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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The only narration that says they ran away in Tabari and its weak. By the way what happened when you Shi'is gave Bay'ah in Kufah to al-Husayn? Oh yeah you abandoned him. What happened when the Khawarij Kilab attacked Mosul? Oh yeah you ran. Don't talk about cowardice when your Imam has been afraid of his enemies despite the Abasiyun being gone for nearly 1000 years.
  2. Totally baatil. No Sunni 'Alim has ever saod that all the Sahabah were trustworthy individuals ever. Find me a single one who says so. Secondly how can you call our views utopian when you believe in 14 infallibles. Thirdly Ja'far as-Sadiq and Zayn al Abideen are huge narrators in Sunni Ahadith. Stop spreading lies.
  3. Oh look Wasteman12 came with another response. Lol you do realise Aaron didnt succees Moses. You lot baff me with your idiocy.
  4. Firstly you're not my buddy, I don't like snakes in my circle. Secondly don't tell me how to do Wudu' properly because my Wudu' will be accpted, yours won't. Oh and by the way why don't you learn how to recite the Qur'an, of course you'd have to use Sunni Qira'ah because Twelvers don't have one (don't even try and answer this because you can't). Lol please son don't talk about unknown narrators (who we don't accept Ahadith from funnily enough so your point is worthless), seriously have you even looked at one of your Rijal books? Even Hakeemah (the one who narrated the Mahdi's birth
  5. *ultimate facepalm* Does the hadith say A'immah? No. Are the Prophets called Rulers? No. The Hadith is talking about actual 'Umara (hence why it uses that word. Crazy right?) Your response is neither here nor there
  6. Brother with all due respect how can you consider that Hadith (which is mindnumbingly disconnected and obviously Mawdu') to be authentic when none of the Shia knew who exactly all 12 Imams were hence why nearly everytime one of them died there was 1 or 2 Shi'i groups declaring a different son to be the actual Imam or that the imam had actually gone into Ghaybah (such as in the case of Musa al-Kadhim whom the majority of his Shi'ah became Waqifi after he died). Think.
  7. please dont be pathetic and change the subject to wudu' (which has been answered in detail many times), coward move. Secondly might I ask what the Shi'ah have to do with Sunnah? How many narrations do you have from Rasul Allaah compared to how many we have. Most of your narrations are from al-Baqir and as-Sadiq let alone even 'Ali or al-Hasan. Also funny you should bring up Salah considering its exactly as it us in Sunni Ahadith. I could just as easily say the same about Shias. Also when it says if there were a prophet after me it would be 'Umar. Its obviou
  8. It says either Caliphs or Rulers. Only the first 2 of your Imams were ever Khulafah or Rulers of the Muslim Ummah so the first thing thats apparent is that its not your Imams after al-Hasan (Radiyallaahu 'Anhu). Secondly the 12 rulers after is disputed by scholars. Some would exclude certain rulers because they did not consolidate power. Others have the interesting view that these are the rulers after the rightly guided Khilafah i.e. the Khilafah of kings (this is predicted by Rasul Allaah in other Ahadith). Thirdly why is it important? Rasul Allaah doesn't emphasise its impo
  9. What utter rubbish. The word Imamah is not mentioned once in the Qur'an. To say it is a major theme is ludricous.
  10. Whats he done for Islam? Nothing, hes brought people into a deviant Jahmi 'Aqeedah and makes us look dumb. Plus hes a clown
  11. Salaamu 'Alaykum Akhi if you ask a general question like that they will just refer to Ghadeer, Ayat at-Tatheer or Hadith ath-Thaqalayn. You will never find an Ayat talking about 12 Imams after the Prophet Muhammad but you will find plenty of verses about the Sahabah such as 9:100
  12. Bashar al-Assad is a bumboy who got bullied by sunnis in his school for being a nerd so hes taking it out on innocent people. He's a kafir
  13. The million figure is somewhat absurd. I wouldn't trust anything until a proper survey has been done, personally I would reckon maybe 50,000 max
  14. That lolzz and long ellipsis and bold writing really added power and evidence for what you're saying... Not Where did I or the Hadith say 'Umar is like a Prophet hmmmmm... Nowhere Abu Bakr did not usurp the Khilaafah because the Muslims were told to stick to him after he died in Jami' at-Tirmidhi 3663 Why was Abu Bakr chosen instead of 'Umar? Because Abu Bakr was widely regarded as more virtuous as proved by 'Umar asking people to vote for Abu Bakr instead of him in the Shura
  15. Akhi like I said if you have nothing to comment on the Sanad then using an objective approach to criticise Ahadith is pure conjecture. That is just the Islamic method regarding criticism of Ahadith. The Hadith itself is perfectly logical, there just isn't a need to dissect such a short Hadith that's relatively simple and authenticated.
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