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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This concerns Muslims in the West and not the ones overseas, just to be clear. The ones overseas don't know what we're going through. We are also a lot more educated. To be honest, currrently I surround myself with people I'm not really interested in, for fear of falling into 'haram'. I've held myself back all my life. I fit in with the mildy popular -popular educated class. But I stay away from them because I will get into zina/drinking without a doubt. Even though I'm agnostic now, my family doesn't know and there will be huge problems if I get a gf or come home late one day, etc....it's not as easy as people make it sound. If you want to be proactive and reap all the benefits of that,you can't isolate yourself from 80% of students who hookup/party/get high on occasions. Some suggest getting married to try assisting with this refusal to integrate with western lifestyle. Well guess what, already suggested this to my family. They said no because the girl is older than me and I can get 'better looking than that'. This person is overseas. I even agreed to get married back home in Palestine. Yet my family decided to [EDIT] on me. Please excuse my language .... I have every excuse in the book now thanks to Muslims and my family to be who I want. When I was religiois Muslims said I was extremist. When I suggested marriage would help they rejected and instead want me to go with someone else. When I stopped being reliigois they called my an despicable idiot even though they're hypocrites and not religious them selves. So if a God exists and judges me, I won't have much explaining to do. Mods please approve this,I didn't violate rules.
  2. Wake me up when Muslims, Christians, and Jews form a religious society. As of now, they're all living in liberal democracies. And they bomb/persecute anybody who tries forming a religious society. There's only 1% of adherents of the three Abrahamic faiths who actually believe in the text and want to implement religion. However, the other 99% so called 'adherents' go insane whenever an attempt to implement religion is made. That 99%, had they been alive during Mohammad's time, would take a side against him. No doubt. So I've come to conclusion that so called 'adherents' of these faiths are liars and hypocrites. The only adherents among them who tried forming religious state are ISIS. And if you support ISIS's idea of forming religious state, you will be persecuted/killed by the so called 'followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam'. So the choice is between supporting ISIS's efforts or becoming agnostic. And my choice is clear. Religion is man-made, this is why the 99% stand firmly against implementing religion in the society. Just imagine if tomorrow if all clubs/bars were banned indefinitely? Do you know how crazy so called 'believers' will go? Imagine if you told them no more alcohol....
  3. This is what religion does to people. The people who are to blame are those who reformed Abrahamic religions, allowing them to still remain relevant when there was a chance to eliminate such thought process from society. You guys(all Abrahamic religion members) call these people extremists, yet don't realize they're actually following your religions properly. Your religions(especially Islam) require a religious state and religious thought process. Muslims here know this, however Shia Muslims don't believe in this religious state formation until the 'Mahdi' emerges and forms it himself. Are Shia's aware that 'Mahdi' will implement Sharia Law according to Islamic texts/sources? If I'm wrong please correct me.
  4. Doesn't mean anything besides you constantly think about religious figures. What's an 'axis of spirituality', lol? No he doesn't. So many humans declare direct contact with God or knowledge of God's current thoughts/perspectives. All of you are delusional or lying. If there is a God, he's too great to constantly pop up in peoples dreams. If there is a God and he made contact with one or an indirect message through a dream then he you would notice it. So far, it's only humans telling other humans want to make out of it.
  5. I agree life get's very routine. There isn't a way to reach any 'higher state'. You can dedicate more time for more Quran recitation/prayers but that won't help in my opinion. I don't believe anything is divine, I believe it is just man made thoughts. I do adore Mohammad though. He seems to be very philosophical person who sought meaning in life. He had very good qualities, refused to backbite, discouraged drama, jealousy, etc....He stands out for sure. I'm a lot like him in the way I also dislike drama, being like everyone else, backbiting, etc....But I don't know if I want religion to dictate my life anymore. I don't see that I'm getting anything out of it. Nor do I feel I fit in here. So like everyone else I may succumb to the peer pressure, and if I do, at least I lasted longer than everyone else.
