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  1. Salaam, just curious @Ashvazdanghe, what is the age cutoff for men to no longer be responsible for service? My friends husband came to US when he was like 10 years old. He is almost 40 now and has never been back to iran. He is concerned if he goes for a trip,he may encounter some issues with the same situation. They do not have alot of money to be able to afford big fees. They would have to save for a long time to even be able to afford the plane tickets and pay for passports so its not something that would happen any time soon, but they would still like to know. jazakAllah kheyr
  2. Salaam, since a requirement for mutah is fixing an expiration date/ time limit, it sounds like the marriage/contract may be invalid right from the start as "forever" is not a set time. In this case, i believe youre free from the situation, but check with a scholar to verify.
  3. Salaam, i can understand your point...i wonder if it has anything to do with them not having the defined lifestyle that we have. I remember when i was still christian, it was almost as if the only time religion was a part of life was at church on sunday. Compare that to how it is for muslims.. We have at the minimum 5 prayers a day, plus all the other events like birthdays, deaths, the miraj, month of ramadhan, etc...this definetly helps create more of a family and support network for us, alhamdulilah...
  4. Salaam, i think theres numerous reasons. A few: They themselves are not emotionally mature enough to handle the situation. They themselves are overwhelmed with their own issues and can not add anymore to their plate. Depending on the situation, it might scare or remind them too much of their own mortality if the situation involves someone who is sick with a terminal illness. They cant deal with the general negativity of the situation. Maybe they have attempted to "be there" for the other person, but the other person isnt moving on quick enough, or refuses to move on and dwells on the situation without any attempt to move forward. There are other things too. Its really very person specific and situation specific. In sha Allah you find the support you need.
  5. Salaam, crazy how this was so different for so many people. I got covid november of 2021, was sick for 4 days and on the 5th day was ready to go hiking, i felt so good. I hadnt been vxd at all, however we know the outcomes of so many others wernt as good as mine, vxd or not vxd. Glad youre better!
  6. Mine either despite being married to an iranian, going to iran 3x and becoming familiar with the language for 18 years. I have no excuses, lol... I probably know like 250 to 300 words but I have no idea how to communicate in sentences! Its sad and embarrasing But mostly its disappointing, especially when I go into bookstores in iran and I see some of the amazing books i have but I can understand any of it because it's all written on Farsi:(
  7. Salaam, bro... I HAVE done tons of legit research away from what the typical drs say. The problem is misinformation. And i dont wear a mask so you shouldn't assume things about people you dont know and have never met. And where in jahannam did i ever mention anything about zero net changes?? Viruses are known to trigger a variety of other diseases and health problems. Thats been known for ages now, not just since big pharma took over everything and shoved all these drs in their pockets. Ugh....
  8. Salaam, Ive become more indecisive the older Ive gotten...even over small stuff..its super annoying cuz people will ask me a question expecting an answer on the spot but then i just freeze, stare off into nowhere and eventually say "i dont know-whatever you want is cool" :/
  9. Salaam, that's how it FELT to many, including myself, however, i could tell that it wasnt exactly the same as any flu i had ever had, but enough of my anecdotal points. The flu, as far as im aware, doesnt cause diabetes, POTS, trigger autoimmune diseases, strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, D dimer levels to be high, and cause a high level of antibodies to circulate for MONTHS after the initial infection. Ive yet to see documentation of these things regarding the flu, and while the flu DOES cause deaths, especially among the immunocompromised, the elderly, the obese, and amongst those with many other co morbidities, it doesnt cause all these other health issues including myocardial inflammation. (Yes, the vx has a higher rate of incidence of this, but covid causes it too...i dont believe the flu does, though/i could be wrong) Im curious to see if @Son of Placid agrees with me and what his findings are. They may be different as we may have been on different routes concerning our researching. Please correct me if any of what ive said is incorrect. I admit i havent done a deep dive into the flu. i dont know why there is such a denial of the very existence of this virus. Its obvious to me it wasnt the flu. I think the reason the flu supposedly "disappeared" was A) people were more careful with their hygiene FINALLY, which that alone would help SO much with things like the common cold/flu/ and the so called "24 hour stomach flu" which is basically caused by enterovirus from feces on peoples unwashed hands..ughReminds me of @Son of Placidand his bathroom mints post..and its not just the mints..it woulda been on the toilet paper dispenser, the lock and handle of the door to the toilet, the water faucet handle (if they actually used it at some point), the paper towel dispenser, and the handle and surface of the exit door...and pretty much everything they touch after leaving the restroom. I mean seriously...who would take a half a sandwich from someones hands if they knew?? And then later they be like, "ugh, i dont think i can go to work tomorrow-i got "the stomach flu" or "food poisoning" and am throwing up"...lol... Its like, no You got someone elses rear end germs in your mouth and THAT'S why youre sick:/ But when covid came, there was such a push to sanitize, wear masks, and social distance that of course the flu would practically disappear. (Sorry for getting off topic-i will stop..)
