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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello I'm looking for lyrics for Arabic nasheeds. Specifically nasheeds by Ali Barakat , but I couldn't find it at all. I'm looking for Arabic words of it! not translation. Can anyone help me please?!!!?!!?!!!?!! Thank U
  2. http://www.mashreghnews.ir/files/fa/news/1394/10/12/1409418_584.jpg
  3. torero

    Shia Nasheed

    nobody is gonna answer , right? thank you!
  4. torero

    Shia Nasheed

    Salam Can anyone please help me to find Arabic nasheed for aemmah (ائمه) ? Introduce (introduce??!! am I right??) singer (what they call?!) , website etc جزاکم الله خیر
  5. torero

    iQuran app

    Salam iQuran is an application for android , but is that reliable on translation and even ( آیة) ?
  6. Salam The US and his allies always say Assad must leave but we've never seen Syrians defending their president or even their country's domestic issue. Why it's happening?! We've seen the rally that carrying a long Syrian flag at the starting of conflicts , but we've never seen anything like that after. This war will not end until Syrian people engage it directly , not but gun(!) , by policy!
  7. In Iraq 1 million people have died because of US invasion. Not half
  8. Current Total Death Count in Syria: 250,000+ Children: 30,000 http://www.iamsyria.org/daily-death-toll.html 280,000 / (5*365) = 153 daily casualties (actually death!) just in Syria in the past 5 years. The question is , they were not human? Or human rights is just for Europeans????!!!!!
  9. What should we do for people who neglected terrorists? If they care about humanity , they may stop their governments. What about thousands people in Syria and Iraq (and other muslim countries)?? They have been murdered , tortured , raped , kidnapped etc and nobody (in west) asked "why?" !!!! They say let them kill each other! And we mourning for them! The people who don't care about us and our humanity. Daesh is like cancer , it's too late to stop them. They just can weaken them.
  10. Video : Threatening Palestinians to kill by Zionist forces http://presstv.ir/DetailFa/2015/11/03/436131/Israel-Palestine-Aida-refugee-camp I couldn't find English page , but video has English sub
  11. This is why we must love NSX http://8pic.ir/images/ru127vsm5f92lhwsttns.jpg http://8pic.ir/images/857lsxs65azk2s516vez.jpg
  12. Execution of injured Palestinian captured on video A shocking video has been released showing an Israeli soldier executing an injured Palestinian youth in the West Bank, based on recurring accusations of staging stabbing attacks. http://presstv.ir/Detail/2015/11/01/435922/Palestine-Israel-al-Muhtasib-alKalil-Hebron-West-Bank
  13. Hello and Salam! We can see recent topics on right side of first page but it will be very good if we could see also recent posts. Thank U and shokran! Good bye and Ma3 salame!!!
  14. Video:Another Palestinian perishes at Israel's hands Israeli troops have shot and killed another Palestinian in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, accusing him of attempting a stabbing attack. http://presstv.ir/Detail/2015/11/01/435863/Israel-Palestinian-West-Bank-Hebron-Aqsa
  15. ما برای آنکه ایران گوهری تابان شود... http://www.axgig.com/images/36186001650409736206.jpg

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