  6. Well what's the good part? Islam is good for leading simple, traditional lifestyle. It is isn't compatible with modern lifestyle. I wish God would extend a hand out to me. I need something more than just some Quran verses that say he is there when his slaves need him. I can't understand my parents mentality. Like all other Arab parents, they sought to raise children in the West so the children can be doctors. They expect there children to spend first 30 years of life having no fun, following strict Islamic rules, studying very hard, having no way of relieving stress and then getting married after they get degree. In a society which is super liberal, where drinking/drugs are common norms.... sigh.... I still try being a Muslim but agnostic way of thinking has taken over. I can't reverse this trend anymore.
  7. I don't feel any holy path. I feel like a machine that was born in a competitive world that is just there to study/work and satisfy his biological needs. Of course I'm not satisfying my biological needs thanks to my religion, lol. The things I saw/hear of going on among the general populace wreaks of immoral corruption. So if this isn't the end times then I don't know what is.
  8. I'm not frustrated with the rules, I can follow them overseas. In the West it's a different story. When everyone around you is breaking the rules, you feel misplaced. Like seriously, very misplaced. Even majority of Muslims are breaking rules as well. That's when any hope went out the window. I'm not sure what he means by jealousy. I'm not jealous of anything, just concerned for my wellbeing. I can't do this anymore, it's too repressive. I can do it overseas because the society is conservative there. You can get married early there, you don't need to do 8-12 year studies(which is what I'm doing). You have many things to do that don't involve drinking/hooking up with girls. I'm either going to commit sins soon or fall back into depression. I don't believe in marriage here either. There is no point to get married in the West. I'd rather just get a girlfriend and not have financial worries.
  9. 1. Yes, although I don't know what he wants from us or what exactly he is. 2 and 3. Many religions out there. Today people don't need religion, they have secularism. 4. No, sounds too good to be true(reincarnation). But Paradise is full of gardens, milk and honey. I don't need either. I can have better here. 5. I can't answer that question. Religion is definitely dying. Even if peoples still consider themselves religious. I don't consider Muslims who party/hookup while also following religion to be Muslim. They are atheists that behave as cultural Muslims. They just like the idea of having an community/being a little spiritual. The popular lifestyle dominates. Everyone is partying/hooking up. Even if they don't drink, there is still much hooking up going out there. That's how relationships begin these days. Nobody is actually following the tenets/commandments of their religion anymore. If they are, they're depressed/repressed and don't know what to do. I'm no longer depressed, but I know what's holding me back from experiencing/enjoying life. I'm missing out on so much out there. Promises of hereafter won't make me feel any better. The reason I don't change, is because my religion/culture. Arab culture is a lot like Islam, traditional and strict. Being 'masculine' in Arab culture is associated with self control, dominance, faithfulness, etc....I know my parents will end up hospitalized if I get a girlfriend or come home drunk one day. I'm not a person that fakes being something I'm not. So I won't do things behind their back. I would want to be clear that my views changed and they should try adapting to that. Trying to be more patient and see what lies ahead. At the same time I'm trying hard to believe. It's not working. Liberal process of thought has taken over my mind. Arab culture has also influenced me. So I'm not pro-gay/feminist/or pro-passiveness.
  10. Not possible if you're religious. What will you distract yourself with? Even music is haram, ROFL.
  11. I'm sorry sister Amy but I don't believe you lived that life. Drinking in your room is not the same as partying/socializing/having relationships. People are moderately drinking, having lots of fun, having dedicated relationships in some cases from meeting people. When I read peoples responses here, they make it sound as if God isn't in control and can't change anything. It's very simple, this 'western', 'liberal', 'popular' lifestyle or whatever you want to call it is TAKING OVER THE WHOLE WORLD. This means religion is on its way to dying. Islam is that last in the game. If Islam dies say bye bye to religion. Muslims are the only religious people remaining. And slowly they are all changing as well. If God doesn't change this than we can conclude he doesn't exist. What sucks for us, is we still don't know the outcome. So we are waiting to see which will prevail, Islam or popular style? We don't know so we still remain miserable following religion. If we die, then we lived a life of no happiness and repression. Now imagine people a 100 years from now, looking back at us and feeling bad for people like me and you who thought religion was real. We are simply social outcasts. Our world view doesn't fit with majority view. We are not normal at all. If this popular lifestyle prevails completely than you can't keep saying that this is what Allah wants. This is what you want, it's a thought in your head. It's not true, I'm sorry to break it to you. If I was born a Christian I would be someone else completely today...
