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  1. Salaam, there's a book called "Call On Me, I Answer You" that has duas for every day of the week, ziyaraats, amaal for important days and nights along with morning and evening duas for practically all occasions. It's a thick book. It has arabic, arabic transliterations and english.
  2. Wow, i had no idea it was illegal! And youre right, there are actually parks in north tehran that are becoming known as "dog parks", one of them a few blocks off of one of the busiest streets.. This time we were there, there were 2 incidences where we had to avoid poop on the sidewalks...it was surprising to me cuz we had never encountered that before. Ive been there 3 times in last 6 years and I can see its getting worse with more dog owners walking their dogs, everything from foo foo dogs to golden retrievers and german shepherds..the one at the hotel was a little foo foo type dog that did a lot of barking when it was in the hotel room.. I dont know how the situation can be dealt with. Its sad to see it turning more and more bi-haya and secular:(
  3. Salaam everyone, Im about a month back from a trip to iran. Was there for 33 days...stayed at 2 very nice hotel/apartments. Had never stayed in such a type of place before. Anyhow, i was floored when i came down to breakfast and saw that the hotel not only allowed peole to stay there with their dogs, but that they allowed the person to bring their dog to breakfast with them and let them sit on their lap at the table, with their head able to reach their plate. Businesses and people in iran are in bad hardship due to sanctions so maybe some places are making exceptions just to get the business, but seriously? The sag/dog should stay in the room-not be allowed in the food/eating area. I just hope they have alotted specific rooms to pets and that they dont just let guests with dogs in every and any room...wont be staying there again if that is the case. The main issue here i think is the dark hole people fall into where they believe everything the west does is MoDeRn and therefore progressive and good, where if someone uses their aql just a little, they will arrive at the fallacy of that thinking. This dog situation is WAAAAY outta control..especially the way some people give their dogs higher standing and importance to the dogs than to humans...try dealing with one of these dog owners who insists their dog is "under voice command" when youre on a hiking trail, yet the dog comes running right up to you and you have no clue whether it is friendly or not...the owners get all bent out of shape when you say anything to them about it...as if its ok their dog (and them by virtue of being the owner) have basically assaulted you. Legal definition of assault in US law: What is the legal definition of an assault? Assault is generally defined as an intentional act that puts another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact. Its an act of negligence to allow a dog to run loose off leash when the owner darn well knows it doesnt listen to them. Negligence is a legal term. If the dog is known to have bitten before, it turns into recklessness which is a much more severe offense. La illaha illah lah....
  4. That made me think...do we as muslims believe that the descendents of bani israel come only from the 10 brothers that threw Prophet Yusuf(عليه السلام) in the well? Or do we somehow make a distinction between their descendents and the descendents from Prophet Yusuf(عليه السلام) and his brother Benyamin? (Don't remember if his brother is a Prophet in Islam.)
  5. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/philadelphia-delaware-river-toxic-chemical-spill-cd/ And to make things a lil more interesting...
  6. Yes were using a screw on faucet type activated filter and it really does decrease the chlorine smell.
  7. Salaam brother, im not a scientists, but i pulled this from my local water districts site..still makes me sketched. Do I need to take special precautions if I need water for an aquarium or a kidney dialysis machine? Yes. In order to comply with USEPA and California Department of Health Services regulations, SJW uses disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramine. These disinfectants must be removed before the water can be used in aquariums or kidney dialysis machines. Please consult your doctor or tropical fish store for guidance.
  8. Salaam brother, can you provide rhe reference for the article you quoted here? Id like to study this a bit more but have no idea where to... JazakAllahkheyr
  9. Salaam, i know they add fluoride almost everywhere which there's a BIG court case going on against the EPA due to "forced fluoridation", which thd evidence is coming out that it reduces the IQ in children who's mother's drink fluoridated water, and i know (i can smell it) that in most inner city tap water theres alot of bleach thats supposedly at a safe level,(even though bleach is corosive-i prefer not drink it) and I've heard of pharmaceuticals and birth control meds being detected in the water, but what specifically are you referring to? Something new? National Toxicology Program Find’s No Safe Level of Fluoride in Drinking Water; Water Fluoridation Policy Threatened After a 6-year long systematic review of fluoride’s impact on the developing brain, a court order has led to the National Toxicology Program (NTP) making public their finalized report that was blocked by US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) leadership and concealed from the public for the past 10 months. The NTP reported 52 of 55 studies found decreases in child IQ associated with increase in fluoride, a remarkable 95% consistency. The NTP’s report says: “Our meta-analysis confirms results of previous meta-analyses and extends them by including newer, more precise studies with individual-level exposure measures. The data support a consistent inverse association between fluoride exposure and children's IQ.” A meta-analysis is when information from all the relevant studies are combined to get a fuller and unbiased overall picture, rather than just looking at individual studies in isolation. The NTP’s meta-analysis also put the magnitude of harm into perspective: "[R]esearch on other neurotoxicants has shown that subtle shifts in IQ at the population level can have a profound impact on the number of people who fall within the high and low ranges of the population's IQ distribution. For example, a 5-point decrease in a population's IQ would nearly double the