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  1. No! It's because they're one and the same. They wont kill their masters. It's however obvious that both Israel and the KSA with their Wahhabi-ideology as state religion were both founded by the Britons and look how both of them mess up the entire region.
  2. First of all, I do not believe KSA supports Palestine, at least not in the right way. I believe they use the Palestinians for their own benefit contrary to the IRI that is dealing with the consequenses of supporting Palestine for decades now. Second of all, the root of all these problems is Zionism. Not support of the Palestinian cause. That's turning things the other way around.
  3. Being helped or being divided? It's anyway impossible to unite with those who believe in genocide (Zionists) and relicide (Takfiri). BUT .. Who would ever think that the offspring of the Khawarij (Ibadi muslims from Oman) would become allies of a Shia Nation (IRI)? There's always hope and in the end it's not even about Shia and no matter who. I just hope everybody can get along.
  4. We never critisized a Prophet. Only their followers and their made-up distortions.
  5. The only spot you look at during prayer is your turbah and the space between your feet (during the first bowing). So if you want to place something in front of you, you can't look at it anyway. And if you want to have something in front of you then I have good news. You already have the Kaba in front of you so what do you want more? Everything you place between you and God is an obstacle. Not a thing that brings you closer to Him although there are people who believe it's not.
  6. If you and I were born in Bagdad and were connected with eachother in a way. And if you decide for example to leave for Istanbul and stay there untill your death while I go the other way to Tehran and stay there untill my death then our habitat was Iraq, Turkey and Iran while Indonesia for example is not our habitat as we have never been there.
  7. Salam, Trying to catch Allah with the mind is missing the goal definitely.
  8. Well, as long the relations between KSA and the USA are friendly and as long the IRI is accused of being anti-Zionist and because of that is isolated and condemned by the world-community I believe it's all good. KSA is trying to white-wash itself by blaming Iran for the things they are guilty of themselves (KSA). Which is playing an active role in the Zionist/Imperialist agenda.
  9. You know how strong the ties of KSA with USA are. You know that the Imperialist powers want to get rid of Assad and that their tools are mainly people who consider themselves Sunni. Now, what should one do to distract (Sunni) people from those facts and rumours that suggest the Sunni 'muhajidin' and extremist millitant groups are actually puppets from the West? Exactly! You accuse your enemies of that you are to be blamed yourself of. The Shah had friendly relations with the Imperalists powers and was one of the first leaders of countries with a muslim majority who recognized Israel. When the IRI came into existence the Israeli embassy was closed immediately and a delegation from the PLO was invited so te IRI could handle over the keys to them to open their own Palestinian embassy. There are so many examples that the IRI is not in favour by Imperialist powers and Israel that indeed this whole theory is more ridiculous than the belief in Santa Claus.
  10. As stupid as the claim from Zionists that before their arrival in Palestine nobody lived there.
  11. No but when you're a leader of a country, translate his works and put him on a post-stamp of your country to commemorate his martyrdom then I think I have the right to assume that isn't it?
  12. Salam Real, That was actually my point. Some paper isn't natural at all.
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