  12. I have these same feelings. Not just for personal reasons, but for mental health, everything pretty much. I'm sorry to religious people but religion isn't necessary in modern life. Almost everyone I see that is religious is depressed/down. I don't have patience for religious sermons anymore. Sunni Islam is as strict if not more strict than more Shia Islam. You can't do anything for fun. We are already stressed from work/school. We need some way to relieve this. The answer is in partying/relationships. Which are very big sins in Islam. Now put yourself in the shoes of a Muslim high school student in the West. I will use myself as an example. I tried following Islam at the start of high school and socially isolated myself. So the second year I sought to change that, did so moderately enough to be happy but not get involved in drugs/sex/alcohol. But I still wasn't happy, felt like I was missing out on everything in life. Would always tell myself I could've met so many people, girls, experienced many fun things, been a more active person, etc....Those thoughts depressed me so much. I became depressed in my third year of high school. I knew I was depressed but didn't get it treated since someone close to me was depressed and I saw the horrors of the medication they were on. It is definitely not a solution. So I just dragged myself through it. Those were the worst days of my life. My academic standings were below average. That took my attention and I flipped that around. Had a bit of fun in my last year, yet also become a little more religious. I was way too concerned with political matters(Because I had not much else to do). People that tell you you can still have fun and follow Islam are people violating the rules of Islam themselves. They probably party, etc....Back to the story, I began questioning my purpose in life. I kept having more thoughts that I'm missing out on life and I'm not sure if this is what God wants of me. Does God want us to be pathetic losers with no lives? These are the kind of thoughts I had. It didn't make sense to me. Then I looked into Hadith/end times prophecy stuff. I tried to convince myself we are in end times and I just needed to struggle a little more. While reading hadith though I realized most of it didn't make any sense and sounded man made. Long story short, I become an agnostic at one point. But unfortunately still not able to live a free life due to family/cultural attachment/etc....I told an younger sibling I was becoming skeptical of religion. The word reached the parents. My whole family was in shock. My younger sibling was telling me I'm an idiot. My older sibling was crying, telling me I don't know what i'm talking about. My father was pissed off, tried to ask me if anything is wrong with me. I didn't even bother, just told him nothing is wrong I'm still Muslim. Only supportive person was my mother, but even she didn't have a solution. She didn't want to believe that I was agnostic and kept saying that isn't true and that I'm confused, what not. My family began acting weird around me, they started doing random favors for me. Being supportive of me, etc....I felt bad myself, don't want to stress them out more than they already are. I feel personal guilt if I try meeting girls, trying to be someone else. So my family thinks I just had a breakdown, I'm pretending like I'm still a Muslim. I myself try to attend Friday sermons and keep trying to search for God. But now once again having same thoughts. All I see from religion is backwardnesses. That doesn't mean I agree with everything in the modern lifestyle. But I don't believe religion is the solution. I don't know what to do anymore. Should I just change completely? Than ruin my family's reputation? Upset my parents? Possibly get kicked out of my house? I'm not ready to make this decision. But I am one hundred percent sure this religion gave me social anxiety/depression back when I was younger. It's too repressive I can't follow it anymore. But I don't know where I want to head in life. It sucks when I have opportunities to meet a soulmate at University but I bog down the conversation every time because I don't want to get into 'haram' relationship. It's a personal struggle too, I'm really curious about God but religion doesn't convince me completely. My situation is worse than yours, so maybe that will make you feel better. I've done nothing taboo in Islam so far. So not a single relationship with opp sex as of yet. My advice to you OP is not to listen to ME/Asia residents with all due respect to those members. They live in different environment where society isn't overly sexualized and they don't need to drink to socialize. They lead traditional simple lifestyles and don't deal with stress we deal with. So for them religion is a nice part of life that makes them feel good/spiritual. Your life is just going to miserable if you center it around religion. You are not going to have fun, you will just spend time on forums/internet. You probably will get depression if you don't already have it. If we are wrong than God needs to help us, show us a sign or something. Almost everyone is doing drugs, drinking, having relationships, having fun and still being healthy except religious people. And they are being punished for anything. They control the world, they made advancements in science, they made this organized secular system you live in. They created everything in this world, religious people contributed nothing. If God is there than why are these people in control of the culture/everything else? These are questions religious people can't answer. Don't tell me God is testing us. Those are your own thoughts. Like I said God wants us to live in endless misery and not enjoy anything in life? That can't be true.
