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  1. Yes sorry, this has been posted twice by mistake ! Thank you all for your answers :)
  2. @akbar673 @UnknownShia and @Noor al-Batul : Yes I am from the subcontinent, from Pakistan more specifically. And here I've been told since childhood that a Syeda girl HAS to marry a Syed boy (Shia of course), otherwise she would rather not get married at all. For that very reason (of not finding matches), some of my female cousins are in their 30s and still unmarried, which seem like a completely illogical approach to me but my parents have always maintained that evidence on this issue EXISTS, which I'm still waiting to find. Also, I've been told that if a Syeda girl marries a non Syed, her marriage would be cursed and she would face lots of difficulties in her life... Thank you all for your answers :)
  3. Salaam everyone, I would like to know, is the mariage between a Shia boy and a Shia Syeda girl permissible? I've heard it wasn't (and that stopping the legacy of our Holy Prophet (pbuhahp) was no less than a sin) but so far I've never been given evidence from our holy books or hadiths, hence leading me to think that this ideology was purely based on my country's castes culture and not necessarily on the true essence of Islam. Can anyone throw more light on this? I am only interested in evidence with proper quote and reference, not personal opinions! Thank you :)
  4. Salaam to all, I would like to know: is the marriage between 2 Shias, the girl being a Syeda, the boy not being one, permissible ? I have heard it wasn't (with the argument that stopping our Holy Prophet (PBUHAHP)'s legacy was no less than a sin), though I have never been given evidence so far from our holy books and hadiths, hence leading me to think that this interdiction is purely based on my country's culture and not Islamic jurisprudence. Please enlighten me if you can ! I am not interested in personal opinions but on real evidence from books and sayings, properly quoted with the source(s). Jazak Allah :)
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