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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @magma, keep in mind the site and content are under active development. The goal is to continuously clean up books, so that grammatical, styling, or metadata mistakes will eventually be corrected. Thus it doesn't serve as a particular benefit to download everything at once, since you'll miss out on the benefits of continual updates. @hameedeh, I'll perhaps add instructional videos at one point, but at the moment I wish the project to be narrowly focused on content aggregation and content quality. If you'd like, there are good instructions here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200375630 Keep in mind the "e-mail a book to your kindle" option does tend to be slow, so you may wait a day before it ends up on your Kindle. USB is the easiest :) @mithrandir, I am happy to hear that! As you notice weak points, please let me know :) Some of these books have unique styling issues, so they have not been extracted cleanly :(
  2. For anyone that is interested, I integrated Al-Hassanian.org books as well, increasing the library by 300-400 books. It's now time for me to rest a bit :) Next steps are to create videos to help explain how others can contribute (since it's open source), minor theme improvements (so it's not so vanilla), then I'll go on to simply maintain it. If anyone is interested in contributing, or other sites that want to collaborate, please feel free to message me.
  3. Al-Islam.org certainly has done a great job in making their content clean and easily accessible, which is why they were my first source. However, the other site being used is Mareef Foundation (not so clean unfortunately). I have a couple of other sites on my radar, and will bring them in soon. Then it is a matter of cleaning the content and hoping to collaborate with those other sites. I am working on making the content open-source so anyone can edit and contribute, which is what other sites do not do. I believe there is enough people power to drive this as an open-source project, rather than a private project. Shiavault.com's content is here: https://github.com/shiavault/shiavault-library/tree/master/books For example, the page here: http://www.shiavault.com/books/a-bundle-of-flowers/chapters/1-introduction is using the content here: https://github.com/shiavault/shiavault-library/blob/master/books/a-bundle-of-flowers/1-introduction.md you can see its plain text format here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shiavault/shiavault-library/master/books/a-bundle-of-flowers/1-introduction.md This is much easier for people to edit and contribute to. I tried to provide an initial explanation about the project here: https://github.com/shiavault/shiavault-library Time permitting, I'll provide videos explaining how people can edit and contribute back to the project.
  4. That's a great idea Khudayar! Hopefully one day it can be IslamVault holding a ton of Islamic material. At the moment, the focus is to meet Shia needs. However, I do believe it is better for Islam to be all encompassing and begin to include school of thoughts too. Unfortunately, that scope is a bit big for now. If Shiavault.com gains traction and becomes successful, then definitely that'd be the next step. I don't want it to be a Jack of All Trades, Master of None :) For now, just English books, Shia oriented, minimalistic, and easily accessible. :) Thank you for your opinion!
  5. You can also find plenty of books at www.shiavault.com in multiple formats, in particular, E-Reader formats. PDF can be painful to read.
  6. I had actually just mentioned this in a separate topic, but you can refer to http://www.shiavault.com for books, in e-reader format too. :)
  7. (salam) I am hoping to bring to your attention a side-project I have been working on that makes available Shia books in e-reader format (epub/mobi). The site is very much in active development, minimalistic, and temporarily slow, but you can access it at: http://www.shiavault.com When you click on a book, you'll see the buttons to download the ebooks in both e-reader formats (picture below). Alternatively you can read the book online. I am sharing this project early on to receive feedback from others. I personally created the site because I wanted to use e-readers to read when offline and on any device (e.g. Kindle, Cellphone, Laptop), and more importantly, to be able to highlight and take notes as I read. Reading to learn is different than reading casually, and I have found existing sites to lack this critical e-book format. Thus, I re-used existing content online and packaged them for e-readers. I hope you agree that this is an important need and should be useful for numerous people. If you've never used an e-reader application before, you can start with Kindle by downloading it here. Kindle will use the .mobi format. There is another reason behind it, though more technical. The project will be Open Source and soon shared on GitHub, both the website and its content (unless something restricts me). For those that understand, the content will be in basic flat-file structure with Markdown syntax, which makes it easy for any member to contribute fixes and additions with the benefit of GitHub's public collaboration capabilities. For those that do not know, GitHub is the de facto standard for collaborative software engineering and is the tool that almost all developers use to work on Open Source projects. The vision is to have a minimal central authority for the site, and to have anyone contribute. I personally believe the easier it is to contribute, and being Open Source is the way we need to go forward with sharing knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback. Thank you, Kindle view: iBooks view (different book):
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