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  1. You're right, provided that the person who is going to be followed is a true follower of Imams.
  2. We follow Mojtahids since we don't have access to Imams currently and also because we don't have enough knowledge (Ijtihad) to effectively understand what Imams want us to do. Mojtahids try to better understand what the Prophet صل الله علیه و آله and Imams علیهم السلام have done/said. So indeed, we are following Imams. In fact, those recommended by Imams (=Mojtahids) can also be followed by the followers. Of note, there have been Mojtahids during the life of Imams علیهم السلام as well. People used to go to these Mojtahids in case they didn't have access to an Imam.
  3. Salam Alaikum No problem, you can only follow Mohammad صل الله علیه و آله و سلم, but if you truly follow him, he PBUH has emphsized that my followers should follow my Ahlulbait (=Imams and Fatemeh a.s) as well. And Quran and Ahlulbait have stated that if you follow most of the people, they will misguide you, so why should we follow others while we have great Imams that are sin-free? Your brother
  4. My dear sister, Salam, First, I ask Allah swt to bless you. Second, writing Aridha is another form of tawassul (seeking wasilah) which is correct according to Shia teachings. Third: Have Wudhu and keep your intention (what you want) in your mind and send blessings to Muhammad and Ale Muhammad peace be upon them all. Fourth, here is how to write Aridha to Allah swt (Note: a similar one could be written to the Caliph of Allah, our beloved Imam Mahdi atfs): Write in a piece of paper the following which is in Arabic but you can write it in English or any other language:: بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم. اللهم انی اتوجه الیک باحب الاسماء الیک و اعظمها لدیک و اتقرب و اتوسل الیک بمن اوجبت حقه علیک بمحمد و علی و فاطمه و الحسن و الحسین و علی بن الحسین و محمد بن علی، و جعفر بن محمد، و موسی بن جعفر، و علی بن موسی و محمد بن علی و علی بن محمد و الحسن بن علی و الحجة المنتظر صلوات الله علیهم اجمعین اکفنی کذا و کذا I've tried to translate it into English but my English is not so strong. :wacko: In the name of Allah the Compassionate and the Merciful O Lord, I pay my attention to / towards you through your best and greatest names, and seek nearness to you by doing tawassul through your beloved ones Muhammad and Ali and Fatima and Hassan and Hussain and "Ali son of Hussain" and "Muhammad son of Ali" and "Jaafar son of Muhammad" and Musa son of Jaafar" and "Ali son of Musa" and "Muhammad son of Ali" and "Ali son of Muhammad" and " Hassan son of Ali" and "Hujjatul Muntazar (Mahdi son of Hassan, the 12th Imam atfs) peace be upon them all, in order to (Here, write what you want/need). Then put the letter into a mass of mud and throw into a well or river or something like that. Sister, this is a Mustahab (not mandatory) deed, so if you are unable to throw it into water (sea or river or well), then put it wherever you can. Allah swt and His Caliph Imam Mahdi atfs know and are aware of your situation and of what you do/want. I will request Allah swt and swear Him by Imam Mahdi atfs to bless you very soon Insha-Allah. :) Your brother
  5. Thanks sister for this. I hope I can become more similar to him in what he does everyday. May Allah bless him Insha-Allah.... And, may Allah bless you Insha-Allah.
  6. Salam, Some people are still not so sure that the Abdullah who died is the same Abdullah mentioned in narrations. But there is a great sign in the narrations: they say "and the kingdom of years will be over, and it will become the kingdom of months and days." So let's see whether or not king salman will remain king for 1 year. If he died/was killed or expelled/displaced within 1 year Insha-Allah, then we will become sure that Imam atfs is coming very soon.
