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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As salaamun aleikum, My understanding from the esoteric angle which comes from a lecture by Dr... Farrokh Sekalesfar, is when a person first dies, theres still an "association" of sorts that the soul/ruh/spirit/ "I" (whatever it is correctly called) still has with the physical body, in other words, it hasnt completely detached yet and therefore the soul experiences a type of "pain" when the body is autopsied and durring organ harvesting for those who choose to be organ donors. This is not the same kind of "pain" that we know and are familiar with here. I know nothing other than this. W/s
  2. Hi @Jay93 Welcome to Shia Chat! Look forward to hearing from you on here! (HI @Son of Placid!) Im in agreeance with what @Son of Placid said. Sorry I can’t offer more:( Peace!
  3. As salaamun aleikum @Rohani Would you know anything about this particular subject? Thanks for any help! W/s
  4. As salaamun aleikum br, Welcome to Shia Chat I can relate to your situation in a similar way. I am a convert of 10 years to Shia Islam. Originally, I as well as the rest of my family were catholic, but in my teens I became a strange sort of agnostic. I "felt" inside there was "something" greater than me, and I also knew right from wrong when it came to certain societal pressures and personal choices, hiwever, the classic idea of "God" according to Christianity did not sit well with me. I couldnt accept such a limited idea. Long story short, after the loss of my iranian, non-practicing fiance due to a brain aneurysm when I was 29, I went on a serious quest for spiritual answers..after much study into different religions, I became Shia. Regards your original post, of the 3 of us siblings, the youngest is a good Christian, alhamdulilah, but the middle one is a self proclaimed atheist. He is not very social w ANYONE, but 5 years back, him and I had some dialogue which was fairly philosophical and spiritual in nature. Nothing "religious" or dogmatic, just trying to present facts to help him towards the "non existence is impossible, so everything could not have come from nothing" line of thinking. Im not sure that went anywhere. He is still the same today. Hes had a rough life and may have some psychiatric issues. At this point all I can do is to be the best Muslim version of myself as possible. Maybe that will have an effect on him. In all actuality, it is out of my hands as it is Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) who is Al Hadi (The Guide) and He doesnt need me to guide my brother. He can guide through angels or even the right kind of dream, so don’t lose hope, but don’t cut your connection with your brother either. In sha Allah he will be guided, and if he isnt guided in this life, just know that Allahs(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) mercy procedes His wrath. W/s
  5. As salaamun akeikum, Thanks for the tag @AStruggler I don’t have time to reply at the moment so im going to come back here when its more suitable. @liila WELCOME TO Islam SISTER!!! I so look forward to seeing you on this site and all of us helping you with whatever it is you need help with! I'm hoping I will be able to help you with areas that I myself found frustrating or difficult in the beginning as I've been a convert for 10 years now. I am in California, United States, and as my screen name suggests, I am a farm girl. Anyway, I look forward to touching base with you in this thread and also looking forward to you achieving your needed number of posts so that way people are able to send you private messages if necessary. (Sometimes we don't want all our stuff out there on the internet available to the public, especially us sisters, and thats ok...) Anyhow, looking forward to the new friendship:) W/s
  6. Assalaamun aleikum, As br @baqar has mentioned, as long as yourw not influenced by them. The problem I see is there's always the potential to be subliminally affected by them, kind of in a way that you don't really realize that you're being affected by them. It's been said we become like the three people we spend the most time with, and I can personally attest to this from before I was a Muslim, to after I became Muslim, so we ought to be careful with the quality of friends we surround ourselves with. I don’t see a problem with keeping company with pious Christians, Jews, atheists, Hindus, etc. Just guard you aqaed and watch the amount of time invested. We can all learn from each other, but we need to be able to discern TRUE knowledge from falsehood. The other thing is, as Muslims, in order for people who are non-Muslims to consider Islam as possibly a religion they would be interested in converting to, they need to see and know us to some degree. So there's that element of it too. I guess the best way of putting it is just too operate under caution. If they have elements about them that are bad, then we should probably distance ourselves from them if they don’t start to gravitate towards our ways of doing things. (Assuming we are being good, pious Muslims on siratal mustaqeem) Anyhow... I'm still friends with a few women that I knew since I was 15 years old, (44 in a few weeks)but I keep them at arm's length, only occasional texts here and there to see how the families are doing. We really have nothing in common anymore. Completely different Lifestyles and belief systems. I am not of any benefit or help to them, and they are certainly not of any help or benefit to me. W/s
