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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, There was a delay in burying his body? I never heard this before..i thought Imam Ali(عليه السلام) buried him while the others were busy trying to decide who would succeed him.. I never heard there was a delay.
  2. Salaam, i still dont get how/why it counts if someone performs someone elses prayer for them. I thought prayer was for the individuals benefit/spiritual ascension, so how does that work if someone else does it for them?
  3. Salaam, sorry i do not have sources to cite, but i will share anyway...i heard in a lecture is necessary due to contamination of the 2 souls through direct skin to skin contact, which is why shaking with a barrier is permissable...a barrier prevents skin contact so the souls do not touch, as there is a unity between body and soul so touching body also carries the element of "touching souls". I probably didnt explain that very well
  4. Yea, i dont know...cuz even when you look at reports of like little kids who claim they were for example a fighter pilot from the world war II and this kid is born in like the '90s.. it's like what kind of connection could that kid have possibly had with this fighter pilot guy that he's able to reveal particular details about that guy's life and it checked out historically when it was researched into, so when people give us details like this, it's really hard, at least for us in THIS world, to figure out how they could have possibly been tied to each other. Oh my gosh I didn't realize everything beneath these sentences was typed in all caps, but I'm too lazy and don't have enough time to go back and fix it, LOL, so please forgive the caps. I'm definitely not yelling at anyone! MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE HAD NDES CLAIM IT IS A TIMELESS REALM, AND THEY THEMSELVES HAVE DIFFICULTY PUTTING WHAT THEY EXPERIENCED INTO WORDS, LIKE HOW THAT REALM CAN BE TIMELESS BECAUSE IN ORDER FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN, IT BASICALLY NECESSITATES THERE BEING SOME SORT OF TIME PERIOD FOR THE ACTION TO HAVE OCCURED DURING, BUT IF WE FORGET ABOUT THOSE DETAILS AND THINK OF REALM WHERE EVERYTHING THAT EVER HAS BEEN, IS AND WILL BE IS ALL CURRENT AND ONE , THEN IT MAY MAKE SOME SORT OF SENSE ABOUT HOW THERE COULD BE A CONNECTION, BUT EXACTLY HOW THAT CONNECTION PLAYS OUT IS BEYOND ME.
  5. Thanks for the input Do you have any idea where they get their belief from? Like do they trace it to something within the scriptures or have they brought it from outside?It would be very interesting to know their sources. As far as ndes are concerned, I'm sure people have been having them since the beginning of humanity, so it could be they have brought this idea directly from people's nde experiences from days of old and or from their own mystics experiences as opposed to coming directly from scripture. Id totally like to hear their reason why they think reincarnation is truel, because I have heard people like Dr Sekaleshfar reason through it why its not true or possible. It's such a difficult subject subject because as we know, the older scriptures have been changed or at least are not entirely in their original form, so even if there WAS something in the authentic Revelations, it's not there now.. There was a time where I was hearing so much about reincarnation and past lives, that I really tried to find places in the Quran where it mentioned or even hinted at it, thinking maybe it wasn't in such a outwardly obvious way, but I found nothing, so I'm left to think that these people have mistaken some other phenomenon/contact with some other person's history of deeds and actions as their own.
