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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If kafirs are unbelievers, why are they also called people of the book? What is "the book"?
  2. I will not get into an argument with you as I feel any words I have to say would fall on stony ground. Please , as an act of kindness and hospitality, refrain from referring to my faith as Baha'ism. This term is extremely offensive and I would never deliberately cause offence to your beautiful faith and I would never use a term like Islamism So brother, there is no record of the words and teaching of prophet Esa then?
  3. Do any others of the world's faiths contain the word of God; Christianity, Baha'i, Judaism, Hindu et al ? Or just the Quran?
  4. Dear sister, I don't mean to alarm you but I need to point this out. Muslim women feel that hijab,burka etc protect them from sexual exploitation. This is a fallacy. To sexual predators its your gender that attracts them. Not only pretty young women are attacked. Elderly ladies, nuns, tiny children etc, all have been attacked regardless of dressIn Iran, are non Muslims ordered to wear hijab?
  5. It's my understanding that a Muslim may only resort to violence if he,his family,his home, or Islam is attacked. How does daeshe's attempted cleansing of Christians, Yazidis et al fall within the framework of self-defence?
  6. Kafir sounds very like "kaffer" a word used by South African boers to address black people. Same as "nig#er " really
  7. On the Ummah forum I was frequently called Kufar. Does this simply mean non Muslim or is it an insult?
  8. Why do so many daesh appear to be coverts? How do they appeal to converts?
  9. Is it not undemocratic and unIslamic to eradicate a faith you disagree with?
  10. I my very worthless opinion, please take with a mountain of salt, certain things need to be remembered while reading the Holy Quran. It's important to remember the times in which it was revealed. Man was less experienced and in many ways less intellectual than today. This is particularly relevant to literalists. Today humankind is equipped with the experience, knowledge and intellect to read truths in the Quran which weren't immediately obvious to forefathers in the first half of the last millennium. It's therefore reasonable to assume that certain truths relevant to the present age can only be seen by people of the present age. The omnipotent omniscient God is a loving God and wants each of us to understand what is contemporaneous to us and that which we are able to acknowledge and make best use of because that which is relevant today may not have been so to earlier people
  11. With regard to Islam being "hijacked" by the west. Surely Islam belongs to no race or nation? Does Islam not belong to a white Irishman just as much as it does to an Iranian, Iraqi or anyone else?
  12. I have an innate dislike of the banning of literature. It was common practice by Nazis and Communists. Also to silence opponents, no matter how unsavoury, is u democratic. Also , historically, when something is banned more attention is drawn to it
  13. What about the on-lookers? The fact that people gawp in awe at those practices might be motivating some to commit tatbir?
  14. Sir, it's highly offensive of you to refer to Lord Jesus as Santa Claus in coloured glass. He is revered by billions of the world's People of the Book, and by Muslims who recognise Him as a prophet and highly significant figure in Islam!!!
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