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  1. But who will be responsible if you fall in love with one of us, ! Not taking that chance bro... Just kidding.. SC is a friendly place... and hope you won't feel lonely here.
  2. what are you talking about brother... i think those who wants to learn in hawzah are morally better people. why would they fight with anyone ? they are there to learn ways of ahlulbayt(AS) not the ways to become a ganster !!! even if there is a clash there are thousands of ways to resolve it in peaceful manner. These hawzahs are the places to become closer to god and learn the Quran and islamic sciences so at least it must be different from other colleges and universities where people are driven by ego and arrogance instead of desire to gain knowledge especially spiritual one. I do hope there are rules that everyone must follow.
  3. @Sindbad05 And brother you think, Imam Sajjad(as) doesn't get sorrowful if a heart of a believer gets broken ? Have you not read the narration from prophet(pbuh), Who ever hurts a believer hurts me. ? If any of the follower of ahlulbayt(AS) gets sorrowful and goes through pain caused by others rest assured ahlulbayt(AS) also feel that pain. so people aren't only hurting a follower but also ahlulbayt(As).
  4. I'm surprised you haven't read narrations of prophet(pbuh) on this matter. There is double punishment for sinful sayyids... !!!
  5. Again i would say because of your experiences you are biased. Stay neutral.... Like i said, there are many who are using name of ahlulbayt(AS) to earn money. Not supporting those who fake it and believe me there are many out there. But real miracles do happen. But they are very rare... !!! Those who have weak connection with God they don't see ahlulbayt(as). I haven't seen any miracle in my life... and i don't believe in those if i havne't seen or experienced it personally.
  6. And how you think you are going to get it ? Do you think all the poor sayyids are taken care of ? Pray to God that you never have to reach to that point where you have to rely on people. People left the ancestors of sayids, the real inheritors of Religion and you think they will take care of you ?
  7. it would be nice to read narrations that talk about sayyidsn with full references ... I'm sure these aren't written by sub continent sayyids !!! people will do us a great favour if they could accumulate all the authentic narrations from prophet(pbuh) and his holy family that talks about sayyid and their duties. If anyone here can, it will be much appreciated.
  8. @A true Sunni you are being biased here brother, your bad experience making you skew towards a particular mind set. I don't blame you. But i believe those who have weak Iman will never see ahlulbayt(AS) and miracle unless Allah see sincerity and purity in their hearts. But that doesn't mean either, I'm supporting those who create fake miracles all the time. there many wicked people out there using name of ahlulbayt(AS) to earn living in a wrong way but that doesn't mean there a people who in real see the blessings in their lives through a miracle. Like blind people getting eye sight back at holy shrines etc.
  9. Well there you go... it has started... did you hear it in the news ? I was going throw my feed from yesterday's and i saw it there hidden. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/forest-hill-stabbing-kill-muslims-attacker-suspect-station-london-train-a7470016.html
  10. it happened to me many times... yes i lost all of it.
  11. I usually do... but this time i hit submit... and bam... it's gone
  12. physical pain is nothing as compared to emotional pain and heart break... trust me i've broken number of my bones. But i've never felt the pain i have been going through right now. i mean... i used to get a fracture somewhere in my body once a year lol imagine what kind of growing up i had. My doctor used to say, i think you are getting addicted to pain because you are here with me once a year with something very serious. From toes to hand fingers, ankles and right hand... just mentioning a few of them. Physical wounds gets healed over period of time... but pain from heart break never heals if you haven't done anything wrong yourself near God and i think it will only heal when you meet your Lord and get your justice...
  13. Just watched the lecture !! Exactly my thoughts. I wrote the whole post in response... but unfortunately it wasn't saved and can't even remember what i wrote :P
  14. Thoughts: When you wrote a whole post and interent gets disconnected. The whole post is lost !!
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