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  1. But I thought if the guy was not interested, it would be rude if the mother calls and says that the guy is not interested or it's not going to work out because of this and that reason, like apparently you'll just not hear anything from them anymore. But now the question is, if the girl got no answer after a day or few days, does it mean it's a no, and that she needs to move on or still patiently wait for them to say something?
  2. Sallam. So if someone gets a proposal, and the parents meet up, they see the girl, and they'd like her for their son, and then they plan a day where he could come so he can see the girl and have a chat with her etc, if the guy comes and sees the girl, talks to her, just so they can both see whether they can understand each-other, and if it's the person they would want to be with or not, obviously the guy is not going to give the answer right away, so how long should the girl wait till she gets the answer? Is there a specific time when the guy's family should give an answer to the girl, like maybe few days or a week, like would it look odd if they gave the answer right away or the next day? or if they don't call the next day or give an answer does that means they haven't accepted?
  3. Salam o alaykom dear brother or sister,

    i have read and have watched certain shia videos on if it is allowed to have a tattoo.

    Accordingly to sayed ali al sistani it is said that tattoo's under the skin is permissible, and tattoo on top of the skin is not permissible because whudu water cannot reach under the skin for you to be clean.


    there are certain rules on tattoo's that Allah's (SWT) name or any of the ma'sooms name (ALi,Fatima,hassan,hussain,ect.) is not permissible reason being that is if you go to the toilet or be janab it would be haram .

  4. & are you trying to be funny?
  5. Anywhere, it doesn't matter
  6. Salam guys. Anyone here works? if you do, please comment & I'll PM you, or just PM me yourself, I need your help with something. Jazakallah!
  7. Salam! Is it normal if you just start feeling guilty for no reason? What might be the reason behind this 'guiltiness'? I mean I was just feeling okay like few hours ago, & now for some reason it just feels like I'm a worthless person & I'm not doing much for Allah or my Deen, now I don't know if it's just a feeling or I'm actually not doing much, I just feel like crying now because honestly, feeling guilty is probably one of the worst things, do you only feel guilty when you sin or there's other stuff that can make you feel guilty? Now I feel even more bad because I feel like maybe I did something that Allah is not pleased with & it could be the reason why I'm feeling this way, but I don't know what it is, could that be the reason? i don't even know what to do anymore.
  8. Omg am I dreaming? You re-registered? Finally.:cuddle:

    1. guest2k16


      Hahah no you're not dreaming, I'm baack :cuddle:

    2. Zarla
  9. There's something I've been talking to him about for 2 days now, so I can't switch mods & message someone else, they'd have no idea what I'm talking about.
  10. Messaging Mods is the worst thing, I'll get a reply from them after 2 years, Muhammad Ali is taking way too long to reply to my message. You Keep telling me to wait, busy man. -_-
  11. Oh please, so many people spell Kerbala that way. I see no difference it's still Kerbala whether it's with an 'E' or 'A' ...Just kick yourself out then
  12. Dude go home, what kind of a teacher are you? My spelling isn't even that bad, What D are talking about? I'm sorry, but you need to get kicked out, you're the worst teacher I've seen
  13. I hope she's okay. I thought she stopped being active after you started this thread, i was gonna blame you.
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