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  1. As salaamun aleikum, So my thoughts are a little different here and are more of a precaution. I dont know you, your history, your family, or your religious upbringing (born muslim/revert, etc) What you need to be careful for here is, getting into a marriage of either type with this man and not having the actual spirit and love of the religion in your heart. It may feel like you do at first because you've been brought back to the religion in a sense, and you are also having some emotions for this brother.. the thing is, if you do not have the religion and internal self will to follow it, then it may only be a superficial turning to the religion and in that case, it will wear off after a while which will be devastating to your relationship. If this brother is a believing, Allah- fearing, religion following man, and you get married to him and falter in your path, become weak or slip back, it is going to create a huge problem for both of your lives. I seriously suggest working on yourself and becoming the best Muslim you can which can take even a few years or more before a person is really really ready. But don't make any decisions early just because you feel like you become closer to God in a matter of a few weeks. That's generally not how it works, especially if a person hasn't been observing for long periods of time and religion has been just a thought in the back of their mind for the most part. Make your decisions very wisely because they can have huge consequences for both of you futures. Praying for the best for you.
  2. Hoping you get some responses here..this could get interesting! Im not sure about 2030, but i know that right before Covid hit, they did event 201: https://centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/tabletop-exercises/event-201-pandemic-tabletop-exercise Now i see theres another event planned for 2025-2028, Event Spars: https://www.start.umd.edu/publication/spars-pandemic-2025-2028-futuristic-scenario-facilitate-medical-countermeasure (There's another link that links to the Johns Hopkins PDF on the event but I didn't attach it here.) And most of us are probably familiar about the drills before 09 11.
  3. Lol, yea i grew up out in the country and spend hslf the week on my parents small farm..we font really have any animals anymore, just some farm cats, the dog and 2 donkeys..things changed as us kids got older and parents aged and got sick..now, when im well, i just do a lil gardening or help keep the fences and other things required and grass cut down. It can grow over 6 ft, then we get in trouble w the fire dept...thats a LOT of work. The donkeys can only eat so much!
  4. @SO SOLID SHIA just want to say your profile is funny!!! @op... We all have moments like this. The key is to try to prevent it from becoming a habit.. one of the things that helps me is to get outdoors and go hiking, or weightlifting, or do something to burn off the internal stress and agitation that accumulates over time, especially if you have a stressful life or heavy family concerns or worries or responsibilities. Being a human being encompasses many different aspects, there's our physical aspect, mental aspect, spiritual aspect, etc.. in order for us to be well balanced, each one of those things needs to be kept in check so that we can live harmoniously. So my advice is to try to find some sort of physical stress relief and that should help bring everything else back in alignment. If you already have a regular workout routine going on, try approaching this from a spiritual angle by reciting certain things like Dua makarimal alhlaq which helps to encourage and remind us to good behaviors and to abstain from bad behaviors. In sha Allah you get some more suggestions.
  5. Salaam sister, congrats! I would probably check with a sheikh. I had the same issue and had my passport redone. If you can afford it, it doesnt hurt. Just as you would most likely abstain from posting pics from your past without hijab, its PROBABLY best not to use your old passport photo. I'm just not sure of the ruling so i suggest asking. You can use the Ask Those Who Know app and receive a response from a legit molauna fairly quickly. If you could, let us know! JazakAllahkheyr
  6. I agree..such people guard themselves from others and also from their own ego which can affect their maqam/station and interfere with or regress their spiritual progress if their ego is somehow compromised/heightened.
  7. Salaam, so no one has any images or lists of what prophet is related to the next prophet, etc?
  8. Salaam everyone, please see this excellent series:
  9. Thats my masjid <3 Yes, theres a masjid in oakland called Islamic cultural center of Northern California.. https://maps.app.goo.gl/C7RxEMzHqvppFmUn8
  10. @Ashvazdanghe Salaam brother, can you please post videos of the crowds from different cities coming out to the streets, in sha Allah? Not able to access them here.. Jzk
  11. Thanks for the update sister, alhamdulilah.
  12. Salaam, I don't know if such an islamic book exists, but if your a brother or a sister, I highly highly highly recommend learning about what perimenopause and menopause is cuz it will either affect you directly as a female, or indirectly as a husband or father of a female that goes through it. It can be for most women such a huge tremendous upheaval in their life and in their relationships that I don't know why or how this extremely important topic goes missed within the religion and even in the general non religious population. This event can occur starting in a woman's mid to late 30s and lasting until her mid fifties and is fraught with all kinds of problems. It also happens to coincide with the peak in female suicide rate as well as divorces, so it's definitely a subject that everybody needs to be educated in. Salaam
  13. To be honest, i dont know where the idea of the brothers of Yusuf(عليه السلام) being envied comes from...i mean, there were lots of people coming from everywhere to gain sustenance from Egypts food, so a caravan of some people on camels seems to not be an outlier worthy of envy, but what do i know? Clearly the mufaseer have more knowledge than i do
  14. Salaam everyone, So Im reading Surah Yusuf out of the Agha Mahdi Pooya Quran with tafseer. I came to ayah 12;67 which is in regards to what Prophet Yaqoub(عليه السلام) advised his sons when they were returning to Egypt. ". And said *he: "O' my sons! Enter ye not by one gate, but enter ye by different gates; and I cannot avail you aught against God; judgment is only God's; On Him do I rely; and on Him (only) let the reliants rely." So in the margins, there are notes about this ayah and they say: To avoid being envied by the people, they were advised to enter separately by different doors. This indicates that Islam does not discard the effect of the evil eye, and there are authentic traditions from the Holy Prophet indicating that there are some the evil of whose sight affect the other objects. The remedy for it is firm trust in God. There are particular prayers for this -there are authentic records of the actual instances in support of this Rv. 39:38, 14:11
  15. Salaam everyone, Does anyone happen to know of a good flow chart/family tree of the Prophets(عليه السلام)? Im reading Surah Yusuf with the Agha Pooya Yazdi tafseer and sometimes in the margins, it quotes verses of the bible, for instance, the particular ayah im on is 12;19....in the margins it quotes verse 37;28 from the old testament and says (paraphrasing) that Yusuf(عليه السلام) was picked from the well by some Midianite merchants and sold to Ishmaelites that brought him to Egypt... Im a bit confused because anyone familiar with the Old Testament and Prophet Ibrahim(عليه السلام) and his sons knows that their is dispute of which son was to be sacrificed. Of course, as muslims, we take what the Quran says, however, when this tafseer is quoting the Old Testament, it makes my mind short circuit. Anyway, all this to say that if i had access to an as reliable as possible flow chart showing the lineages of the Prophets(عليه السلام), this would help me....plus sometimes in conversation i get confused of who came first, Yaqoub(عليه السلام) Musa(عليه السلام) or etc....If i had a visual, it would help tremendously for me to memorize. (By the way, I remember going into a Sunni Masjid one time, and they had this giant flowchart framed on the wall, but I remember looking at it and there were some things that just didn't seem right about it so I'm wondering if there's a difference between what they think are the Prophets(عليه السلام) lineages and what we think?) Thanks kindly!
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