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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Can you please provide the source Al Saboor came from? Id like to research the rest of the 99 Names, in sha Allah. Thanks!
  2. Salaam, can you please explain what this is? Ive never heard of it before and my Arabic is not good. Thanks!
  3. Salaam, Can you link to the full lecture? Id be very interested to watch the unedited version as well.
  4. Salaam, Precisely,and these are the same questions that end up circling in my head, round and round, because i dont know which angle to understand things from..which one is it?? I dont like this not knowing how to operate or think about things as i conduct my day to day life:(
  5. These people resigning kinda scares me cuz im wondering whos going to replace them? Someone recently made a post about the type of people and their leanings, personal and political, of those that biden has stacked in all the highest positions ...im pretty sure we can expect more of the same to happen as its been the case since the 60s..pretty soon there wont be any true americans left in our important government positions.
  6. As salaamun aleikum, Hiking, hiking, and more hiking! Read, garden, fix things, mountain bike, Shia Chat, listen to lectures, and before Corona, get together with my best friend and go for walks and discuss irfan. Wish i could do MORE HIKING!!!
  7. As salaamun aleikum, Very interrsting..id never heard this minority opinion before. Can you provide any links or names or further info on this? Im interested in reading further just for the sake of knowledge. Thanks!
  8. As salaamun aleikum, This lecture may help. Its part 4 of a 9 part series, but this part dives directly into things. As regards their sayings, its very easy to say things that sound good. Its a compete other thing to actually live according to those things that "sound good".
  9. As salaamun aleikum, When im in the city, its mostly used to heat up the place, lol, with an occasional meal of gyros here and there..The stove top is used every night for dinner. Tonight we had iranian gheimeh(split pea and meat stew). When im at the farm, i dont have an actuall stove. I have a Coleman camp stove with an adapter hose going to a small propane tank and i use it to cook on as well as heating up me room. Probably not the type of answer you were looking for
  10. As salaamyn aleikum, @LaaylaThanks for your kind reminder, sister! I appreciate it. @Sabrejet sorry for getting back to you so late! Im so sorry for you to be going through this situation. Its very hard to deal with. I know some of what youre going through because my family is very similar in a few ways, with the main difference being that theyre not Muslim. I was raised Christian, but my family isnt practicing and havent been for many years. My youngest brother is the only one who holds any real spiritual beliefs. I am the only Muslim. They dont have issues with my conversion,
  11. HAPPY WINTER TO YOU TOO!!! ( I love Winter..its my fave season!!!)
  12. As salaamun aleikum, In sha Allah i will respond to this post tomorrow as its 2:06am here..i can totally relate. Stay strong and hold the path, in sha Allah.
  13. @starlight Bravo sister:) I was going to reply to this thread also, but then i saw this post which covers the points i was going to mention and then some. Thanks for the detail and mentioning specific names
  14. It came through in my email notification. Should be able to find it from there..thanks!
  15. As salaamun aleikum, I find this very interesting. Ive never heard this before. Would you by chance be able to name who these infiltrators were or at least what tribe they were from and who their real allegiance was to? It would be very helpfull. I will see if i can find the book you mentioned as a pdf.
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