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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Guys leave this idiot. He's a true yazidi has no morales so you can't expect intellect coming from a dog can you?
  2. Someone that calls himself a true sunni can't judge what shia beliefs should be......the hadith has been removed your a true yazidi so can't expect you to understand anything and discussing with you is a complete waste of time. Even if proof was given to you won't accept since a curtain has been placed on your heart. Spot on
  3. Yea removed by mullahs....tatbir is wajib if you don't do tatbir it amounts to kufr.... Idiot Keep your mouth shut if you going to talk rubbish
  4. There you go O Nouman, Malaika (Angels) every year on 10th Moharram hit sword on their naked back to mourn my grandfather Imam Hussain (as) " ~ Imam Ali Reza (as). [Ref : bihaar ul anwar Volume : 104, page : 223]
  5. God guides whom he wills. Religion is not just only in Middle East..... Illiterate people are better than so called educated people as I truly believe education is a big word. You are not reading the thread you are just blindly posting and posting unecessarily long posts without no substance. Christians are better than sunnis and the munafiq SHIAS that don't believe in tatbir etc. Allah guides whom he wills. YOU HAVENT ANSWERED MY QUESTION Why is the city named fatima?? ANSWER PLZ
  6. Luck of the Irish that is spot on my friend It's been covered up by the vatican. It was the daughter of rasolullah (saw) that the three girls saw and not the Virgin Mary. Nice to know you are slowly converting let me know when u get to 25 posts and msg me your number
  7. Then why is the city called fatima? It's not because of the moorish princess as already explained as her name was changed to oreana after the name of ourem City. Please read the thread first before blindly posting. Secondly, I take the rulings from hadiths of imams (as) as issuing fatwas is haram as per hadiths of imams (as).
  8. Also read this I found this from a website called kind father.com, the Catholic knight named the moorish princess ourem after he married her and changed her name!! So if he changed her name to ourem how can the city of Fatima be named after her when her name was changed to ourem??? Please read below: The second point which deserves attention is that many who have narrated this “legend”, such as the very well known American Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, Fulton John Sheen, have said that the Moorish princess who was named Fatima after the daughter of the Prophet of Islam, married a Catholic young man, became a Catholic and her name was changed to a Catholic name. Here is what the StateMaster Encyclopedia confirms in regard to the “legend” of the Moorish princess: “Legend says that the name of the city Ourem derives from a Moorish princess from Alcácer do Sal named Fatima who, following her capture by Christian forces during the Moorish occupation of Portugal, was betrothed to the leader of those forces, Gonçalo Hermigues, converted to Catholicism, and was baptised before her marriage in 1158. Her baptismal name was Oureana. Legend also says that the name of the town Ourém derives from Oureana.” Notice that “Legend also says that the name of the town Ourém derives from Oureana”; this means that according to this “legend” the city of Ourém in Portugal was named after the so-called Moorish princess, and not the town of Fatima! THUS IT SEEMS THAT THE VILLAGE WAS MOST PROBABLY NAMED FATIMA BECAUSE OF THE SO CALLED APPARITIONS. AND EVEN IF THE VILLAGE HAD THE ISLAMIC NAME FATIMA, PRIOR TO THE ALLEGED APPARITIONS, IT IS LOGICAL THAT THE NAME FATIMA WAS IN COMMEMORATION OF HADRAT FATIMA (PBUH) DUE TO THE ISLAMIC INFLUENCE IN THE REGION, AND AS PROVED ABOVE, NOT AFTER THE FORSAKEN NAME OF A LEGENDARY YOUNG MOORISH PRINCESS Don't follow mujtahids so what you posted does not mean anything to me. I advise you to read the following book http://www.scribd.com/doc/37799130 The Vatican covered it up and said a catholic knight married a woman called fatima and named the city after her HOWEVER THIS IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE HISTORICAL BOOKS. The city of OUREM was named after her! The Vatican had to cover it up so they used the city of ourem to cover up the fact that the city of Fatima was named AFTER THE DAUGHTER OF RASULULLAH! Then why was the city named fatima? And no it wasn't because of the moorish princess since that has already been explained as she was named after the city of ourem AND NOT FATIMA as her name was changed to oureana! Also the lady in Portugal was known as the lady of the rosary as we all know that it was the daughter of RASULULLAH (saw) who was the lady of rosary!