number of people classified as intellectually disabled.” So, while an average drop of 5 IQ points in a population might sound small it is huge from a public health perspective. Furthermore, the NTP acknowledged there was the potential for some people to be more susceptible than average [use NTP quote], so those people could lose much more than 5 IQ points. Those susceptible individuals could lose 10, 15, 20 or more IQ points which would likely cause profound lifetime negative consequences. The five independent peer-reviewers of the NTP report all voted to accept the review’s main conclusion and lauded the report. Their comments include: “what you have done is state-of-the-art”; “the analysis itself is excellent, and you thoroughly addressed comments”; “Well done!”; “Findings… were interpreted objectively”. The newly released documents include comments from the NTP’s own experts confirming that the report’s conclusion that fluoride can lower IQ does apply to communities with water fluoridation programs. NTP report says the evidence is not just in those who drink water with higher fluoride concentrations exceeding the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended maximum level of 1.5 mg/L. Furthermore, the WHO guideline was set in 1984 to protect against more severe forms of dental fluorosis and neurotoxicity was never considered. Few neurotoxicity studies even existed in 1984. In numerous responses to comments by reviewers of the report, the NTP made clear that they had found evidence that exposures of at least some people in areas with fluoridated water at 0.7 mg/L were associated with lower child IQ. For example, when an unnamed government fluoridation proponent claimed: "The data do not support the assertion of an effect below 1.5 mg/L…all conclusory statements in this document should be explicit that any findings from the included studies only apply to water fluoride concentrations above 1.5 mg/L." The NTP responded: "We do not agree with this comment…our assessment considers fluoride exposures from all sources, not just water…because fluoride is also found in certain foods, dental products, some pharmaceuticals, and other sources… Even in the optimally fluoridated cities…individual exposure levels…suggest widely varying total exposures from water combined with fluoride from other sources." Additional NTP responses about the review’s relevance to water fluoridation programs: "We have no basis on which to state that our findings are not relevant to some children or pregnant people in the United States." "Several of the highest quality studies showing lower IQs in children were done in optimally fluoridated (0.7 mg/L) areas…many urinary fluoride measurements exceed those that would be expected from consuming water that contains fluoride at 1.5 mg/L." The NTP also responded to commenters asking whether their meta-analysis had identified any safe exposure threshold, below which there would be no loss of IQ. The NTP responded that they found “no obvious threshold” for either total fluoride exposure or water fluoride exposure, referring to a graph in the meta-analysis (NTP’s eFigure 17 reproduced below) showing that as water fluoride concentration increased from 0.0 to 1.5 mg/L there was a steep drop in IQ of about 7 points (expressed as “standardized mean difference” units in the graphs). An external peer-reviewer commented on the size of the IQ loss: “Wow … that is substantial … That’s a big deal.” {p 1060} The graph uses standardized mean difference (SMD) units where each -1.0 SMD is equivalent to about -15 IQ points. In the left-hand graph each circle represents a study. Several have mean water fluoride below 1.5 mg/L. The right-hand graph shows the relationship between fluoride concentration and loss of IQ when all the studies are pooled. This analysis, based on many studies, is strong evidence that fluoride is associated with a substantial loss of IQ at levels of exposure common in people drinking artificially fluoridated water, and there is no observable threshold indicating a “safe” dose. They NTP’s experts further stated that the science showing neurotoxic harm “is a large, consistent and growing database." Overall, the report provides strong evidence that fluoride is associated with a substantial loss of IQ at levels of exposure common in people drinking fluoridated water. PLEASE SHARE THE ONLINE PRESS RELEASE VERSION OF THIS BULLETIN WITH LOCAL MEDIA OUTLETS. Fluoride Action Network North Sutton, New Hampshire info@fluoridealert.org
  10. Omg, i tried...i REALLY tried to listen to this guys "stuff", but i just couldnt...totally disgusting and cant believe anyone ever bought his...trash...but people did..and still do. And some think it was a failure, but it wasnt-they accomplished exactly what was planned, and at the end played the " We had benevolent intentions but based on our ignorance of the people/place,/culture, it went awry"...lol... and people bought this even though its the typical playbook..ugh.
  11. mMashaAllah, beautifully put brother.
  12. Salam sister, there may be people on here who would be interested in helping you but may have privacy issues sharing on a public platform. If you stay around long enough so that members can private message you, you may get the info youre looking for, in sha Allah. As of right now, your account is too new to use private messaging to reach you. Someone who MAY be of help in directing you could be: https://seyedhadiyassin.com/contacts-2/ Being that he works in the field of counseling, therapy, etc, he may have resources available or be able to direct you to somewhere that could help you move forward on whatever path your seeking. https://seyedhadiyassin.com/ Salaam
  13. Salaam brother, I love this guys channel! Hes so thorough and a pleasure to listen to! Idk how he isnt shia by now, in all honesty. Gonna watch the video now.
  14. Salaam, thanks very much for all the info! So is the arabic version of the farsi what is written on the small paper inside the amulet/necklace? JazakAllahkheyr
  15. As salaamun aleikum, Does anyone know the salaat that is supposed to be done for the necklace containing the hirz of Imam Jawad? I also need the farsi translation of the dua that is supposed to be recited. The english is: O Light, O Proof, O Manifest One, O Illuminating, O Lord Be enough for me in the face of evil/harm, and the problems of my time/era And I ask you for salvation on the Day when the trumpet shall be blown’ jazakAllahkheyr
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