  10. Salaam everyone, ive always just never eaten till after Eid Prayer but a question was just presented to me about the fiqh, about whether were NOT supposed to not eat til after eid salaat?
  11. Salaam, the difference between shia books and sunni books is shia dont claim everything in our books as being sahih, but the sunni madhabs DO say that everything in their books are sahih... I know what you mean, though...there's some REAL absurdities in the hadith world!
  12. Salam, I'm not going to really answer any of your questions here, however, I am going to point out a phenomenon that I and many other converts and even some born Muslims fall into. Our soul is designed and programmed to seek perfection. We're constantly looking for perfection and so while you are on this search to figure out whether it's Sunni or Shia that is the correct path, you're seeing a lot of weird deviations and strangeness in these different places like mosques or in people's behavioral practices such as tatbir. These issues are going to arise regardless because 'people' are involved in these things and these places. In finding your path/ perfection, first you need to see who the truth falls with as others here have mentioned. Once you find that out, then you can start to disregard to the left and the right the other deviations or things that come from cultural beliefs and practices as opposed to what the Prophet (SAWS) and the Ahle Bayt actually taught, if you do infact arrive at this path. Once you perfect your path as far as that is concerned, then you can focus on perfecting your own soul which is the greatest job. (Actually, perfecting your soul should be being done through your day today, moment to moment actions, which are really amaal, because while we listen to lectures at the mosques, stream YouTube videos, read quran, go through all the acts on the nights of Qadr, etc, the real amaal comes down to how much of our knowledge we put into action and how we deal with our day-to-day lives, our trials, our family, friends, etc.) So long story short, you're predestined to seek perfection.(Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is THE Supreme Perfection and we are all returning to Him) In seeking perfection, you're going to come across a lot of fallacies and deviations that you need to disregard. As you go through this journey, you need to try and apply and act according to the correct Islamic behaviors that are taught to us. That will perfect your soul. Sorry if this was confusing.
  13. Salaam, I totally agree Islam is a mercy to mankind and that the Imams would spread Islam to other lands but Imams(عليه السلام) intentions, guidance and method of how he would treat the people in those places is what sets him/them aside from the people that actually went into those countries and did what they did. Things would've been done in the best manner possible had an Imam(عليه السلام) been at the head of things.
  14. I think youre right sister...thats part of the fiqh. Im still firm about my stance on the filthiness of restrooms though.
  15. No, not in the cases im talking about...None of the people from my personal life that suffered the things I mentioned in my previous post were vaccinated.. at all! Not even the first dose...These were purely covid cases. And while I agree with you that vaccines do cause a lot of adverse events, this information is just now becoming widely known, there is no denying the damage the covid virus itself causes. I am a member of at least three different forums where people are discussing their medical tests and results and there are people across the board that have either got covid and never been vaccinated all the way up to people that got covid three plus times and were vaccinated and boosted the mx amount of times they could be. All of these people are suffering life debilitating illnesses and permanent problems to some degree or another. There is no one size fits all answer/situation with this... from people getting covid one time all the way up to getting covid multiple times even after having been vaccinated one time or up to five times..
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