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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. has anyone ever brought this up to a sunni, if so what was the response? oh and i'm actually not sure if every prophet has a successor...does anyone know if it can be said that every prophet had a successor? i shouldn't have put what i did if it's not true. either way Imam Ali (as) is the successor of the Prophet (saw). and also was it that abu bakr wrote in his will that umar is his successor or what? how to happen? yeah if it's not that he wrote it in his will then i was wrong. :) i searched and a thread came up that i made...
  2. http://www.shiasearch.com/Sites/index.php?...ts&subid=40
  3. Question: Do you hate shaitan? If someone were to kill (audhobillah) the Prophet (saw) would you hate them? love and tolerance? You know Islam is all about the lover (the slave) and the beloved (God swt). so, yeah love the good. everything that is truth, good, and beautiful is Allah (swt) and the Ahlulbayt (as). However, when it comes to evil are we going to love it? How can someone with a pure heart "love" evil. Today we have George Bush, are we going to love him too? are we going to tolerate what's going on in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan? Love and hate are part of our nature. Ever r
  4. why close it? insha'Allah if this is the month the Shaitan (authobillah) is locked up and mercy from Allah (swt) pours down then would this not help open our hearts to the truth?
  5. saw your post on the thread regarding colorado, we have a youth group here in denver Alhamdulilah and if you're interested in coming then PM me, insha'Allah.

  6. a/s, saw your thread...if your friend is interested in coming to our youth group in denver, colorado then PM me.

  7. 786 I live in Denver. We have a youth group called Al Mahdi Youth Foundation of Colorado, it's not the biggest youth group but Alhamdulilah i think it's pretty good. it's usually on sundays and we also have youth group events at times. If any of you are interested in coming, then insha'Allah PM me. :)
  8. 786-110- A/s

    May Allah (s) grant you and us all a very sincere heart towards him out of love for him, b/c insha'Allah if we're sincere Allah (s) will never let us go and guide us all. :)

    Sometimes we can know something is good, yet that doesn't mean we'll always practice it, so insha'Allah we'll always ask Allah (s) first to make us to the good not just know

  9. Happy Birthday Sunshine.... :) my old room mate in Iran! inshaAllah this will be a beautiful year for you closer to Allah (s) and insha'Allah every year will be better then the last! Happy Birthday hun! :)
  10. on that list i don't think i saw AyatAllah Bahjat (may Allah (swt) protect him) and unless i'm wrong i believe he is one of the top Maraja'...
  11. Actually, i think Aisha (may Allah swt save us from being like her or worse iA forever) is worse then Muawiya. Let's not forget how Prophet Nuh (as)'s son was not considered of his family in the Qur'an b/c of being a disbeliever (correct me if i'm wrong), so perhaps the same things goes for Aisha who did worse and went against the Prophet (pbuh) by going against Amir Al Momineen (as) and what she did to Imam Hassan (as). actually, we should treat people the way Allah (swt) wants us to, however when it comes to the enemy of the Ahlulbayt (as) we insha'Allah are not going to love them. and pe
  12. Alhamdulilah, it's good to see young muslims active when it comes to the most important thing, Islam.

  13. 786-110 Brother, whether he fled or didn't, your three khalifas disobeyed the Prophet and took a right in which was not theres. Perhaps when the Shia bring this up, they may just be trying to show how unfit they were to be the Khalifa's and how disloyal they were to the Prophet. If they didn't obey him in this, then they probably didn't obey him when it came to following his brother, the rightful successor, Amir Al Momineen (as). From what i get, you probably think that everyone sins except prophets. people that were not Prophet's can be people who do not sin. Hazrat Maryam is one example. By
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