  7. Let go and let God...whenever I take things into my own hands, everything goes to you know where. When I release my grip and will, everything falls into place, alhamdulilah. W/s
  8. As salaamun aleikum, Pure rose oil from Mashaad and pure oudh oil, both w/o alcohol. Id post a pic, but neither container is remarkable in any way. Just basic, unlabeled roll-ons. The Mashaadi rose oil was filled from a large container on site at one of those little stores right near the haram of Imam Reza(عليه السلام) I also like pure essential lavender oil and patchouli oil, but prefer rose above all. W/s
  9. As salaamun aleimum, Im concerned about the health aspect too, especially with as sedentary of lives as most all of us live now. People of the past, especially during the times of the Prophet(SAWS) and the Imams(عليه السلام) didnt need gyms, their lives were physically hard enough having to farm, build masjids by hand, fight intense battles that went on for days or weeks on end and probably involved different amounts of intermittent fasting by the sheer virtue of the battle and other tasks at hand. These men founght battles with huge heavy swords into and beyond their 60s! They were by far in better shape than we are these days, where we have to make plans, time and a concerted effort to get into shape. Plus, their diet consisted of whole foods that werent loaded with fake ingredients or high fructose corn syrup. Im not at all saying there werent out of shape people back then, especially amongst the more well off class, but in general, people werent sitting around on their rears all day staring at a screen or doing other types of low impact jobs. Back to the OP, each person has their own intention and only they know what that intention is, if theyre honest with themselves. Being "in shape" helps both men and women to feel more capable and confident in many areas of their lives and its proven scientifically to be extremely beneficial for mental health which reaches into a myriad of different areas of a persons life, practically ALL areas, the same way sickness, being overweight, etc leads to a decrease in life quality, lethargy in simple acts such as salaat, salatal layl, doing basic chores, house cleaning, watching after kids and having quality relationships with them, working on cars..whatever it is a person needs to do, WILL be affected by their physical energy or lack thereof which can all be directly tired to physical health and shape. The more a person is health conscious, the higher their energy level and tolerance for stress is. The other thing is, the better shape a person, man or woman, keeps themselves in when they are younger, the better they will age, and the healthier they will be overall. Cardiovascular syst will be stronger so less incidences of heart disease, kidney failure, high bp, etc. Stress is abated easier...the benefits go on and on.. But only each person knows why they themselves are at the gym. Its all in the intention. W/s
  10. Salaam brother, I THINK what you have to do is call your carrier with the phone that is currently active. Explain your situation. What they will probably have to do is have your number/sim card "ported out" to the new phone and carriers service. Durring this process, they will "unlock" your phone so that it CAN be carried by the new company..until tjis process is completed, your new phone wont be able to be used with your old sim card in it. This can all be done over the phone. (I probably should add that I have an android, not an Iphone, so its possible things may be different...id just call the carrier and remove any unnecessary unclaroty or ambiguity. ) Hope this helps, W/s
  11. Assalaamun aleikum, I just want to add one thing..when we went to Iran last summer, we discovered that the phones we brought with us couldnt use an iranian sim card because our phones were not "unlocked" and the 2 companies we talked to said they were not able to unlock our phones to accept the irani sim cards, so anyone reading this, if you want to use your own phone without having to buy another one when you go to Iran, make sure to have your phone unlocked before you leave your country of origin. W/s
  12. @starlight MashaAllah, sister, that is a very beautiful and elegant ring! MashaAllah, and such a precious stone! I can only imagine the shear fear you mustve experienced even with knowing it was still there somewhere! W/s
  13. As salaamun aleikum, I have a ring that was gifted to me by my husband when we first met. It is a Dur E Najaf stone with surah iklass engraved on it. It also was the ring used as my wedding ring durring the ceremony. Its very dear to me and I wear it often, but I am a little scared of losing it! I already "lost" it once, but I found it under the seat of my vehicle, alhamdulilah. I also have a small firouzeh stone set in silver, the stone is from Niyshabur Iran, and a small Yemeni aqeeq. W/s
  14. As salaamun aleikum, The first thing im thinking is, who the heck designed that bridge and what legal authority perrmitted it?? There r crazy risk takers all over tbe place so something like this was bound to happen eventually, as well as people just walking, riding a mountain bike,etc over it.. Nobody thought of this? W/s
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