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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is life at the end of your comfort zone. No explanation needed
  2. Really cool jugs of amazing flavoured water/soda. Lots of mixes can be found online with iced water, mint, lemon, oranges, strawberries ect. Looks amaz and there heaps popular in Australia.
  3. I tend to eat what ever I like but have an active life style. Gym, soccer and walking ( in a shopping centre). When you are at the gym I tend to do weights ( yes I'm a female) and resistance training. Tone it up helps you lose it. Yoga and Pilates is a great idea. Butt flexes while doing dishes. Lol
  4. Does anyone who what the stance of Habib Omar ( Sufi sheik) in Yemen in on the whole situation? would Saudi target them for their " divergence" from mainstream ? There is a massive school of men and women there seeking knowledge and studying Islam... I know this for a fact. How do Shia in Yemen feel towards this Sufi group?
  5. Who are the main people in Sufi path in Shia sect? Curious to research them
  6. Spiritual meaning meditate, reflect, zikr ( Sufi path) and yes I know there are spiritual Sunni and Shia people. Sufi focus on their connection with God and I wonder if I could just be a Sufi at heart just focussing on my relationship with Allah swt and just leave politics to who ever has time for it. This whole I need to pick a system of ways (sect) when I have not even perfected my salat / fundamentals is odd. I may be brought up as a Sunni and have of late started questioning authenticity of things but I think I may just be as I am and perfect the fundamentals first. So focus on the inwards before the outwards stuff. Its overwhelming all the things I need to sift through, double check or google to even check out the other side of the coin regarding Fatima Ra... It blew me away to hear another side of what I was taught. I have always walked against the natural grain in culture and life.... So this just really shook the fundamental idea I grew on.
  7. It's really strange guys.... I'm sensing loads of negative edge in your words. Tone it down please... I didn't come here for abuse or to sense exclamation marks. I'm just unpacking why we need to choose a sect or I need to if I'm at peace with just being a spiritual muslim woman.
  8. Hi So background history is that I am an open minded peaceful soul... I don't care for hate or holding on to negativity.... I'm Born into Sunni sect with interest in Sufism. His pretty down to earn and does not practise his religion very much so my thinking and questions are my own completely. I'm very neutral when it comes to all the sect politics and focus on my basics but i am a curious soul so I've researched questions I have about Shia sect and some stuff is quite valid, interesting and makes me question was I was taught. My question is- why do I have to be something? Why do I need to attach myself to a sect who ultimately ( either Shia or Sunni) have hate and anger towards each other? Why must I pick a side? Can't I just be neutral spiritual muslim? Agree with things for example something I found out tonight and sympathise and believe that Fatima ( Ra) was killed brutally by Umar (ra) and that both sides have valid points. I'm attracted to Shia values yet don't feel the need to label myself as anything different? Does it matter?
  9. Thanks... Im on the end of hearing the most foul things from my folks... This disturbs me as I am a pacifist at heart. Guess I am looking for someone that's been here and have spoken to a sunni sydney sheik in which I can contact. Need them to speak to my father before I commit the ' ultimate betral' and just get married without their permission. Just a crazy climate atm regarding sect wars in sydney.
  10. Mimz i would absolutely love to get incontact with you... I am going through the same struggle unfortunately... Eeek.
  11. Hi- I am here seeking knowledge and do not come here with judgement nor negativity. I am sunni female who will be marrying a shia guy at the end of the year. Do I need to know anything regarding the process that takes place with a shia sheik? As I've heard some different things. Also... Would love to hear some experiences from any people in mixed sect marriages? Have any suni sheiks in sydney " authorised" or supported mixed sects marriages? Just curious as i proba need to talk to one? Also.. Is it permissible for a Shia guy to have his marriage performed by a sunni sheik? I've always wondered about this? We will be getting married through my partners sheik but I've just curious on the topic? Cheers and salams :) x
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