  7. Well, while respecting all of you bros and sis, I have to say some of your comments were too harsh towards ShiaJihadi. Sorry, I think those comments were not the best comments you could post, if you wanted to really help. In such cases, maybe its better not post a comment on the threads you don't like instead of denouncing your brother/sister in faith in such a manner. Muslims are not expected to say their brother/sister delusional, sick, or things like this. Imo, this is not good. If I were you and I had some advice for ShiaJihadi, I would PM him/her, and would not post that kind of advice publicly. This is what I've learned from Islam. Your brother
  8. Salam, He will come in an odd year (like 1437), on 9th of Muharram which will be a Friday. The true followers will recognize him. Imam Mahdi atfs rising will have numerous signs some of which being immediately before his rising. When Sufyani (la) rises in Rajab, we will realize that Imam atfs will rise a few months later. How we recognize Sufyani? This also has several key signs including: he will taken over Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon in a short time. His flag is red. He first acts apparently with justice and then exposes his cruelty. He kills many innocent people. Also, at the same day Sufyani rises, Khurasani (with black banners) and Yamani (with white banners) rise. This simultaneity is a BIG sign for the nearness of the rising of our Imam atfs. Then in Ramadhan (~2 months after Sufyani rising), we will witness the sky cry (Sayha) which is another BIG sign. The government of the Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) will kind of collapse before his reappearance. Considering other key signs as well, we will wait to see him on 9th of Muharram of an odd year. Sufyani will send an army to battle Imam atfs and his helpers, and that army is swallowed in a desert between Medina and Mecca (which is another sign for us). He atfs will carry Imam Ali a.s sword (Zul-Faqar). His face and body and physique have also been described in our narrations. He will announce his reaperance in Mecca (in Masjidul Haraam). So if someone claims he is Mahdi and reappear in lets say Iraq, it's fake. 5 or 15 days before his reappearance, Imam atfs sends someone (known as Nafs Zakyyah) to Mecca to tell people that Imam Mahdi atfs will come very soon. People in Mecca kill him while being innocent. All of these are important signs for us. When he reappears according to such a prophesied plan and well-described signs, he is the Mahdi of Ale Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله و سلم. Exactly similar to Rasoul Allah (PBU him and his Ahlul Bait), he will accomplish and do what Islam says and will invite people to pure Islam. All Muslims (true ones, not those whose hearts are full of hatred towards other Muslims) will unite under his Imamat. His targets: His top priorities will be Muslims. He atfs will invite them to the true Islam. And when Jesus Christ pbhu returns and do Salah behind our beloved Imam atfs, most of the Christians become Muslim. Then Islam gradually spreads throughout the world especially after Imam atfs establishes his government and headquarters in "Kufa". And to answer your last point, I have to say this doctrine has also been mentioned in Quran. According to Shia beliefs, 132 verses of Holy Quran are somehow related to Imam Mahdi atfs (Check out this book: المحجّة فى ما نزل فى القائم الحجّة written by Sayyed Hashem Bahrani). Below you can check a couple of the most important verses regarding Imam Mahdi atfs and his glorious reappearance: 9/33 21/105 24/55 These verses are talking about Imam Mahdi atfs return and his justice-based Islamic Government. I hope we will see him atfs before we die Insha-Allah and will be among his true helpers and followers, if God wants. Right-seeker
  9. Yes, he a.s sees all of us. Occultation didn't happen to prevent him from seeing people (including his followers) but to protect him from being seen. It is we who cannot see him.
  10. Salam, Because the rising of Imam Mahdi atfs was promised by the prophet Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله و سلم and not just by our Imams a.s, I believe the Mahdi atfs is one person, but because of the divergence after the prophet passed away, the details became different over time due to sort of different teachers and teachings! Shia and Sunni Mahdi atfs should be the same. This will be revealed when our beloved Imam returns Insha-Allah. Wassalam
  11. Is it permissible to ask and beg Imam Ali a.s to forgive you, to grant you jannah, and to beg him for health, wealth, and protection, with the belief Allah swt has given him the power to forgive sins, to be all hearing and all seeing, and to grant us health, wealth and protection? Dear brother Tawheed313, Salam, Well, Sayed Khamenei (HA) is my Marja, and I'm aware of his position and those of many other Shia Maraje with respect to Tawassul. Most of Maraje believe that: - only Allah swt can forgive the sins. What Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله and Imams a.s can do here is to mediate for us and ask Allah swt to forgive our sins. - Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله and Imams a.s cannot grant you Jannah. In fact, Jannah or Jahannam are dependent on what we do. BTW I've seen hadiths from Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله and Imams a.s saying that if you do some particular good deeds, we will grant you Jannah, which have been interpreted by Scholars to mean: We Imams know, based on the knowledge God has given to us, what will bring you to Jannah and thus we say you do good deeds and we will grant you Jannah (= You will go to Jannah). In other words, the prophet (PBU him and his Ahlul bait) and Imams a.s mean that doing those good deeds will grant you Jannah. And as has been said in their reply (Khamenei's office), you can ask Imams for help (including for health, wealth and protection). Allah swt has given them the permission and power to help us, the same as Allah swt gave the power and permission to Jesus PBUH to cure the blind and so on (mentioned in Holy Quran). Your brother
  12. I'm wondering how and why someone who believes hadiths about Sufyani are fake and fabricated, posts comments on a thread on Sufyani, arguing Jordan's King should not be Sufyani. :wacko:
  13. Brother, Salam, Just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it's not correct. According to Shia teachings, Imams are Speaking Quran, meaning whatever they say or do is according to Quran... As if Quran is speaking, because it's being practicing by an Imam all the time. We love and follow Imams as much as we love and follow the prophet Muhammad صل الله علیه و آله و سلم. This is NOT Ghulow.... This is how they are. Wassalam
  14. Salamun Alaykom, Yes, just check the Mafatihul Jinan by Ayatollah Qomi. There you can find the various prayers and duas specific to this great month including Salawat Sha'abaniye. With Dua
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