  13. Okay than quit talking about how Allah will give you victory over Saudi Arabia and what not. Which ever route Iran takes, whether trying to ignite tensions inside the country or by encouraging West to do regime change like it did with Iraq, Iran will be blamed. Saudi Arabia is significant for Sunni Muslims. It is basically what Iran means to Shia's. All Islamic history, importance, heritage, schools of thought originated from there and exist there. An attack on Saudi Arabia is an attack on all Sunni's. Don't be selfish, you already have Iran as state which holds all significance for Shia's and Shia madhab.
  14. 1. People have mixed opinions about this, some Iranians believe Iran is very influential and strong in the region. You say you are weak. What do you mean by 'achieve victory'? Are you seeking war with Arabs? 2. Yeah, Iran is responsible for safeguarding its interests. Not sure what this has to do with Sunnah or Islam. 3. I am not sure what you mean here. In regards to the recent situation, with cutting of diplomatic ties. Iranian analysts believe this is related to Iran's near future exports of oil to Europe. Iran doesn't want this jeopardized and hence is trying to safeguard its national interest. Once again this isn't about religion, nor does Allah have anything to do with it. Allah is not a Persian statesmen who seeks to 'foil all plots' of Iran's enemies. 4. I don't know what you mean here, but Sunni's don't share your agenda. If any Sunni's don't share Saudi agenda doesn't mean they share Iranian one. Iran has tension with Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni Sunni's. That does mean all those Sunni's have favorable view of Saudi government. .... Don't waste your time waiting for any future occurrences. Iran won't directly intervene as I explained in my previous post why. It seeks to export its oil, restore its economy as well. It may try getting proxies to attack Saudi Arabia. Which will only make it worse for Shia's and Iran. You can't win an war against Arabs, there is no reason for you to try provoking a war. Simply mind your own business and leave the country alone otherwise they will confront you.
  15. That's cute, whenever religious people don't have an answer they manufacture story about it being part of Allah's plan. This is the kind of logic being promoted which weakens religion's influence around the world. Every single one of you thinks Allah is working at your behest. ISIS thinks the coalition is Allah's plan to prove to everyone that they are indeed the righteous people. In reality, we don't know where Allah stands. Don't speak for him or pretend to know his plan. The more of this behavior, the more backward you become. When humans are desperate they assign things to God. Because Shia's feel let down by the Iranian government, you want to make this appear as God's plan. It's just that Iran will not sacrifice it's national interests by getting into direct conflict. You know why? Because Allah gets thrown out the window if the Iranian gov't/people would be at risk. Allah only matters when non-Iranians do the bidding. Same with Saudi's, some of their clerics say the militants in Syria are part of Allah's plan for Jihad and restoring Muslim's security. Of course if it came to jihad in Saudi Arabia, suddenly Allah becomes against it and the jihadists become Ikhwaan agents or what not. Most moderate and secular people in the region whether Sunni or Shia don't want endless bloodshed. And yes, that includes being opposed to your plan to topple Saudi government. If you think Sunni's believe Saudi gov't is not Islamic, they sure as heck don't view Iran as Islamic government either. They don't seek to actively topple the Saudi monarchy. That is your personal sentiment. If the world adopts Iran's POV in regards to the ME, that also isn't part of Allah's plan. That means the world is making logical based decision based off what they feel is necessary for the region and their interest. You guys contradict each other a lot, on one hand 'resisting' West happens because Iranian regime is divine and is part of Allah's plan. Now you're saying world is changing and will support Iran, so what Allah changed his mind and it's okay to get assistance from West now? When you use religion as a tool, you create more problems for yourself and make it look worse than it is. Some advice would be to stop. Iran will never intervene directly on behalf of other Shia's. Iranian people are majority secular and have large attachment to Persian civilization and hope to see Iran great again. They're hoping other Shia's achieve this for them.
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