  6. Salaam, Im now looking at the amaal for the 1st day of Dul-Hijjah. It says today is the marriage between Imam Ali(عليه السلام) and Lady Fatimah(عليه السلام)...but it also says Prophet Ibrahim(عليه السلام) was born on this day This is part of the reason why I question the authenticity of some amaal. Thanks for the info @Ashvazdanghe
  7. Salaam, yes, but I think what a person/soul experiences depends on a few different factors. As much as our existence here in this world appears dual, I think other realms may have the same issue. Much of what I'm saying is simply conjecture and something I have put together after the reading I have done,lectures ive watched and NDE accounts ive listened to, so it doesn't necessarily mean any of it is accurate, just a bit of theorizing. Since islam, Christianity and Judaism do not at all ascribe to the idea of reincarnation, and since these three religions are all revealed by the same Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), there must be another way of explaining what these people are experiencing which they mistakenly think is them seeing their own past lives. Anyway, sorry for the redundancy... to answer your question as best i can from my limited knowledge, i think youre right, but i think that the illusion of duality doesnt disappear as soon as we die. I think the dissolution of the appearance of duality happens for those at higher levels of spirituality, like for mystics who are still presently alive but have achieved fana through their spiritual practice, and for those who have passed on and their souls are existing in a very high level/spiritual degree of barzakh due to having raised their spiritual rank while in this dunya. Like, i dont think just anyone who dies will immediately experience the Oneness/dissolution of duality, although ive seen quite a few NDErs who HAVE experienced some level of Oneness/non duality and when they explain it, it sounds EXACTLY Islamic and tawheed-y. Of course, the question of why some of these in many cases non-religious people have such a freeing and tawheedy/Oneness experience in their NDE whereas others who actually ARE religious have more base and very this-worldly like experiences needs to be answered. I suppose as i said in a previous post, it really has to do directly with cause and effect/our actions and intention. If we damage the soul in such a way that even after seeking forgiveness and Allahs(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) granting it, that we still have to suffer the consequences of that action, then i can totally see why that could occur to a believer. Because forgiveness doesnt remove the damage. It just means youre forgiven. Compensating and repairing the damage is extremely hard, according to Dr Sekaleshfar. I surmise many people dont achieve that and hence have a very low level of an NDE experience.m based on their souls stunted condition. Not sure if this helped at all or if i even answered your question.
  8. As salaamun aleikum everyone, I was just going through my Call On Me, I Answer You amaal book and realize Dah'wul Arz is 2 nights from now. Its the night the earth was spread on the water where the holy Kaa'ba is now situated. It says it is reported on the authority of Imam Ali Moosa Ar Reza that on this night Prophet Ibrahim(عليه السلام) and Prophet Issa(عليه السلام) were born. Has anyone seen this narrated from any other source? Seems like a pretty big day/night for it to only link back to one source, so of course im curious as to the authenticity of it all. Thanks for your input! Salaams
  9. Welcome brother. Well, in general, there are a few main themes that occur in almost all ndes. Aside from these themes/experiences, a theory ive heard regarding the differences between ndes has to do with the individuals and their actions and intentions while in this world.
  10. Assalamualaikum, After watching numerous nde accounts and knowing what Islam and the other divinely revealed religions say about reincarnation/past lives, I have arrived at the conclusion that during their NDEs,these people have somehow tapped into someone else's soul experience and because of a lack of understanding of what they are experiencing, they interpret it to have been their own past lives theyre seeing/experiencing.
  11. As salaamun aleikum, You can keep following the rulings of the marja that died but must choose a new marja to follow in the event of new rulings that come out. Whoever you find the most knowledgeable. My mentor still does taqlid of Ayatullah Bahjat but refers to Ayatullah khameneis rulings on things that have been ruled on since Ayatullah Bahjats death. Whats not permissable is to START following a marja after they have passed away.
