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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Brother addicted people fall back on their addiction because of some kind of disapointment/lack in their own life. Are you socially active ? Have a job? Involved with some kind of activity outside your house on a regular basis ? Or anything that keeps you involved with other people. Or do you sit at home most of the time , being depressed, scared and bored ? Feeling inadequate ? Think about this. An addiction is nothimg more but a symptom of a much deeper problem. Muta and marriage if not combined with a bigger lifestyle change and a different attitude to life wont always help overcoming an addiction.
  2. Salam, Long story short: last ramadan i traveled a few days , it was therefore obligatory for me to break my fast during the day. However due misunderstandings of my own, of the rules, i fasted during my travels despite it was obligatory to break my fast. Now i find this hard to figure out; am i suposed to catch up on these days or not? Cause it is not like i did not fast. Also i did not know what i was doing wrong. I hope someone here knows the answer. Thanks
  3. Read ibn tufail before you speak and judge him , hay ibn yaqzan is spot on and a very influental philosophy book.
  4. I watched this interesting lecture about the relevancy of freud. This guy is a very good speaker.
  5. Most likely brendans confession was a mix between fastbenders pressure and fictions he read and knows about.
  6. Did a quick search of what book the documentary talked about again. Its called kiss the girls. The wikipedia refers extensively to the gruesome scened in that book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiss_the_Girls
  7. Brendans confesions are from a book (fiction) he once read that had torture in it. The documentary refers to it i think at the end. His confession was a creative retelling of thay story .
  8. ^ want a medal for being 'smart' and having to help 'brainless' shia like us or something ? Anyhow try to find an alternative to this company. Its better to avoid israel associated companies. Try googling 'fiverr alternatives' and you get plenty if results . See what suits you. Here is a link i found : http://www.fiverrstuff.com/websites-like-fiverr-alternatives/
  9. Dont use pick up tutorials from the internet man. I doubt a good opening sentence can help in any construtive way.
  10. You guys, you do know that this man is a youtube celebirty right ? Vlogging and sharing his life online is his buisiness and income . I dont think it is thus fair to take any major conclusions based upon only this.
  11. Jeez you guys learning to cook yourself isnt that hard of a skill , there are even youtube videos to teach you . Thanks some of your comments i really hope i get a wife that sucks at cooking and refuses to do it .
  12. God I hate pens, can't we go back to feathers and ink?
  13. "4. If you're a guy, All the iraqi women already have their eye on you and want you for their daughter." Was 2002 some kind of Golden era for getting married or something ? All you had to be is a guy it seems.
  14. You know what the problem is Tawheed313? People use the syria conflict to resolve their idenity crisis by picking a side and not really caring what actually happens. Discussing it with them has no point, because for them its nothing more than just a myth of good versus evil to give their empy existence meaning. And not an actual complex conflict where people die. Unless you have some suggestions for constructive methods to approach this , I doubt there is any way to change some of these idiots.
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