our prayers nor our deeds, what's the point of our existence then? I fully understand the need for rewards or punishment to encourage someone to act on something(the reason for existe
  2. You're joking. right? I thought only God can be limitless, this is simply Kifr. I don't agree at all. We are limited by our body's capacity to do and think, our lives are always cut short and the physical world imposes its rules upon us. Why can't anybody give me a simple answer to such a fundamental question without being poetic and obscuring everything in the process?
  3. They were materialist, my short answer would be yes. They, however, believed in the existence of a soul made from the essence called pneuma, the majority of the Stoics believed that this essence will disintegrate shortly after death, Cleanthes however. believed that souls could survive until the collapse of the universe.
  4. Would you act virtuously if there was no afterlife? I, just like the Stoics, am in total agreement with you. The Stoics share the same sentiment with ypu. Humans can never perfect anything, and this is by design, if we reach perfection as humans then there is no goal for us to follow anymore. I agree with that, again we are by design limited by what was given to us. However, you didn't give a reason for the purpose of our creation. You make it sound as if God is a sort of dictator that has chosen that we go through life whether we like or not, prom
  5. After observing the uselessness of life, wouldn't be merciful for God to end someone's existence after that entity requested from God to undo his existence, I didn't choose to exist. I have no problem, on the contrary, I suggest that we can act Virtuously (in the Greek sense of the word) regardless of the existence of a Deity or an afterlife. If you can agree with me then you're disagreeing with the Abrahamic religions
  6. To live in accordance with nature, which means living virtuously (Virtuous in the Greek means excellence of character). This simply means doing our duty to keep the Logos going, if we can't find a way out, or don't want to live anymore then suicide is acceptable.
  7. This is incorrect. While the God of the Stoics is rather a complex issue, since not all the Stoics believed in the same God (They were either Pantheists, Panentheists, or Polytheists). However, I don't recall any Stoic being an atheist. The most common belief is Pantheism, which states that the Universe is God, and that the Universe is logical, and going against its order (Logos) means that we hurt ourselves and those around us. This is why we need to act virtuously. Again I don't disagree with that. However this doesn't gives any purpose for my existence. That is what t
  8. 1- This implies that I had absolutely no choice in my creation and thus I have no free will to speak of, especially since Islam prohibits suicide. 2- Yes it can be. I would point you toward the Stoics such as Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who laboured as a very virtuous man, even though he could've fallen to debauchery (which was rather easy for him since he was the most powerful man of his time) like many emperors before and after him. Epictetus is another example of a man who was enslaved and abused in his youth, yet having no bitterness of the entire ordeal and living a simple life as a tea
  9. I'm really sorry for the late reply. First things first, I really like the concept of Viceregency, but again there is a major problem here, I simply don't want it, nor do I want to exist and given the choice I would simply choose non existence instead of having to labor through life to get to a hypothetical after-life. As for the Quran repetitiveness, it is quite clear for someone who might read the Quran in one go, the way a lot of stories are repeated (sometimes verbatim or using the similar words) causing a Deja-vu.
  10. Hello everyone, I've been reading the Quran for the past 12 days, and I was reminded why I hated it while reading it 10 years ago. Its repetitiveness is a serious putoff. Anyway, I had a serious question looming for a few days, about the purpose of Man's creation, and I couldn't find really convincing answers. Most answers are in the form of we were created to worship God or achieve our own perfection, but given that God is not in need of worship nor do I want to be created (or even desire heaven), what's the purpose of my existence, and can I request non-existence from God instead o
  11. Now that's sad, really sad. How is Soleimani even capable of visiting Baghdad without getting killed if the Americans are in control of the city?
  12. Everybody knows that some angry protesters did so, it isn't some big secret, and we don't claim that a third party did so Most of those got hired before 2003, and beside, how can Iraq, which is led by Iranian-backed militias be a corrupt country, how can the followers of Khomeini and Khamenei be such corrupt and evil bunch (Unless they are reflection of their leaders) You really like to congratulate yourselves about your murderous leaders, and they really showed their real skins after the the countless death between the rightful protesters those past couple of mo
  13. Hello everyone. This post will be a response to another post discussing why Iraqis are so hostile to Iran(and by that I mean the Iranian Government) There are many reasons why Iraqis have become so hostile toward Iran, and while many of those reasons are baggage from the Saddam's regime, many were created by Iran after 2003 invasion of Iraq. so let's get started: - Unemployment: This is the main reason why Iraqis are protesting, the Iraqi uprisings of October started after the holder of higher education degrees were attacked with hot water after protesting the
  14. Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you'll having a great day. This is going to be somewhat long, so please bear with me. I was born in southern Iraq, and was raised a Shia Muslim, but even as a child I was always doubtful of many things, especially religion. I upheld my Islamic from age 7 but stopped around the time I was coming of age (11, 13 or 14 I don't really remember) I remained a Muslim up until I was 18, when I decided I wasn't a Muslim anymore and I started looking for another religion/philosophy to guide me through my life. In the beginning I became a deist and looked at
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