  12. Salaam, I tried to keep this short, but it just didn't work out, lol! Based on what I've seen and learned in life, what will help is if you know yourself well enough to know what things you really enjoy in life and are extremely important to you and what you dont want to give up, and make sure that she is compatible with doing those things. (Shes also going to bring some of these things to the table too..) For example, if you absolutely love hiking, running and eating healthy and taking care of yourself and you're not willing to give that up because you love it so much and its so important to you and your future and older age, AND for your future childrens health and well being, you need to make sure she's actually on board with you and that her health is a priority to her also... It will become very difficult to be married to someone who just wants to eat sugar, cake,deepfried and unhealthy foods etc and doesn't care about their health and doesn't have the drive to get out and exercise or just enjoy being outdoors in nature in general. (Some people trip at the idea of being outdoors in nature and it's very uncomfortable and difficult for them, so if you're an outdoorsy person or a nature person, beware because this other type of personality is opposite to your nature and it can create problems.) Even if you do manage to convince your spouse to go on a yearly camping trip with the kids, they're probably not going to be very comfortable and you will be made aware of this and can completely ruin the experience instead of having a spouse who is really enjoying being out in nature and the whole family having fun.. There's definitely a difference between someone who loves doing it and someone who's doing it just to get by. Some people think the subject is not a big deal, but if it's that close to your heart and you love it that much that to lose it would hurt you, then you need to consider this.. In marriage, nothing is really small. We're going to be asked to sacrifice for our partner, and you need to really know what you're willing to sacrifice. A healthy lifestyle is a very important thing because we will have to face our unhealthy lifestyle choices as we get older, and who wants to be stuck with a myriad of completely avoidable health problems because someone didn't take care of their eating habits and health choices when they were younger? Some people don't care about this stuff, but it's extremely important for those who do to be matched with someone who also does. This will be a major source of conflict for two people because it's near impossible to be joined to someone for life when they're constantly eating unhealthy and don't want to take care of themselves physically and you on the other hand are the opposite. The big things usually always get talked about beforehand, like how you're going to raise your children, or your religious goals and how much you practice and the kind of lifestyle you want to have, such as living humbly vs extravagantly as some people prefer.. those things almost always without question get looked at, but the other things that need to be discussed are the small everyday things. Because it's the small every day things that you will be constantly having to deal with. There really isn't a list, it comes down to you knowing yourself well enough. When you're planning on marrying someone for life, the big as well as the small things need to be discussed. And the last thing is, the more things that you both are matched to the same level on, the more it will help, so if you're an extremely academic and intelligent person, it helps that she is also, otherwise, you may find yourself exasperated at having to explain many things because her intelligence is not the same as yours. The same with being messy. Some people are are okay with being a little messy, but it's the filthiness and dirtiness that is intolerable. You just have to know what you yourself are comfortable with.. it helps if you are able to in your mind, figure out where the red line is drawn at, and make that point clear to the other person. That you prefer things to be kept extremely neat and not messy, but if it does end up being a little messy, that's okay, as long as it doesn't cross the red line, and then make known what that red line is, and if that red line gets crossed, then it needs to be brought up to the other person and saying hey, I don't want this standard to drop any lower.. Relationships take flexibility, but they're definitely are red lines that shouldnt be crossed. Know what your redlines are, and understand that she's going to have some red lines too, and if you're two red lines are not compatible with each other, well then they need to think about whether getting married to this person is what you really want to do. Salaam
  13. Salaam, ...i just recently came across this: https://medium.com/neodotlife/same-sex-reproduction-artificial-gametes-2739206aa4c0#:~:text=A developing technology known as,into sperm or egg cells. A developing technology known as IVG, short for in-vitro gametogenesis, could make it possible for same-sex couples to conceive a baby out of their own genetic material and no one else’s. They’d do this by having cells in their own bodies turned into sperm or egg cells. The science of IVG has been underway for the last 20 years. But it really took off with research that would later win a Nobel Prize for a Japanese scientist named Shinya Yamanaka. In 2006, he found a way to turn any cell in the human body, even easy-to-harvest ones like skin and blood cells, into cells known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), which can be reprogrammed to become any cell in the body. Until that breakthrough, scientists working in regenerative medicine had to use more limited — and controversial — stem cells derived from frozen human embryos.
