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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Even though it's no fault of the illegitimate child, yet in the eyes of the masses it will be a discredit and this defame may stop them from approaching him. Hence the prohibition.
  2. You are continuing your silence on Bahai support to Israeli genocides. And we are witnessing how you are insulting your own books by countering the references from the Dawn Breakers with a wilipedia article!!
  3. Well Mr, Sen McGlinn Your silence on the issue of continuation of guidance in the form of Imamat till the end of the world is noted. Your silence on the double standards of Baha’is not propagating in Israel but propagating in Iran is also noted. You are also unable to defend the Baha’i cult on its silence on the atrocities of Israel against Humanity while at the same time crying their lungs out on what they claim as atrocities against themselves. The Baha’i support for Israel is an open fact. The patronage which they receive in Israel is not hidden from anyone. The Baha’is have reciprocated this patronage by not uttering a single word against the atrocities of Israel against humanity. Iran has been on the forefront opposing these atrocities. Hence, it is unreasonable on the part of Baha’is to expect any soft corner from Iran as long as they owe their allegiance to a country which is always at loggerheads with Iran. The genocide that Israel commits on the Muslims daily is far more gruesome than what the Baha’is are claiming as atrocities against them in Iran. As for your denial of the Russian involvement in supporting Baha’is you have resorted to blatant lies by trying to confuse two people with similar surnames, one in Iran and the other in Netherlands. However, the book Dawn Breakers available on official Baha’i website contradicts your claim of no Russian involvement. On page 603 Footnote 2 of the book the Dawn Breakers, the presence of Prince Dalgourki as the Russian ambassador in Iran has been documented. In addition we also find the following words in the same book Pg. 650 “The Russian minister, as soon as he learned of the action which the government contemplated taking, volunteered to take Bahá’u’lláh under his protection, and invited Him to go to Russia…” When Baha’ullah was being exiled to Iraq he was given the official protection by the Russian delegation. This fact is also documented in the book Dawn Breakers available on official Baha’i website in the following words “… and (Baha’ullah was) escorted by a member of the imperial body-guard and an official representing the Russian legation, set out from Tihrán on His journey to Baghdád”. http://reference.bahai.org/en/t/nz/DB/db-45.html Now you have a choice – either you accept the Russian support for Baha’is or deny your own documented history. Or a better suggestion – stop fooling and cheating the Muslim Ummah and the followers of other divine religions.
  4. Mr Sen McGlinn The point which you mentioned about the Baha’i persecution in Iran before the formation of Israel was because at that time Baha'ism and its predecessor were movements propped up by the erstwhile Czar regime of Russia who were the traditional political rivals of the Iranian monarchy. At least you agree that after the creation of Israel, Bahaism has been accommodated inside the occupied state. And they carry out the agenda of Israel in various countries including Iran, which justifies their persecution. Any group which works for an enemy country has to be under watch. I am sure you will agree to that. If according to Baha’is they have to be law abiding citizens and if the law of the land of Israel doesn’t permit them to spread their ideology in the occupied territory (Israel) similarly Iran too does not allow treason and hence keeps a close eye on them like any other nation for the security of its people. Why do the Bahai’s follow law in letter and spirit in Israel and not in Iran???? Terming the concept of finality of Prophethood as ‘chaining the hands of God’ is absolutely misleading because in Shia Islam guidance continues in the form of Imamate till the Day of Judgment which the Bahais don’t believe in. You can educate yourself about the concept of Finality of Prophet at thebahaitruth.com
  5. Imam Hasan b. Ali (a.s.) said: I have heard from my grandfather, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) that he used to say: ‘I have been created from the Light of Allah and my Ahle Bait have been created from my Light and the lovers of Ahle Bait have been created from their Light. All other people are from hellfire.’ Hayaat al-Quloob v 2 chap 1
  6. May the reappearance of our Imam be hastened. May we have the honour of being enumerated as his slaves.
  7. Congrats on becoming a resident of Heaven forever......................................
  8. Mahdi(atfs) is the name given to the Imam of the time. We can therefore rephrase the question: What evidence do the shia have for the existence of their Mahdi? asWhat evidence do the shia have for the existence of the Imam of the time? This is very primary to our beliefs and has been elaborated by our Holy Imams(as) in the first chapter of part 4 of usul e kafi. that is: Part 4 The Book about People with Divine Authority Chapter 1 The necessity of the presence of Divine Authority among the people. Link to this resource: http://www.holybooks.com/wp-content/uploads/Al-Kafi.pdf I request the learned participants to kindly go through this chapter. Finally Allah is THE HADI.
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