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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. With 7 billion people on the earth, there's almost certainly going to be some who survive. If 5% of the population survives the war and years afterwards, that's still 350 million. 1%, that's 70 million. Statistically, some will survive
  2. US attacked Syria midnight. Trump kicking war.
  3. Good thing is I will my own huge kingdom so wont need any subscribers Alhumdolillah.
  4. Bismillah. World is coming to end, but this doesn't mean whole world will end and whole planet will be destroyed, only the most 90% of population will be annihilated, then a new breed of humans will take control they will be kind heart and good people. they will rule the world. their will be justice in world and people will live happily without any stress and money race. people will enjoy freedom of faith and religion.
  5. Islam is all about living simple+dignified and truthful life.
  6. any brother dealing in visa, permanent visa, family visa for Dubai? please PM.
  7. good, and yes 95% traders on wall street arent real traders and they just thrive by cheating or manipulating markets, because they lack strategy to make money from real markets.
  8. Would like to meet up to shia brother when I am there.....will let you know when I am there.
  9. Thank you brother and sisters, I got space with a relative living in Dubai Jazakallah Khair
  10. I am one of those successful trader on walls street but I neither see myself as wolf or tiger, I am just a businessman who understands market cycles. it is clear from your post that you have no understanding of market and how it really works. please do more real research about the real business on walls street and then try to write something on this subject.
  11. Salam Brothers and sisters, I am visiting Dubai for a conference and I am going to stay for 1 month, I am looking for space to stay, please guide me for the same. My visit will be in April or May. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
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