  14. Salaaam Heres part 3 and 4. I really hope future parents take a look at these videos, because the sheikh is talking about the spiritual side of our behaviors and of islam. All the do's and don'ts in Islam are there because of the affect that action will have on our soul. Islam is all about the soul, but too many people get caught up in just the jurisprudence and they never look underneath that layer to see what the jurisprudence is based on or what its purpose is. It's based on the health of the soul. You're either building your soul by doing mustahab and halal acts, or you're causing some damage to it with makhruh or alot of damage with haraam actions. The things the sheikh is talking about in this video have to do with actions that parents take preconception and throughout the child's life, from pre-birth until 21 years old. Things parents do can either set the child up for a greater likelihood of spiritual success, or set them up for a higher likelihood of spiritual downfall. So we have two important subject matters here. One, is actions and things the parents do that go back as far as preconception that will either be good for this child or bad depending on what the actions are. The second important subject is raising children with an education about the religion itself, being extremely careful not to leave out the spiritual dimension of it. I think it was Ayatollah jawadi Amoli who said Islam without the spirit of it is like a lifeless corpse, so that quote alone should key people in on the spiritual aspect of islam and how important it is to not leave it out. While a lot of the religion is about the outer aspect of it, a child who doesn't also understand the inner dimension of why we do what we do and why the rules we have are what they are have a higher liklihood of leaving islam or not taking it truly seriously, so to leave out the spiritual aspect of it but still expect them to accept and follow islam whole heartedly, with sincere understanding and heartfelt adherence is unrealistic...many of them will start having problems later if they don't understand the spiritual ramifications of their actions.. For our children's well-being, we cannot Rob them of understanding the spiritual dimension of the religion. For children raised in western countries, when we leave the spirit of islam out, whats left is basically a lifestyle choice. Why would they want to live a lifestyle full of a bunch of rules that they have no idea why they're following these rules, when they can just live a very easy and fun and attractive Western lifestyle.. But if they understand the spiritual ramifications of why we have the Islamic lifestyle, it's much less likely they will choose a western lifestyle..
  15. Salaam, The good thing is you're only 20.. my husband didn't find out until he was in his 30s that he can't stand most things that have to do with the human body, and so he dropped out of medical school. Yeah, he made it into medical school as a straight A student, but finally realized that he wasn't happy on that path. The problem was, as a child, he wasn't able or allowed to find his own path in life and in what interested him..he was basically told you're going to be a doctor and so he accepted it, only to find out later he wasnt happy or passionate about that field. Hes older now, and wishes he wouldve been given the ability to follow his heart and his own natural interest when he was a child..he would have had by now an almost 40 year career and been reaping all the benefits of being someone in their field for for 40 years. So since you are so young, even though you have invested a few years into this, not THAT much of your life has really passed yet, so its not too late for a change of direction.. since you only have one year left, you could even finish this out, and then start in a whole other field. My husband did that.. After leaving med school, he got 2 other unrelated degrees... try to realistically assess if this schooling you're taking is going to lead to a job that you're going to love to be at, because if it doesn't, you MAY end up at a job that you hate and tolerate simply for the financial side of it, or maybe the status side of it, and in the end, however much money you make and/or your status may not be worth the misery you face being at a job that you hate..Most people get a job in the field they are educated in and then stick at that job for the next 40 50 or 60 years of their life.. do you really see yourself doing that job for up to 60 years of your life? If that scares you or doesn't sound very appealing, you might want to think of some other options or alternatives..if you're going to spend your time getting an education, it might as well be one that you're passionate and happy about, if possible. If you get stuck in a field you hate,it won't lead to happiness as it will just be "a job" and not something you love... At 20 you probably haven't had a chance to Branch off and see what kind of things interest you in the world. I don't have much to offer you here, I only advise you to prevent you from being in my husband's situation, to really take a look at what you're into and make sure that eventually someday, after you have acquired your education, that it WILL branch into a job that you will enjoy. And if you find that it isnt, alhamdulillah you're young enough to start somewhere else with something else, in sha Allah.. I found out only in the last 5 years, that it would have been really good for me to have either gone into archeology or geology, and I only realized based on how much I love to read about these subjects and how totally awesome it would be to be on a dig somewhere in some other part of the world with a little brush and a pan uncovering bones or some ancient civilization.. that totally appeals to me, but not to a lot of other people, so pay attention to things that you are naturally interested in. What do you enjoy reading about? Do you enjoy being out in nature? Maybe you should be involved in environmental science? Are you concerned about the environment and what people are doing to it and how it needs to be preserved and rehabilitated? What really moves you at your core when you read about it in books or magazines or when you see it on tv? The things that you have a strong reaction to is probably your inner nature guiding you to what field you should be in... Do you feel that pull when you read about the subject matter of what you're going to school for? That's probably all I really have to say about this. I hope any of it has helped you, inshallah.
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