  9. That's not true the moorish princess was alive in 900 AD or some thing the event we are talking about happened thousand years later and if you read the Wikipedia link that was posted the history of the city of Fatima IS ASSOCIATED with these three girls.
  10. They profess shiaism to deceive the true shia they can't deceive the true Momin if they call themselves sunnis since their evil and deception will become manifest through their tongues as these munafiq shia have hatred in their hearts NOT ON THEIR TONGUES. However sunnis have hatred on their tongues and heart. Also another reason is these munafiq shia have family that is shia so due to social pressure they can't say they r sunnis even though they are with them in their hearts.
  11. Luck of the Irish and nuclear weapon There's two division within Shiaism one follow mujtahids the other side don't The one that follow mujtahids don't believe in tatbir, don't believe in imam Ali's testimony in tashahud, believe in juma and khums. Also they believe a non Syed man can marry a Syed woman GOD FORBID. They basically believe abroad sweeper can become the leader of the religion lol The other side believe opposite to those beliefs^^
  12. Yes it's true the Vatican covered it up as said it was the Virgin Mary because it was terribly embarassing for the pope and Christians. Luck of the Irish i advise you convert to hardcore shiaism it's the only way!!
  13. 360 days were in the arabic calendar It's not an easy question. There's no other number apart from 2520. And it was MAULA ali that told the world about this number bring forth your proof that someone else can match this intellect! The source is the answer no genius is greater than MAULA ali ((as)
  14. There's also this: How far is the sun?? A man asked Imam Ali (a.s.) in Masjid-e-Kufa, "What is the distance between me and (pointing towards the sun) and the sun". It is worth mentioning here about the complexity of this question. This man was an Arab. And in the Arabic language the numbers or count is limited upto one thousand (1000). The count in Arabic does not exceed 1000. The answer to the question this man asked dealt in millions (distance). It was like a challenge to Imam Ali (a.s.) to answer him in a convincing manner without confusing him. The man got convinced and walked away. But it is for us now to ponder on what Imam Ali (a.s.) answered: "If an Arab horse starts walking from here and continues walking for 500 years, then he (horse) will reach the sun." The man got convinced and walked away. But it is for us now to ponder on what Imam Ali (a.s.) said. This one sentence of Imam Ali (a.s.) shows and proves the genius that Imam Ali (a.s.) was. Imam Ali (a.s.) said "If an Arab horse...", the average speed of an arab horse is 22 mph (miles per hour). If a horse runs the full day (24hours) it will cover approximately 520 miles. This gives us the distance the horse will cover in 24 hrs (one day). To calculate the distance covered by the horse in one month we multiply it 520 by 29.5 (Taking an average of the number of months in Urdu calendar. Assuming that 6 months are of 29 days and 6 months are of 30 days.). It gives us something around 15,500. The horse covers 15,500 miles in one month (30 days). To get the distance that he will travel in one year we multiply it by 12. Since there are 12 months in a year. It gives you 1, 86,000. Then multiply 1, 86,000 by 500 as the horse should run for 500 years. It gives you 9, 34, 00,000 miles. Now if you ask an astronomer about the distance of sun from the earth he will tell you that the distance is never constant. The orbit of the earth is oval in shape. Sometimes it comes nearer to the sun and on occasions it distances itself from the sun. When the earth is closest to the sun its distance is 9, 10, 00,000 miles and the distance when it is farthest from the sun is 9, 48, 00,000 miles. When you take an average on these two distances it comes around 9, 30,000 miles. Imam Ali (a.s.) 1400 years back told us about the distance of the earth from the sun. This also proves that Imam Ali (a.s.) was a genius in Astronomy, Zoology and Arithmetic.
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