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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It would not be due to poorness though. It is a matter of Tawakkul. Imam Gazali explains it very well in one of his books.
  2. Abu Nasr


    I think we need a website like http://sunnah.com/. There is rafed.net of course but you can't really "search" for different ahadith unlike Sunnah.com where you just type in the word and all the ahadith containing that word will show up.
  3. Oh and one thing. The infallibility of Imams after Husain (as) is an Imami belief and Zaydis only believe in the infallibility of the people of the cloak other than the Prophets.
  4. The views of Shia scholars vary in this regard. Some believe that Prophets and Imams can do Sahw while others don't believe so. According to Sheikh Saduq, Prophets can do Sahw and forget things and according to one of his teachers anyone who believes otherwise is an exaggerator. Sheikh Mufid has a different and somewhat opposing opinion.
  5. Yes. But he also lied about some things. Maybe for the sake of becoming more popular and influential. I do not know about his grave though. Do you have ahadith that contradict that article? That article contains only one hadith (a saheeh hadith nevertheless) that calls him a liar. I think there may be some ahadith in praise of him but I'm not sure.
  6. Salam. http://www.revivingalislam.com/2012/01/al-mukhtar-al-thaqafi-liar.html So it appears he was not a good person.
  7. Actually, I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned it in this thread but Abu Bakr was attending the Prophet's funeral until Umar came to him with news that the Ansar are choosing a successor from among themselves and are leaving the Muhajirin out of it. Abu Bakr DID NOT pay attention to what Umar was saying until Umar repeated it twice or thrice. Then Abu Bakr and Umar went to Saqifa. There, Abu Bakr DID NOT claim the caliphate for himself but only said that the caliph should be from the Muhajirin. Then it was Umar who proposed bayah to Abu Bakr and then the rest of the people at Saqifa did the same. I just thought I should correct that part.
  8. Sorry. I forgot to give the translations. The ahadith in that section of the book say it is the Zuhr prayer.
  9. Okay a quick search yielded this particular hadith: محمّد بن علي بن الحسين بإسناده عن زرارة ، عن أبي جعفر عليه‌السلام ـ في حديث ـ قال: وقال تعالى" :حافظوا عل الصلوات والصلاة الوسطى" وهي صلاة الظهر. Wasail al-Shia hadith numb. 4407 http://books.rafed.net/view.php?type=c_fbook&b_id=292&page=22
  10. I think it's Zuhr prayer according to Shias. But I can't find a particular hadith on it. Generally because I think Zuhr prayer is the most important prayer in Islam. This may be compeletey wrong though because I only heard it
  11. Not in Bahrain because Bahraini Shias are very united alhamdulillah. But in Yemen for instance that did happen to the Zaydis. Many left Zaydism and became Salafis believing it to be the better sect. As for the conversion of other gulf countries, I can imagine it was through different Sunni rulers who forced Sunnism on their people.
  12. Both. But I would say Bahrainis particularly aren't being converted. That did happen in Yemen though and people especially Sunnis of other sects became Salafis. The conversion of the gulf countries most likely took place around 200 years ago though under the Al-Saud family rule.
  13. Jariri. But it's extinct. From Wikipedia: The Jariri school was notable for its liberal attitudes toward the role of women; the Jariris for example held that women could be judges, and could lead men in prayer.
  14. Haidar really needs to step up his game. No one is satisfied with the pace of the reforms. He should have no fear. I swear it’s one of the fundamental problems we face today as Muslims. We think if we do what pleases God and angers some people, God is going to abandon us and we’re going to end up hurt. That mentality needs to die. We are Muslims for God’s sake.
  15. Perhaps, it is because Abu Bakr and Umar became pious Muslims only later in life and before that they were like the Mushrikin whereas Hasan (as) and Husain (as) were born in Islam itself and were already Muslims when they were only youths. Maybe that's why it's been mentioned this way. That is to say, Abu Bakr and Umar are leaders whose commitment to Islam reached the highest level when they were old and Hasan (as) and Husain (as) are leaders whose commitment to Islam reached the highest level when they were only youths.
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