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    So don't worry you will be all right, what are your doubts?  


    So...my first trouble is with the Qur'an. If it is the word of God or not, how can one be sure of it? How is it superior to the Bible, Vedas, etc? How can a non-Arab understand this quality of the Quran and truly appreciate it as the word of God? 

    I don't like using "scientific miracles" as arguments because they can easily be debunked and proven false, so it's counter-productive. 

    Also, how can the prophethood of Muhammad be verified? The history we have was written by the victors, Muslims, so we do not exactly know how it all happened. Could he not have devised Islam just like other founders of religions? What makes us sure that Islam is not man-made, but divine?

  2. Hello everybody! I think I need to write a rather long story to clarify why I'm here. So...


    I am 19, I was born Christian. I left Christianity when I was 14 due to severely doubting it and not being convinced of its evidence. I began to look into Islam as a hobby around that time. Over the years that hobby turned into passion and I was certain of Islam's truth when I was 17 and so I converted. I practiced Islam as best as I could, fighting with my family and friends, till a few months ago. Then, I started to experience major doubts that would not let me rest at night. I could not assure myself of Islam's truth anymore no matter how hard I tried to reason with myself, to pray for guidance/a sign. It had become so terrible that I couldn't pray anymore without crying due to the insecurity of living an illusion. So I stopped practicing, went to a therapist for the depression and anxiety I developed due to this period of time, and I'm now being medicated for it and abstaining from religion. 


    But I don't wish to live like this, I am utterly suicidal and I often am incredibly sad over losing Islam, the only thing I loved to this magnitude in my life. I adore Islam still and I want to go back, I want to live and die like a Muslim, but I can't shut off my skepticism, I can't stop my thoughts and my disbelief no matter how hard I try to believe. 


    So what I'm trying to do here is find a seriously practicing, knowledgeable Muslim (sunni or shia or whatever I am not picky right now, I'm quite desperate) to help me defeat my doubts and disbelief and return to Islam before I do something rash and it's too late. I will never be happy or content to live without Islam. I can't search for help in real life because I live in an almost 100% Christian country, the only masjid in my city has very scarce attendance, and the Imam is very old and doesn't speak the language of my country. I only know a couple of Muslims, but they aren't very knowledgeable and couldn't help me with such an issue. Can someone on this forum help me? 


    Non-Muslims please refrain from this thread, I do not need more conflict in my troubled mind right now. Please be kind and don't interfere.


    P.S: if I make any mistakes, excuse me, I'm not a native English speaker. Thank you all.

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