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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Clearly. It's a story of strength and courage to do what she feels is right for her, even in spite of the lack of support from her mother and presumably her school peers. It's a beautiful story. And the mother learned a lot from the child. Read the article, and you will understand what is there to be happy about.
  2. A brother or father of one of his "wives" should castrate him, then plead temporary insanity. I'm sure families of other victims would be happy to contribute to the cost of a good lawyer.
  3. Mash up one boiled egg per person (or two per hungry person, or as many as you want if you don't mind leftovers). Add approx. 1 tsp sweet pickle relish per 2 eggs, a tiny bit of mustard, and mayonnaise until you have a texture that you like, and season with the spices that you like in your egg salad. (I like salt, black pepper, and paprika.) Use a fork to lift the pickle relish from the jar, so you don't pick up much juice. Alternately, mash up hot boiled eggs with real butter - even tastier, and needs no seasoning but a pinch of salt, but not exactly traditional.
  4. http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/100422-infant-body-found-after-amber-alert
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but why can't each city, town, or village build a generator and distribute the electricity for a rate which is reasonable based on the costs of building and maintaining the facility, to its own local inhabitants? Why is a national grid, with all its inherent difficulties, needed?
  6. LOL :!!!: (Actually, I've been laughing about this topic since it started, but I resisted posting that for as long as I could. I can't believe that its a woman who is putting forth the assertion that women have an expiration date of 30 years! She's still got probably 15 child-bearing years left at 30 and hardly any children die in infancy anymore so there's no reason to need all that time unless you plan to have more than a dozen!) Don't marry either. Being alone is far superior to a bad marriage.
  7. My advice is to stay where you are unless you are moving to be near family or very good friends. It appears the economic situation is at its worst and will be slowly recovering now God willing, so look for work everywhere, send applications indiscriminately. When you get an invitation for an interview, ask for a telephone interview first. If that goes well, make arrangements for an in-person interview. Some companies will pay for your travel and lodging expenses for an interview. THEN consider where you need to relocate when you have one or more offers.
  8. Its like a puppy or kitten, or even like a child or marriage: with suffering comes the potential for greater reward.
  9. No it isn't. :dry: And what is brave about facing up to a tiny bug? I once killed the same spider four times before the poor creature finally died. I felt terrible about it, but couldn't work with my colleague leaping about and screaming. Normally I would just carry them away, but this one came back again and again. I guess we must have been working near its nest. I do not have any remorse about killing fleas or mosquitoes if they come into my house, but the rest of the creatures will be removed unharmed if possible.
  10. Nah, if I put up pictures, I'm not showing off myself, but where I am and what I am doing in the photo. One of my favorite pictures of myself is one that my mother took about six or seven years ago, of me standing in front of a monument with both my children in a double stroller. My face is all scrunched up from the sunlight and my clothes are rumpled and messy looking, but it reminds me of the time my family went to look at the monuments. In other words, don't presume to know a person's intentions. However, since you also don't know the intentions of the person who might look at the photo, I'd advise against putting up pictures of yourself in public places. There are a lot of weirdos out there.
  11. Wa alaikum salam. Merge it, then trash them both. Revealing sins is not allowed for Muslims, nor is gossiping. Besides, as long as these topics are here, there is a risk that someone who knows the lady in question may read it and figure out who she is and then she will have absolutely no chance of ever fixing her marriage, even if she tries and even if her husband is willing to try, and possibly no chance of ever marrying again if she lives in a small community, not to mention the effect it might have if her children ever find out. Or worse. :wacko: Depending on the culture where she lives, and the temper of her husband and family members. :squeez:
  12. If you are still striving, you haven't failed yet. If you want the degree, keep working for it. And you are fortunate that you have only wasted your time and soul on intimate relations with a person who isn't your life partner once. Work on improving yourself before you even think about marrying someone, and don't waste your time in fornication. Quit wallowing in self-pity - it's immature and unattractive. *disclaimer: if you have a chemical, psychological, or medical reason to be depressed, see a doctor.*
  13. This really should have been discussed before marriage. She is going to have to deal with it now, he isn't going to stop on account of her. Perhaps her husband can accommodate her dislike of his cuts by staying away from home for the few days it takes to heal. It would be stupid to let it ruin the marriage if all else is good. Had they thought before marriage about what they will teach the children? This couple needs to have some very serious and mature conversation.
  14. 1. No, however, as descendants of the family of the Prophet (as) they have a heavier responsibility to uphold and propagate true Islam. A bad Syed (if he knows he is bad) is worse than a bad non-Syed (who knows he is bad), however, a good Syed is not better than a good non-Syed. 2. They are not a race, they are a mixture of all human races. 3. A Syeda can marry a non-Syed. Some Syed parents or women impose the restriction upon their daughters or themselves that they must marry only a Syed, and there is nothing wrong with this, however, Islam doesn't require it.
  15. Moderation in some things is good, but in others, its better to be extreme. I can't agree with bunking classes or goofing up interviews. However, what it says about life not being worthwhile no matter how "successful" you are if you don't have love and health, that is true and good advice. Above all, be the best you that you can be. ;)
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